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True Ayurveda is a blog of articles of what I am referring to as classical knowledge. Yoga (various paths), Ayurveda and others. The reason why it is “true” is because of the sincerity put towards keeping these Vedic wisdoms to textual knowledge or purity. The ancients studied sciences and laid down strict injunctions and disciplines so that humanity may benefit. They did not believe in simply cataloguing information as we in modern times do. Even how it is laid down is not in the way we think today. These may be sour grapes for those who are thwarted by thick prejudices but they are sweet for those who have a clear mental vision and who wish to economize the waste of spiritual energy for their own ultimate good. In the culture we live in today, these wisdoms have been taken sold superficially and piece parted to the masses and turned into unsightly messes that hardly can be recognized as their former true and pure forms. In this, we see much destruction to those who are “innocently” starting or attempting to further their spiritual growth and their health. But this is karma. We are in kali yuga, obviously. What if the true wisdom was being taught? These wisdoms are true to nature and come from a time tested (10,000 year +) heritage that has interconnecting wisdoms that provide more insight to each other as they are all from the original melting pot of perennial wisdom. The Vedic tradition of knowledge, based on the extensive Vedic literature, is the oldest tradition of knowledge in the world. Though it has been long preserved in India, this traditional wisdom has been almost lost in recent centuries—due in part to repeated foreign invasions and now our (Indias throwing away their heritage and we are superficially trying to fake it) ignorance. The Vedic tradition includes detailed information on a wide range of topics — theatre and dance, music, song and pageantry, yoga and sādhana, metaphysics and ethics, ex­quisite art, astronomy, astrology,  mathmatics, architecture, health care, administration, economy and of course the hallowed sciences that are becoming popular in the masses.

Ayurveda is a 10,000+ year old (has not start and no end because it is simply natural law) time-tested wisdom of living with nature. It is a medicinal system as well. Ayuh means life or duration of life or longevity. Veda means know or transcendental knowledge. This system has its roots in the Vedic literature of the Vedas. It is based upon the foundations of nature so as long as there has been nature and the experience in it and knowledge of it, there has been Ayurveda. The main texts of Ayurveda are dating back to about 5000 years. The system is just the deepest understanding of nature really. It deals with looking at the individual in a holistic sense integrating the mind, body and soul in the most comprehensive way. Not only this but also looking at how that individual is set within its surroundings and environment and how its features have had an effect on that individual. Within this, the experience of one’s life has drawn together a history that can be seen because of the in-depth perspective of the lenses of Ayurveda to deal with the imbalances within the individual. In the West, we have turned it solely into Vata and Pitta and Kapha (the doshas or constitutions) diet plans. This is not Ayurveda at all. In fact, there is no mention of these diet plans, as we have created in the west, within any of the ancient texts. To follow them will only lead to the creation of disease from the very eyes of Ayurveda itself. This western way of dieting Ayurveda is teaching and assuming that everyone is a single dosha prevalence. It is clear in Charaka Samhita that single dosha is extremely rare to find due to the high morbidity, natural weakness of being single dosha, and their constant illness. But real understanding of Ayurveda is just not in the US. Simple understandings such as this make books like “Whats your dosha baby?” completely and utterly a fools writing.
There is using food and lifestyle to balance imbalances but it is far more in-depth than the simplistic way we have tried to comprehend it. What is left is a watered down new agey outlook that has little foundation in the science that it is and alot of space for undereducated practitioners to do harm to the innocent unknowing patient; either way it has little results compared to the beautiful and almost magical effects it has when properly followed.

