Homemade natural shaving cream recipe



Very very simple…


Prepare shaving cream from soapnuts is as follows:

Pit and remove the shells of a few soapnuts and grind the flesh in a mixer or if you wanna do it old style
If you have dry soap nuts, they can be soaked overnight, then used



After making a paste of the flesh, add 1 tbsp of olive oil and 3 tsp of soapnut liquid.

Use this paste as a shaving cream immediately after preparing





Take coconut oil and Castile soap
add some gel from Aloe, fresh
Add some vetiver powder or sandalwood powder

Blend it in a small blender


There are all sorts of recipes dependent upon what is someone’s individual skin


If you want to make a bar of shaving soap…

Grate a bar of natural soap
put it in a pot and heat it
add a tablespoon of oil (coconut, almond)
Can add some aloe vera jelly
add 1 or 2 tablespoons of kaolin (a clay)
if you want you can add a little vetiver or sandalwood powder

melt and mix
pour into a mold (cupcake molds work great)

Let cool and dry




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