Must have been fate that I came “coincidentally” across your site on the web, however, it was a life changer. You’ve been helping me in many ways, physically and mentally. On the physical level, I thought that I knew how my body functions due to my education in the fitness industry and working there for many years but you showed me a totally different world of how it does, in fact, how everything is working. With just one look at my posture, you gave me tools how to improve it and it worked! I’m learning how my body reacts more subtle and so different than I could even believe. I feel more grounded now, energy can move. I walk differently than before because my calves and achilles tendons are free and can move the right way now. There is again a lot more to do. Now working on my neck problems and improvements are showing day by day.
With your deep knowledge in Ayurveda you helped me deal with my menopause. No more hot flashes and sleeping like a baby are just two of the benefits I am experiencing with your help. Only small shifts which make such a difference. I’m so thankful for all this!
My digestion and general health has improved as well. It needs time and patience but after many years of disorders, it’s the first time I can remember having so much peace both in and with me. I’m learning how to live with the seasons, making small adjustments to keeping me healthy. Btw, as I am writing this so many people around me are lying in bed with cold and flu and I’m still in good health. Maybe the first time I have experienced this!
You also showed me how to integrate meditation in my daily routine. Instead of rushing for a run after awakening, I now enjoy meditation every morning and my day begins with much more energy than ever before. No more coffee needed.  😉
I cannot spell out enough what a bliss it is for me to having contact with you. You’re on the other side of the globe but so closed though. Whenever I have a problem or a question you fix it. Thank you. You’re a gift!



Discipline and patience are what I learned from working with you Brad. Your website and your teachings helped cure my ear disorder which I had for 6 years. I still cannot believe it. From getting a allergic type reactions from certain foods to itching and fluid discharge were my symptoms. Low energy levels and anxiety were also bothering me. I am very grateful for the knowledge Brad. Skin diseases are minimal now. They are reducing as I walk the path of truth (lifestyle). My health is getting better and better as each hour goes by. I was also getting sick and cold for the last 5 years every winter. This winter I did not sick and tired despite the coldest winter in the history of Canada. This really was the most important of all benefits I cherished. I am a beast at work. I work 6 days a week and workout as well. My coworkers are also amazed at my work ethic. It took me a while to explain them to become balanced, we must follow the law and order of nature and there is no way around it. My quest to find truth has gone up. No more guess work and assumed beliefs. No Kapha, Vata and Pitta diet. They are interdependent. I will be researching more and more into Ayurveda with your help. I always recommend your website to the individuals interested in getting healthy. Truly, there are very few out there who know the truth of life. I thank you immensely Brad.



“Brad’s work has brought tremendous change into my life on many levels.

I am a yoga teacher and his writings about the dangers of ignorance in the modern yoga world totally shattered my understanding of what yoga is. Brad’s understanding and knowledge of anatomy, yoga and ayurveda is way beyond of what I could learn with the most famous teachers, including Mysore masters. I understand now that even the best intentions do not authorize us to teach whatever in the name of “spreading love” and our experiences are not ultimate. Real yoga and healing should be based on authentic knowledge and diagnosis. Therefore, I am in the process of recalibrating all my yoga teachings and inspired to learn more and more in the traditional way, thanks to him.

Brad is a very kind, supportive and intelligent guy, who never wants me to blindly believe, but he always encourages me to think independently. As we argue, I see that he is just coming from a position of such authentic knowledge in the traditional Indian sciences (yoga, ayurveda, jyotish) that I’d better listen and digest what he says. So far, this new approach only got me to higher levels in my spirituality and practice.

On the physical level, he helped me to heal my knee injury. So quickly that it seemed just impossible. It is incredible what can be done through a skype call and how well he could guide me. He reads the body like a map. Because of my injury I could not walk, but after a 2 hours session I could stand on my legs again and did not feel the pain. He gave me practical tips and exercises to speed up my recovery. On top of that he pointed out the cause of my injury, the initial postural dysfunction that led me to have this condition. A real eye-opener. This information is priceless as it helps me understand how to preserve my knee in the future. ”



I have been a client, student and friend of Brad’s for 10 years.  During that time he has taught me how to shift my nutrition, meditation, sleep, exercise and every day body awareness.  From these teachings I have learned to identify my own stress and imbalance when it arises and then take actions through diet, movement, body treatments and meditation to restore balance on my own.  Today I experience stronger digestion, more restful sleep, freedom from chronic injuries, better eye sight and more calm across my entire body system. Recently Brad helped me restore balance to my feet which resolved a chronic issue with my hip and helps me be more grounded every day.  I highly encourage people to experience Brad and his teachings.



Brad can fix ANYTHING. He has dedicated the better part of his life to studying health and how the body functions and knows every way to correct it. Whatever issue you’re having – whether physical, mental or emotional – he has the solution. Better yet if he has your birth chart in front of him. One look and he’ll know you better than you know yourself. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this man and cannot express in words what he has done for me. He is a priceless treasure.



Dear Brad

Thank you so very much for all your help rectifying and charting my Jyotish chart. Thank you also for the additional side notes of interpretations to help me better understand the meanings.

I so appreciate your willingness and kindness to share information as well as the talent for pointing out where the truth is located. You are a skilled and gifted teacher, as well as, beyond patient.

The information you shared with me has truly set my feet on a whole new path/way of viewing the world around me in a genuinely more positive light. I know I have a long way to go and many misperceptions to root out but have come to appreciate this journey, difficult as it may be many times.