Now I must state also that the scene in India isn’t much better than it is in America but at least it is actual knowledge and texts of Ayurveda and not short courses based on texts written by the teacher of the course trying to simplify and write the books for a Western mind. In India, you have most of theAyurvedic BAMS students that are in schools in Maharastra and Karnataka are studying only to practice allopathic medicine after they graduate because they will make more money. Yes, really. Reality bites. Nobody ever wants to speak of what is really going on in the world, huh? The education of Ayurveda in government colleges is changing every year with less actual Ayurveda and more and more allopathy in the curriculum. The education is getting shorter and more superficial and yet it is costing more and more. Most places you go in India that are Ayurvedic are actually not. This is the sad truth of the state of Ayurveda in India. The government is allowing the Ayurvedic doctors to practice allopathy because the Ayurvedic doctors complain about not being able to make a living and that they are needed in hospitals and doctors are needed in the villages because the allopathy doctors are in the cities. In the interim Ayurveda is being thrown away due to a culture that wants what it doesn’t have and doesn’t have any knowledge of what it does have due to this blindness. Everything Western has to be better (which is far from the truth) and the almighty dollar is what is desired over everything and anything else in the Indian mindset at expense to the buyer. Money is everything. This is the real truth of Ayurveda in India. I have lived in its corruption for many years and what I could write would not only shock you, but bring you to tears.

Yoga is also one of these vedic wisdoms. It is also a science but a science of enlightenment. Its path is well laid out by Patanjali, Swatmarma and others in ancients, as well as the Upanishads, that then blend into the very roots of which it came. Yoga is not an exercise system at all. It has nothing to do with it actually. Even the word Hatha has been poorly translated and understood. Asana is to sit and means a seat. Postures are not yoga. Asana is a little piece of Hatha Yoga. Asana is one limb of the 8 in Ashtanga. Asana is a seat or the seated position for meditation. Yoga is based on energy and consciousness, not Western exercise theory and sciences. With the understanding of it utilities, it is powerful beyond imagination but this is not even reachable by doing Western exercise and calling it Yogaaaaa. In the Western lens, we practice a physical aerobics class that is based off a Western mechanical paradigm that has no space for, belief in, or template to understand prana. This is just one very simple example. (sorry all the yoga instructors out there) In this, the entire system falls apart and has no basis in or process to the very goal of its science, liberation of the soul. Much the same as all of its sciences. No wonder there are so many exercise-induced injuries coming to light and so called celebrity yogis, as well as most of the rest, acting out of order with what is known as a “yogic lifestyle”. How would they even know what it is now that yoga is whatever you want it to be. Yoga is for sale today marketed and packaged for a world of no discernment and nativity. Just think for a moment how much money you have spent on “yoga” just in the past year. Irony. And this is not changing, its growing.


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  1. I cannot believe that Ayurveda has the misanthropic bent to it as many of your posts indicate, nor as difficult to arrive at balance as you make out. After all, the body moves toward health and healing, and these physical functions such as eating, eliminating, keeping our mouth and skin clean and our selves feeling well are as natural as rain. Surely people get it right much of the time without complicated rules and taboos.

    • Thank you for your comment Topazmoon11.
      The only thing I could actually answer with is these statements.

      First off, with Ayurveda hardly being anything of what is being taught in the West, how would someone know what it is. So many books being written of peoples takes of it after having a short course, not a real education in it. How would anyone know the difference? The details of this science are so deep. I am honored and awed everyday.

      The body has a natural tendency towards health only when it is in a healthy state. That is completely lost after one starts the journey down the slippery slope. Once the dhi or the intellect is compromised with praagnaaparadha, crimes against its natural tendency to do the beneficial thing, then the whole system is corrupted. The mind itself is not functioning properly. As the bad choices continue to be made which is where the disease comes from in the first place, the system continues to lose its intelligence and the person now starts to crave non beneficial choices. If what you stated was true, no body would be unhealthy due to the bodies natural tendency towards health. This is not true. How does someone make it all the way to crohn’s disease? It takes an awful lots of complications of other diseases to get there. Thankfully Ayurveda gives the details of understanding this detail.

      The western world blames everything on viruses, bacteria, and the such while compartmentalizing disease without seeing any correlations to the root cause….. ourselves. The complicated taboos and rules are only complicated because of the lack of any wisdom in the western heritage and an abundant need for their to be no rules (need for individual’s validity) and no knowledge because it would mean one would have to be responsible to ones own health instead of seeing things as attacking them from the outside (viruses, bacteria etc…. Most of what is stated in ayurveda is overall excepted as obvious and easy in India heritage. Funny what seems to be hard and disciplined is actually nonsensically easy and obvious to another. Think about that for a moment.

