So here is the thing…. to share the truth, the likelihood of retaliation is high. One becomes the hunted and will not come out unscathed.


One truth.


A place I went to school in my earlier years of trying to get an education in Ayurveda, the person who opened the school, which will remain nameless here because of that risk of retaliation, I recently and randomly saw a link to the school on the net and followed it then to the bio of this teacher.


There is a whole new persons bio there. Literally now a whole new made up story has and this person is now basically being shown as next to saintly and fully selected handpicked as a child and trained vedic scholar from a full lineage and so much more….. when none of that existed when I went to school there when the school was just being started.

I thought it was funny, pathetic, and sad, because this is actually the truth of India too. I then shared it with one of the students from back then that I still have contact with every once a year maybe.

They replied in the text message to the bio….

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 12.48.59 PM.png

Westerners are prime targets for this as they do not know what they do not know. I was also sucked in in the beginning of my time at that school as was everyone else.

But the truth, the truth is something else.

Westerners also fall prey to this so easily, then they also do not want their beliefs to be broken as I asked in the text message to the the past student who was at the school with me, “What do you think one of the students there today would respond with if you were to say anything about the fraud?”

This is why there is so much darkness in the spiritual world.

Lots of victims. Many do not even know they are a victim and are trying to spiritualize it. The biggest problem with the entire scenario is that there is no place for the victim to heal. In our modern world pseudo spiritual movement that is going on, the victim remains with no ears to hear them and no eyes to see them which is where the healing would come from. And the truth is buried, deeply.

Where is there a place for truth?
Are their ears to hear it or just vicious talons and sharp teeth ready to annihilate anyone that would shine light?

I share this because it is pertinent to todays world as well as this has been my experience with many Indian teachers (of ayurveda and indian astrology) and their cults (of foreigners and Indians) over my years of study, experience and travels.

Where is the light?

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