Suppression of natural urges and the diseases it causes

Something for you to chew on. Some food for thought. Most people would never think that just holding the urge to urinate because you are on a long car ride could cause a disease. Think again. Have personally seen patient with major pitting edema of his legs because of a constant holding of this urge due to being a sales person and not being able to take a break. This over years created edema that was very hard to treat. 


Natural body urges – One should not suppress the following natural urges.
Mutra Vega – urination
Pureesha Vega – defecation
Retas – ejaculation
Vata – passing gas
Chardi – vomitting
Kshavatu – sneezing
Udagara – belching
Jrumbha – yawning
Kshut – hunger
Pipasa – thirst
Vashpa – crying
Nidra – sleeping
Nishwasa – Heavy breathing caused by over-exertion [3-4]

Various types of diseases occur by the suppression of these urges. Such diseases and line of treatment is explained below. [5]

Symptoms caused by suppressing urge to urinate –
Suppression of urge to urinate causes
Basti Mehanayo shoolam – pain in bladder and phallus,
Mutrakruchra – dysuria, pain while passing urine,
Shiro Ruja – headache,
Vinamo – bending of the body and
Vamkshana anaaha – distension, fullness of lower abdomen.

Treatment for these symptoms – [6-7]

Sorry, I am not adding the treatments for any of these here due to the irresponsibility of people (Americans mainly) out there that read this and try to treat or advise others without proper knowledge or study of Ayurveda. Study Ayurveda completely and you will know the treatments. 


Urge to defecate – symptoms of avoidance –
If one holds the urge for defecation it causes
Pakvashaya Shula – abdominal colic pain,
Shirashula – headache,
Vata, Varcha Pravartana – involuntary defecation and release of flatus
Pindikodveshtana – cramps in the calf muscles
Adhmana – distension, fullness of abdomen.



Seminal discharge urge:
Suppressing urge to ejaculation leads to
Medhra Vrushana shoola – Pain in phallus and testicles,
Angamarda – malaise, body ache,
Hrudi Vyatha – pain and discomfort in chest region
Mutra Vibandha – retention of urine


Suppression of urge to pass gas –
If one suppresses the urge for passing flatus
Sango Vit Mutra Vatanaam – retention of feces, urine and flatus,
Adhmana – distension, fullness of abdomen,
Vedana – pain,
Klama – exhaustion, tiredness
Diseases of Vata imbalance in stomach.



The diseases caused by the suppression of  urge for vomiting are
Kandu – itching, pruritis, urticaria,
Kota – black pigmentation of face,
Aruchi – Anorexia,
Shotha – oedema,
Pandu – anemia,
Jvara – fever,
Kushta – skin diseases,
Hrullasa – nausea and
Visarpa – erysipelas, spreading type of skin disease.



Diseases caused by suppression of urge to sneeze are – 
Manyasthamba – neck stiffness
Shirashoola – headache,
Ardita – facial paralysis,
Ardhavabhedaka – hemicrania, migraine and
Indriyanam Daurbalyam – weakness of the sense organs.



Diseases caused by suppression of belching / Eructation reflex:
Hikka – hiccups
Shwasa – breathing difficulities
Aruchi – anorexia
Kampa – tremors
Vibandha Hrudaya uraso – feeling of obstruction in chest and heart region.

Treatment: Similar to the treatment for suppression of hiccups [18]


Diseases caused by suppression of yawing reflex:
Vinama – forward bending of the body
Akshepa – convulsion,
Samkocha – contractions,
Supti – numbness,
Kampa – tremor and
Pravepana – shaking of the body.

Treatment: Measures to balance Vata Dosha [19]


Diseases caused by suppression of hunger:
Karshya – weight loss, emaciation,
Dourbalya – weakness,
Vaivarnya – change in skin complexion,
Angamarda – Malaise, body ache,
Aruchi – Anorexia and
Bhrama – dizziness .



Diseases caused by suppression of thirst –
Kanta Asya shosha – dryness of throat and mouth,
Badhirya – deafness,
Shrama – tiredness,
Sada – weakness, body ache and
Hrudi Vyatha – discomfort in heart.



Diseases caused by suppression of Tears
Pratishyaya – rhinitis, running nose,
Akshi roga – eye diseases,
Hrudroga – heart diseases,
Aruchi – anorexia
Bhrama – dizziness.



Diseases caused by suppression of Sleep:
Jrumbha – yawning,
Angamarda – malaise, body ache,
Tandra – drowsiness,
Shiroroga – headache, diseases of head,
Akshi Gourava – heaviness in the eyes.



Diseases caused by suppression of exertion Breathing :
Gulma – bloating
Hrudroga – heart diseases and
Sammoha – fainting, unconsciousness.



These are the diseases caused by the suppression of the various natural body urges.  One who wants to prevent diseases should not suppress these urges. [25]


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