      I would also add that your comment speaks to why Ayurveda has been watered down to the level it has in the West. The western mind does not function in the same way at all. I support of your view, most disease when in a beginning stage (of which the western world has no way to diagnose and judge) is easily cured by simply lightening the diet and stopping the causative factors. The body does have a natural attraction towards health. But as humans in the Western world we think to much and start some kind of procedure right away that almost always complicates it and makes it into a new disease or just makes it worse. Almost always. Western medicine gives drugs right away. All those drugs have side effects and they do not deal at all with the root cause, just symptoms. The side effects cause new diseases and the original disease is only superficially suppressed which its roots find a new way to arise. We have known this for years.

      The body grows only to the point of maturity then starts to decay, just like a fruit. Just like everything in nature. To think that it is heading in any other way than downhill after that is just unnatural.

      I invite you to pick up studies of ayurveda and see how deep it is.

      Thanks again for your reply.

    • Thanks Anurag for your comment. I am glad You are getting something from this blog. I go thru times of certain realizations that lead me to close the blog due to responsibility to knowledge and understanding of karma. I end up sooner or later opening it back up though. There is such a huge difference in paradigms in the world. It makes it difficult at times to be responsible with what I have been given. I come back to America and see the excessive lack of responsibility and no respect or reverence of pretty much anything but they think they are. People in general tend to think that everyone is on the same level and one size fits all and that all knowledge should be just given out to everyone and accessed by everyone. This is so far from true. One size fits all is a western concept. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.
      So I cannot say that the blog will always be around and that all the posts will remain on it. I am just glad you have appreciated what is there in this moment.
      Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Hello,

    Your blog is much appreciated. Many things which I thought to be true (although at times felt somewhat uneasy and unsure about) in Ayurveda have been debunked here, and I’m very grateful to be exposed to the correct teachings.

    I am wondering, would be it be possible for me to get in touch with you in private to ask a few questions?

    • visionbeyondband, Thanks for your time and comment. Yes, the real thing…. well, it isn’t what is being touted as it out there. Understand, we are in a time where people don’t want to take years and years to learn something. Most of the practitioners out there in Ayurveda have a two year education which is in reality just one weekend a month, that is only 24 weekends or 48 days total of training. What can we expect? That and the fact that most of Ayurvedic treatments are no taught or performed here as well….

      So I am glad that the blog has served as light within the darkness out there.

      Please do email me for personal stuff, otherwise i would prefer general questions remain on the blog for others to learn from.

  3. I am so relieved to find your blog – among the adulterated, misinformation that exists so often today, a beacon of light shines. Thank you for the clarity, the passion, and the insight….

    • Alexis, Thank you. Really, thank you. I appreciate people who take the time to let me know that they are getting something out of the blog. I get a tremendous amount of “hate mail” due to the nonsense and beliefs that people have due to that adulterated and mis information that is being created out there. It is actually sad to me to see things such as Ayurveda that have such amazing depth being turned into what it is out there. So thanks. You keep my fire lit.

  4. Sir, I appreciate the effort you have taken thru the blog to dispel the mis-selling and marketing of Ayurveda.

    I am in Chennai, India and can you recommend a reliable Ayurvedic doctor or Institution, that you are aware of?

    Also, I have edited the Oil Pulling Wikipedia site to show that it is not related to ancient Ayurveda. Can you provide your feedback?

    I have also tried to link to your site in the Wikipedia article, but it keeps getting removed because of Wikipedia’s policy of not linking to personal blogs. If possible can you share a more “linkable/referentiable” source of information for matters related to “Oil-Pulling”?


    • Mareeswaran sir, I can refer you to a doctor or institution but not in Chennai. Sadly I am just not aware of references there although I have others not to far. We can continue this on email brad.yantzer@gmail.com.

      As for wikipedia, i have done my own editing there. Unfortunately, in this day and age, everything seems to come down to consensus as we see that wikipedia is only based upon consensus and then also upon western research, which is unfortunately also a very limited view. Ayurveda (oil pulling) links are being studied by western science, empirical science. it does not have a context for ayurveda and does not see that it does not have that capacity. References for kavala can only be linked to the classical texts which are then for whatever reason not seen by people running wikipedia as a valid form of reference. To me this only shows the ignorance of our world today, the modern world. Yes, it seems to be a major problem that i do not have an answer for personally. One needs to understand the paradigm of ayurveda to actually study or even explain it. It is like a different language. How do you teach a language to a culture that doesn’t want to learn the language but does want to capitalize on the language? I believe the only answer is to demand integrity in the education and membership companies out there. There is none in America unfortunately. The membership clubs in America are based in high membership by accepting everyone and the $$ that comes from that rather than setting integrity in the ayurvedic practice in America.

