Dharaniya Vegana – Those urges to be supressed

This is also from the 17th Chapter of Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana. Here there are urges to be supressed. In the Western world of nonsense we see that anything is valid, you will read studies of what releasing anger will do for the stress in your body as well as you will probably find article on exactly the opposite. I always like to quote my teacher here……… “I would rather follow what the rishis wrote verses following the fools of today”. Think about this for a moment, wisdom heritage that spirituality and health are all one and that has lasted over 10,000 years verses todays theories which change with the wind. 

Dharaniya Vegana – Suppressible urges:
One, who is desirous of his well-being during his lifetime and after death, should suppress urges of rashness and evil deeds – mentally, orally and physically. [26]

Urges of the mind to be suppressed- A wise person should suppress mental urges pertaining to
Lobha – greed,
Shoka – grief,
Bhaya – fear,
Krodha – anger,
Mana – vanity,
Nairlajja – shamelessness,
Irshya – jealousy,
Atiraga – excessive desire
Abhidhyaya – ill will, malice.

Urges of the speech to be suppressed – One should suppress the urges of
Parusha – speaking extremely harsh words,
Atimatra – speaking excessively,
Soochaka – back-biting
Anruta – lies
Akala Vakya – use of untimely words.

Urges of action to be suppressed –
Stribhoga – desire towards other women
Astheya – theft,
Himsa – Violence, hostility,
Parapida – ill-treatment are to be restrained.

The virtuous person who suppresses all the above bad urges relating to mind, speech and physical actions, is happy and he alone enjoys the fruits of Dharma (good deeds), Artha (wealth), prosperity Kama (desire).



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