A totally different world of what it is to have health in every aspect. An integral health paradigm in a one stop shop of Eastern time tested depth of wisdom and Western experience

Fascial bodywork to release trauma and create new space

Biomechanical movement work and exercise therapy based in energy and Spirikal Motion to neurologically train that new space

Authentic and real Ayurveda to experience the nature of life as a human being through education of self, intake, and lifestyle to create balance and awareness opposed to a superficial chore list of do this and don’t do that

Energy work – clearing and deep subtle work

Meditation guidance, not sitting there clearing the mind or focusing on thoughts but clarity on what meditation is and technics and guidance to go deep

Over 25 years dedicated to Human Being, Form, and Function



If you wish to work with me please email and ask for an intake form. Absolutely do not email me asking for free advise!



I offer holistic body healing sessions based in ayurveda, yoga, biomechanics, movement, bodywork, nutrition, meditation and energy clearing. When in person, I use comprehensive knowledge of the body and all its systems to remove or lessen the restrictions and restore balance and health to the entire body system.  Through an interactive session, I bring movement techniques and instruction so clients learn to understand their current physical and mental state and how to shift into more productive patterns where injuries and limitations often disappear.  Clients typically experience increase in range of motion, improved energy flow, better functioning of organs, heightened sensory awareness, and proper alignment and function of the body.  Clients also learn how to adjust patterns on their own to support ongoing balance and health.

I use a combination of knowledge and techniques from my over 28 years of study and client experience.  My experience encompasses a wide range of modalities covering all the systems of the body including: Western Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, and human movement modalities and Biomechanics, Chiropractic and other manual mobilization techniques, Myofascial Integration (KMI), visceral manipulation, and healing from trauma. He balanced the Western side of health with study in Medical Chi Gong, Amazonian/Ecuador Shamanism, Yoga (traditional), and Ayurveda and Jyotish in a fake paramparas by a very famous self made ‘Gurus” then studied with others. Presently I live in India studying with my teachers for half the year and the other half back in California. I am a National Board Level therapeutic massage and bodywork (BCTMB) as one of the many titles.

Classes, Consultations, Workshops, etc…

I offer several types of Sessions and Consultations online via skype.

At this time, I offer Ayurveda Consultations, Personal Meditation Classes, Energetic Clearing… over skype (half of the year I am in India studying with my teachers) When I am in the back in the states, my services can also be conducted one on one in person and have more to offer in terms of detailed bodywork and embodiment, as well as cooking classes as services become much more personal.


  1. Consultation Procedure:

If you want a consultation to discuss a subject with me regarding Ayurveda, Your own personal (individualized based upon ayurveda and jyotisha) daily health routine, Yoga, Individualized Meditation, Guidance on or creation of your own personal sadhana and guidance based upon what is correct for you from your birth chart (what a concept), Jyotisha, Personal Vastu, or if you have bodily biomechanical or illness issues, or just the entire kitten kaboodle…

  1. Please email your query to me. I will send you a intake form to fill out and return to me via email.
  2. We can set up a time to connect via skype.
  3. You can pay the fee via paypal ( All sessions cost $225 and typically lasts for about 2 hours.
  4. Then we can set up a time and discuss.



Ayurveda (so many options here), Yoga, Biomechanics, Ayurvedic cooking classes, Meditation, and others

I am also available for personal ayurvedic cooking and live in lifestyle learning where in just a month you can learn an incredible amount and make your life more healthy and much much more meaningful. I travel on vacations/holidays with people for them to learn and experience as well.


My work:

What I do with students/patients/clients is completely unique to each and every one of them. All of it falls in the realm of the subjects listed below but I would sum it up more accurately by saying that I teach/guide people to live life in a more beneficial and higher healthier level than where they are. There is a lot in that statement.

My story is not really interesting to me. (See “About”) In fact, difficult to put much into words. I have had many teachers. There is kinda of a before and after place in time and space that defines much of my experience. Before, was a time that was involved in the world, in the Western world of certifications and superficial education. I have a pile of them in a folder somewhere. After, has been a time where everything is experiential instead of concepts of the mind. My teachers and teachings are of a level in tradition and from Guru to Shishya. Ex. You can read a Purana and it is just a book. You can read anything and what you gain will only remain outside and abstract knowledge from your own lens and capacity. You will get almost nothing from it except as a book. Having the knowledge of mantras, the sadhana, the reverence to follow what is being explained, and the knowledge of the details as to why it is, having a guru that teaches the hidden wisdom and unraveling of the sutras as well as the initiation to read it in the first place…. well that is a totally different world that doesn’t actually have much access to by foreigners today. An authentic experience and reverence and connection to god, not a conceptual one. The entire thing is a life and capacity that is being transmitted or transferred.

I study Jyotish and Ayurveda with my teachers from the actual ancient texts, shloka by shloka. I am in India for most of the year. That is my life at this moment. I come back to the states to spend time with friends, work/teach with students/patients/clients, and make enough money to support me doing the entire thing again in just a few months later. While I am in the States I study with my other teacher, in both lineages of mysticism and shamanism.

As far as teaching Ayurveda, I do not have authorization from my teacher to teach anyone to be a practitioner. I do not teach jyotish but basic understanding of the cosmos and how it all relates to the individual. Reading a chart is used more for another diagnostic technique rather than doing readings for people.

Presently, I am working on a course for the regular person to learn real ayurveda, not what is being taught out there as those checklists and do this and avoid that diets of dosha focus.


I work with the physical body thru subtle bodywork working with the connective tissues and other systems of the body. Thru this dance with the body and its tissues, there is a realignment of joints, tissues balance, and the system find center and ease. The body functions more healthfully. This is seen by example of all of a sudden joint range of motion is increased as well as senses and sight has improved. I use this work for many purposes but the most common is injuries as our Western world is kinda stuck in a material dimension only perspective.
The body work is what has come to me through years of practice and experience. It does not follow a template as you and the body you live in is individual and although the templates that I have been taught by my teachers in the past serve their purposes, they all are limited in their views in their own ways. Deep tissue, connective tissue, structural integration has been a huge part of my education but through my own experience as a patient, I experienced the trauma that it gives to the system, not takes away. To a sensitive and educated system, this becomes obvious. So my work had to change, and it did. Now the work is extremely subtle but has results way beyond the KMI and other structural work I had practiced in the past, and without the pain or trauma that was caused by what I had been taught previously.


I use insanely detailed movement work to retrain neuromuscularly that same physical  body but yet all of this is also based in a world of energy/psychical/emotional etc etc etc basically I can explain to someone and have them experience themselves in a very somatic way bringing them back in their bodies and healing trauma. (I can have someone comprehend the connection of their bunion and the reason why they have the neck pain and other really wild stuff like that. Basically how the entire human system works together, emotions and all.) I teach health with the deeper understanding or “experience” behind foundations of ayurveda, real yoga (I just say that due to what most people think yoga is in the Western world), and other modalities. I teach meditation based upon what is needed for the individual as I see a huge difference between Eastern and Western cultures not only in the culture but the entire mindset or paradigm in which they live. Then there is meditation, healings, and a bunch of other stuff.


Absolutely do not email me asking for free advise!!!!!  If you do, my services fee will be double for you.


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