      References for the classical texts are at the bottom of the oil pulling page. Thank you so much for doing your honorable part in keeping Ayurveda authentic.

  5. Hi,

    My name is Emmanuelle I’m french and currently moved to Paris. I’ve been introduce to ayurveda once very quickly by a friend who’s a yoga teacher, and lately by a collegue who told me more about it. I found your website really intersesting. I was trying to avoid web site which would use ayurveda as a marketing device and all, this is why I really like yours. None the less I know nothing about ayurveda so it takes me a while to research words and concepts on the internet. Trying to avoid unaccurate informations.

    I hope my next question won’t sound too stupid. I was wondering about the doshas, if we want to start to follow ayurvedic principles do we need to know our primary dosha / doshas? And if so, then how do I get to know which is mine. I have found many descriptions and tests to found out but according to my collegue it takes more than that and to be honest all those descriptions I have found sounded more like quick fix that anything serious.

    If you have any advice to give me on how we can know our primary dosha/doshas I am very intesrested.

    But maybe you will tell me that I don’t need to know my primary dosha and that I can start by balancing my meals according to ayurvedic principles?

    Thank you very much for your help, and thank you for this website that I truly find enriching and helpful

    Best regards


    • Namaskar.
      Thanks for your comment and your time. Such a great question. Yes, all of those tests and stuff are not Ayurveda and are just marketing and quick fix stuff. If you really want to know your prakriti and vikriti, i would tell you to just start following the seasonal diet regime. learn the gunas of them, use the template that i have explain in other posts and start to watch the weather and the seasonal patterns as well as watch your digestion. This really is the very first place to start. The bigger picture is so much more important than the small self. Notice that the self absorption is what is being touted as Ayurveda out there yet not much is being said about the bigger picture as to how the seasons work and how they effect you. Do not follow any of the dosha diet plans. Follow the seasons and it will lead you to health. your constitutional balance will be learned from this as it will start to stick out like a sore thumb over time. Each meal is to be balanced in all the tastes, without them digestion is not going to work. The meals are also balanced as per the season as well as the time of day and the weather in the day and then of course the most important, your digestive capacity. All of this might sound pretty overwhelming in the beginning but just go with it. Read the blog, there is a ton of information on it. if it is over your head come back and read it again later after reading other posts. It will all start to make sense. Thanks again for your comment and good luck. Just a side note, if you are just learning Ayurveda for to better your own life, wonderful! If you are wanting to seriously learn it to practice there is only one route and that is to become a doctor from an authentic BAMS program, don’t short cut yourself or anyone else, it isn’t worth the harm that is caused by it. Again good luck and post any questions you might have.

  6. Hello..

    An absolutely wonderful blog! Refreshingly “clean” from any marketing interests ect.
    As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I completely share your views:
    .. “The details of the vedic sciences are so vast, the depth is absolutely just ……….. don’t have words for it. It leaves me breathless and wordless and full of awe.”
    Ayurveda IS magic 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this blog.

    Best regards


    • Very basic Ayurveda actually. Just not much out in the West that has much to do with real ayurveda. Makes for a very small audience that doesn’t get the do this and do that and try this and this is so neat because i did it and you should too…. people not getting much from this blog. 🙂 Welcome to the blog.

  7. Hi
    I’m kinds of new to ayurveda and your site. Thanks to your input, more things make more sense than in ayurveda books 🙂 I had skin rash(atopic dermatitis turned into infection) on chest and back and now looking for cure. Tibetan monk herbs made it go away, but I was always very skinny(65 at max) and now i weight only 56 kilo while having 185 cm of height. I live in colder climate(Poland) so it’s kinda harder to have full vegeterian diet, we have less products available than in USA. Could you please lead me to some of your articles for skinny people or give some tips? I would be very gratefull, as I don’t have time and money to study vigourusly all of the vast knowledge.


