Jowar Roti

Jowar or Sorghum. It is a millet. This is probably one of the most health creating foods you can introduce into your diet as it is is astringent and coolant. Ragi and bajra are other millets that are also good to use and have slightly different qualities.








I absolutely love when western research does another real good job at figuring out and proving things that have been known to ancient sciences since “forever”. Here is a beautiful research paper that goes into what can only be understood as normal basic Ayurvedic knowledge. The application of different actions onto a substance will have its effect on the substance. Simple huh? This concept is probably the one most important thing to take from this article and apply to everything as it is purely missed in all western nutrition as well as application into exercise and the like.

Jowar – Millet flour –  2 cups + a little more for dusting as required
Boiling Water  – 1 cup
Salt – 1 tsp
In a shallow wide pan, take the 2 cups millet flour and mix salt. Keep it ready to mix in the water.
Boil a cup of water. Now add hot water into the dough little by little and using a spatula keep incorporating flour and hot water.
Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes so that you can handle the flour (don’t let to become cold at all). Later knead the dough nicely. Sprinkle little water if required. The final dough should be soft and non sticky. Kneading well is very important else they will break while rolling. Then roll them into small orange sized balls. In the authentic version, these balls are dusted and later patted with palm to make big thin rotis. It requires practice. Take an orange sized ball, flatten a bit, dust the surface nicely with dry jowar flour and pat it slowly to get a uniform thin roti.
Heat a tawa. Slowly take rolled roti out of the board and put it on the hot Tava. Cook for 30 seconds. Next, with a small clean cloth apply a thin layer of water on the upper surface. Let it remain so till water evaporates and you can observe small bubbles.
Then turn it and cook for a minute.
Next flip the roti again.  You can put it on direct flame as is done for a chapatiRoti puffs up. If on open flame, use tongs to grab it gentily and flip it quickly to cook the other side for few seconds as well. Remove from the open flame. Can put some ghee on it if you wish but warning, this is where most westerners go crazy. 1 tablespoon of ghee per roti is a bit excessive would you not think? But jawar roti tends to be best without ghee.
Enjoy with chutney like a ground flax seed, ground ground nut (peanut), chili powder, and yogurt mixed chutney. Less yogurt!!!!!!
Or maybe make a coconut, ground nut, chickpea, chili, and mustard seed chutney….. Mmmmmmm!

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