Best regards



Hi Brad – I just wanted to write to you & tell you how much I gained from doing an Ayurvedic consultation with you. You explained things perfectly for me – for my various issues & your advise has helped me immensely.  I have had brief experiences of Ayurvedic consultations in the past & was always left slightly confused – but yours was fabulous – we started at the very beginning – making the small but fundamentally important changes that will help. After just a week of implementing everything we discussed, i can already see & feel the difference. My digestion is starting to improve & I am loving my whole morning routine.  Getting up before sunrise everyday is really quite magical.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of working with you & look forward to working with you again. For the first time ever, i feel like my health is heading in the right direction, thank you so much.



Brad’s work is amazing. As a dancer, personal trainer and aerialist coming to Brad I thought I “knew” a lot about the body and how to use it effectively and beautifully. WOW do I have a lot more wonderful stuff to learn! Brad has taken several branches of study (Ayurveda, Yoga, KMI, biomechanics… and more) and synthesized them into an AMAZING network of POWERFUL healing knowledge! His professional experience and skill level are SO HIGH and I recommend him with 100% confidence. Now, as a client and student of his, he has been facilitating my progress with physical symptoms (aches, pains, injuries etc.) mental & emotional conflicts (anxiety, stress etc.) diet & nutrition questions and more. He is also able to share information in clear, memorable ways.
 No matter the nature of your concerns, you will benefit from his services. My work with him has changed my life in the best possible way. I really really really hope you check it out for yourself and EXPERIENCE the changes you’re looking for. It IS possible.



“Hi Brad,

As I write this, I am drinking a cup of fresh ginger tea which has become my staple drink throughout the day.  It’s been about 4 months since I started eating from a new perspective, the one you taught me about, well at least the basics and I make modifications based on my memory of and interpretation of what you taught me.  I am grateful to you for that!

My body, mind and spirit are feeling more energetic when I am faithful to what I call my eating foundation…

I feel like my body awareness is heightened, and my psyche abilities when I am not in trance seem stronger …

The constipation I was experiencing, affects me less and mostly when I am traveling. My sinuses feel clearer although I still can’t smell, I can taste more and breath during the day through my nose which I don’t think I realized I wasn’t doing, having gotten used to being clogged up. I shredded 10lbs feeling lighter and happy about that..”



“Thank you. Amazing stuff.”



It took me 52 years to cause the damage to my body that Brad is un-doing in a matter of weeks! His knowledge and expertise makes it easy to trust the process. I have been going once a week for a month and each time I leave with exercises to do at home and new information to digest. I have tried many things before coming into Evolution Movement, and none of them have given me the relief and hope in such a short time that Brad has.



Brad is an incredible asset in my life. Over the years, I lost my ability to sense my biological reactions to my environment. In essence, I could not “hear” what my body was saying to me. Through Brad’s guidance, given with patience and dedication, I learned how to properly nourish my body. This process resulted in my increased capacity to immediately sense messages from within. I am now able to receive proper feedback on the recommendations presented by Brad. My continuous improvement in overall health and vitality is truly a confirmation of his expert guidance.   I attribute my progress to Brad’s brilliant skills and his high level of knowledge in Ayurveda and the body guided me on a healthy path to realign my mind and body. Brad is very detailed in his presentations to me. This has resulted in my ability to sleep deeply again. I feel much stronger; my hair regained its thickness and a healthy shine. My metabolism works much more efficiently. I know immediately if I did or ate something that was not beneficial to me. I receive quick and clear messages directly from the source, my body itself. Brad is tenuously dedicated to my process and success in many direct and indirect ways; he is totally supportive as if he is holding my hand through my healing process.   Ayurveda is a lifelong journey and i am very happy and grateful for finding and choosing Brad to be my guide on my journey to balance and true health.



Its been quite awhile since I’ve contacted you however I just felt like I should let you know whats going on in my life and what I’ve done since we’ve last met.

I spent the entirety of my last Track and Field season training my self independently. Prior to the season I sustained a disc bulge injury, which was pretty devastating to my athleticism and psyche. However, I knew that Track was a passion and I hadn’t reached my potential so I saw the injury as something that needed to be overcome. Throughout the entire season I designed my own lifting workouts and running, while being very careful and taking the time to maintain my back health.

The one thing that kept me ahead of the injury and gave me the ability to keep working out so that I was strong enough to perform during season were the exercises and knowledge you gave me. I used, and still use them every day, multiple times a day, after workouts, before bed, and whenever I feel tightness or imbalance. It allows my body to stretch the muscles in a CHAIN, and by relaxing into the stretch I feel I achieve a much more beneficial stretch, which through the experience of training with a back injury I found to be the greatest way to expedite muscle recover and establish injury prevention.

I combined with what I knew about how to train my body in athletics (using some conventions of western medicine) with what you taught me about living and maintaining health outside the gym or after workouts, and I achieved AMAZING results. I am injury free today, with no disc bulge, and I feel stronger than I ever have. One of my doctors can’t believe the bulge is gone, he says he had never seen it before.

With all of that said, I wanted to thank you for teaching me such valuable techniques as it greatly affected the outlook of my athletic career. It has inspired me to continue to pursue medicine with a completely different approach of combining what works with western medicine and the immense benefits of your discipline.




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