    • Jacek,
      Unfortunately it is not that easy. Ayurveda does not just say to have a full vegetarian diet, it does not have you eat anything out of your environment or country, it does not tell you to eat indian food all the time. It also needs to be used properly to diagnose what is going on with you in many way before giving you advise to follow about gaining weight. it depends upon many things, how is your agni or digestive capacity first off? How is that diagnosed, since every person i would ask out of 100 random people think their digestion is fine. It isn’t like that. So if I was to advise you on anything it would be to read the blog, at least the stuff on ayurveda and learn. Follow eating to the seasons first and your agni, whatever that is because it will take time for you to realize it. In this day and age we are disconnected from our bodies and from nature. i have not met one person that didn’t know ayurveda that had any understanding of thier digestive capacity. there is alot to learn and there is only the Western ayurveda way to cut corners and make it all superficial for the masses. As you can tell already, that isn’t Ayurveda from just what i have written already.
      Good luck.

  8. What an absolutely awesome blog! Being an ardent follower of ayurveda, I can’t thank you enough for writing these blogs and more so for how effective and convincing you are with your writing and your wisdom 🙂

    More power to you! And keep them coming

    • Do not focus on weight loss at all. Focus on eating properly to the seasons and getting your digestion working properly. This is all on the site. Just read.

  9. Hi, I am an Indian Ayurveda doctor and I really loved your blog.. Keep going.. Really stands out in a sea of not so useful blogs.. I too am very passionate about Ayurveda and trying to spread it.. just started blogging 2 days ago so new to this field, but I too am trying to spread real Ayurveda and not exploit it like many others.I have started by explaining Charaka samhita verse by verse. So glad to find your blog.Glory to Ayurveda..

  10. Dear Brad,

    I just can’t stop or wait to say that I am really impressed with the information that you have provided here. It is very deep and subtle, which is very much lacking in this day and age of commercialization. Please accept my gratitude and congratulations for doing this.

    Now, it is my turn to tell something about my background. I am a citizen of US, born and raised in India, learning Ayurveda in California. It might seem slightly twisted but this is my journey. Ayurveda didn’t come easily to me but I consider myself fortunate that I finally saw the light.

    I was looking for the true essence of ayurveda away from money making tips and that is when I came across your blog. I am so happy to have came across it. Thanks again.

    I am aware that you know that you are doing an awesome job with this blog. I hope you wouldn’t mind if as a follower of this blog I make couple of suggestions;

    1. The background is dark and therefore it makes reading harder. If you could do something about it like changing the theme or the color pattern that would be helpful.

    2. As a a seeker, I wanted to know about your background and your motivation behind all of the things that your are doing in life. Your about section is about Ayurveda and Yoga, which is good but lacks information about you. Please helps us to know more about you.

    Once again thanks for being the guiding light.

    Best Nandita

    • Nandita,
      Thank you for your comment and your time. I will do my best to figure out a way to make the background better for viewing.

      I used to have my background up on here too but then I figured the blog is not about me. So it disappeared. I do not plan on putting it back up for this reason. If you are that interested I believe it is on http://www.bradyantzer.com .

      Thank you. Glad you like the blog.

    • Thanks Brad for your prompt response. I am glad that my feedback would be of some help.

      I appreciate your explanation that this blog is about AYURVEDA and not about you. And I admire the fact.


  11. Hi,
    Nice work,it seems you have very good knowledge of scriptures.
    I was wondering,what is the duty of a Brahmana in “Kali Yuga” according to the Vedas,Smritis,Puranas etc? Since the study of vedas, and teaching them,recieving charity etc is not possible generally.

    • Great question. Depends on desha. Kala is a very different time. Also Patra. In certain areas the duty still remains. Out of context and paradigm in another culture one has very little to do as you stated, the study of vedas is actually hardly possible since there is no initiations, and teaching them is heard through a very nonconducive lens that then distorts the teachings upon ones own lens, and recieving charity etc is not possible generally. Yes, you are correct. Within india in certain places it still remains alive and pure though. But that is dwindling as well. Just had a head priest of a jyotir linga request a “gift” from America of a leather shoulder bag and leather wallet as well as a $1600 + fountain pen. This is kali yuga. As it is written it is seen in so many ways.

  12. I am a student of Ayurveda and a practitioner of Chinese medicine. I LOVE your blog. Everything you write rings true to me both as a clinician and a self reflective human.

    I would like your advice on an issue. I am in agreement with you about the seasons and how they are not accurately portrayed in the US at least. Every fall I see inflammatory conditions rise and every summer, vata issues. That is not to say I don’t see them each in every season, but they seem heightened according to the timing in the Astanga hridaya. Problem is, my teachers don’t portray it this way.

    It seems their main argument is placement on the globe. This makes sense as far as timezones go, or severity of seasonal fluctuation, or if you are at sea level, but not in terms of solar radiation as the US and India both lie above the equator.

    Can you offer advice to me as I am in discussion about this right now with one of my teachers.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Bridgette. Finally!!! Yes! It has seemed like it has been me against the entire western Ayurveda world with most that I write about but it slowly seems like that is turning about so I appreciate your comment immensely and specially because you are in Chinese Medicine.
      So the first thing I would present to your teachers is exactly what you have observed. It is my own observation as well. Every fall inflammatory conditions rise and every summer, vata issues. The fact is that no matter what they say, it is being based upon what they have learned and the experience is not correlative to that understanding. I have watched for years in wonder how they cannot see the obvious and just continue to state rote words. So where did the seasonal understanding of the western world come from originally? I did my best to get to the bottom of this long ago and all I ever came to is that it is hot in the summer so pitta is high. The basis of what they are taught is a superficial understanding of the seasons. Vata is high in fall and winter… wrong.
      Learning and living in India has allowed me to see the seasons in detail as it is by the textual template that things work and the vagaries from this or dosha from this template is then also seen such as the mangoes flowering in the middle of winter. So those imbalances need to be seen for what they are as well instead of being taken as the normal flow.
      Also, even more apparent if one actually practices and as you know is that you also see the influence of the seasons in the pulse of everyone you see in your practice, not only the diseases that show themselves at these points if the year. This has also proven to me that Western Ayurveda is wrong.

      In really understanding how the seasons are manifesting and what the result is, I can only tell you what I have written about on the blog and now here.
      I have found that having a conversation with teachers there has no point what so ever as they only stick to what they have learned from their teacher and do not see anything beyond that. It has proved pointless over many years and many experiences.
      I think what I wrote about the seasons goes into much depth of explanation on the blog. If you have more pointed questions shoot them at me. As far as I have experienced and the best way I can explain, the seasons are universal and as per the text. It is atmospheric and created by the movement of the sun due to the tilt of the earth. All of this is in the blog. That is the over all effect, then the smaller individual local is taken into consideration.
      Of course the change in latitude has effect but still based in the same over all template.
      The arguments I have had opposing all of this by western Ayurveda simply have no depth to understanding the derivation much like saying that it can be dry out when it is raining. I have been through this at nauseam with no positive results with them so I finally have just let it go and have nothing to do with the western Ayurveda world anymore.
      The deeper problem with it all is that they are destroying any understanding that comes from the knowledge held within pancakarma vidhi as well. My guess is that it is only because this detail is also not taught as most of if is actually illegal to practice.
      So I do not know if I have helped or clarified for you except to say follow your gut and what you know and experience. Beyond that question everything being taught. It is the very reason I came to India to learn after many years and courses there. Good luck

  13. I accidentally came across your blog yesterday and I am so happy that I found it when I was looking for relation of seasons to the Digestive power of human body.

    I am still reading some of your articles and being an Indian, I see that you stated so many things so true which even us Indians do not understand. My Grand-father was a Vaidhya (Ayurvedic doctor) so many of these concepts I used to hear when I was growing up but unfortunately he left us before I could have learnt more from his experience. I am blessed to be connected to the village part of India because I believe modern science has still not over-powered many of the lifestyle concepts. Hence we get the oral knowledge at least from our elders even though we cannot relate to it.

    Lately, my curiosity has increased in this ancient science. This is when I started correlating the learnings that my grand-mother and my mother taught me to Ayurveda.I am willing to learn more. Can you help me and guide me to the right direction?

  14. Dear Dr. Brad,

    Thank you for this amazing blog. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to show my appreciation for your knowledge and this endeavor (which I’m sure is a labor of love and sweat :)) I am a student of Ayurveda and your’s is one resource I keep coming back to.

  15. I’ve been a follower of your blog for a few years now and yours is probably the only site on Ayurveda that I consider authentic. Most of what passes in the name of Ayurveda and yoga are very childish. I have no background in Ayurveda but the little that I have gleaned from my teachers in yoga, through my readings and personal experience have convinced me that this is truly an inner science, subjective to each of us. The rules being a guideline to explore and find out for oneself what works. Most of the time, the gunas with their subtle play carry me away and sooner or later I find myself sliding back and then it’s time to get up and start again. Pardon me for rambling. Once again, pranaams and thank you for making this available.

    • Welcome. Comment appreciated. I would only add to guide, it is not subjective to ones own individual interpretation or intuition. The deep foundation needs to be there first or one will drowned in their own making meanings of things. It is a science that is a basis or a foundation to understand then see everything of ones own individual from. The small ego of self is huge isn’t it? We always want to base everything from this yet this is illusory. The universe is much more than the individual. No matter what the individual thinks or makes of it. Hope this helps.

  16. Reall appreciate your site , as far as yoga is conserend yes i have observed it as well its aerobics or gymnastics at most no spiritual component at all but how to find a true teacher Guru if there are any at all if one wants to practice true Yoga
    Thank You

    • Thanks Joanna. Thanks for your comment.

      I would ask this, why? Yeah, finding a real Guru is not really going to happen for most people as what is out there is godmen (goldmen) and naive people that just don’t know and just buy (and i do mean buy $$$) into anything. Yet, isn’t his teachings better than some teachings like KKK or White power or Black power or any of the other things that are inciting violence and ignorance? The more of stuff like him though or like the massive amount of truely ‘uneducated and unfit to teach anything about yoga’ teachers that are the mass percentage of teachers out there, the more obscure and less chance there is to run into anything real. This is just the level of what is in the current times. What to do? Is there anything really wrong with this? No, there isn’t. The teachings and level of knowledge is to the level of what is.

      I get emails and comments from people all the time that want to learn real yoga or whatever but they don’t even know what it is. They don’t even have a context for it. This is the bigger question to be asking. Are you ready to give up your modern life? If not, then stick to the Western yoga and watered down teachings of different different paths. I can share that for myself, i only know that the deeper knowledge and deeper experience has demanded a whole other level of sacrifice that I can sincerely tell you 99.9% of people are not anywhere ready to do. Afterall, most people that i have worked with in the Western world are programmed by the cultural context and identified with their mind and emotions as their Self. Think that one will still live the ordinary life of dating or going out to dinner or living the modern life? What it also comes down to is that it is all in ones stars anyway. If one was going to run into a guru, it would not be in Seattle now would it? or maybe it would be. Who’s to say? one of my teacher’s is this old jewish man who your standing next to in the grocery store and have no idea what so ever of what he is and frankly, he isn’t going to let you know either. he isn’t out there trying to save the world as that does not even pertain to his existence at the level of development he is. What does that say about the level that modern yoga has taken being activists?
      My old jyotish teacher who has supposedly over 50 years of reading charts stated that only 5% of the world is actually spiritually focused, meaning that they are actually spiritual. This kinda puts things into a perspective. What is really going on? What is spiritual? What is spirituality?

      Go to India then, go pay a teacher there $1000 or more and realize that the middle income family in India makes $500 a month in general. Or that little room your paying for to stay in. $500 to $1000 a month or more. When you realize your absolutely taken advantage of any wise person might question the teaching your getting as well.
      Yeah, where is a real teacher? Great question.

      What is yoga? Why is there such a modern attachment to being spiritual or being a yogi? What about someone actually living their real life and being themselves instead of trying to be and identification?
      Some people get lost to get found, others get found to get lost.
      Others are like a rock. There are all levels.

      If it is to come, it will be in your stars. No worries.

      Thanks for your comment Joanna.

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