What is yoga really? pt 1.

Panini, the infamous sanskrit grammarian, made the distinction of the root yuj meaning meditative concentration (yuj samadhau) from the root yujir meaning connecting or yoking (yujir yoge).

Another deeper distinction is made in Vacaspati’s Tattva Vai´sharadı, the word “yoga” is derived from the root yuj, to contemplate, and not from the root yujir, in which latter case it would mean conjunction”.

Yoga Bhasya says that practice of the limbs of Yoga destroys unreal cognition and leads to discriminative knowledge. Yoga Bhasya 1.28.

Discriminative knowledge, which distinguishes between materiality and Self nature as consciousness, is essential for liberation. Discriminative knowledge is a higher form of knowledge than ordinary discursive knowledge. Transcending the human condition and appropriating another way of being.

Misery, according to the Yoga sutras is to be prevented
-Yoga Sutra 2.16.

The cause of misery is the conjunction of the Seer and the Seen
-Yoga Sutra 2.17.

Seer or drashtr, drsh “to see” and “Seen” designate the two forms of primordial Being, purusha or consciousness, the true Self, and prakrti or materiality, the experienceable world, including one’s own bodymind. Prakrti exists for the sake of purusha; their conjunction serves the purusha’s recognition of the Self natures of the two powers.
-Yoga Sutra 2.23

Their conjunction ends when it has caused “knowledge of nature of the knower,” which is ultimate spiritual freedom
-Yoga Bhasya 2.23.

This liberation, called kaivalya, is achieved with the individual purusha’s recognition of its Self nature as consciousness, wholly independent of prakrti and all its material evolutes, including the human mind and body, and everything else in the manifest universe.

Ignorance is the source of bondage, liberation requires right knowledge. The importance of knowledge is not limited to problems of epistemology, for in Yoga, knowledge, higher or discriminative knowledge, is itself the remedy for the human condition. Correct judgment which is the production of right knowledge, and incorrect judgment which is the product of wrong knowledge, along with the other mental processes or vrttis, literally turnings  is vrt….to turn, are to be stopped by a series of preliminary and meditative practices.
-Yoga Sutra 1.2

Nirodha, the stopping of those vrttis root word rudh or to stop, to obstruct embodies Yoga.

In nirodha, the Seer is established in its own essential and fundamental nature
-Yoga Sutra 1.3

When not in Self, the Seer identifies only as the vrttis
-Yoga Sutra 1.4

Purusha’s knowing is by means of being reflected in buddhi, the intellect, but then mistaking the buddhi for itself
-TV 1.4.






3 thoughts on “What is yoga really? pt 1.

  1. Did I say anything like that??? I don’t believe I did. If i did can you please let me know where so i can go change it.
    No, I am not a blind believer. Far from. Actually more skeptical than most people out there. Since i have been studying and working in the profession of health and healing for more than 25 years and not actually just focussed in one realm, I realize, with studying so many modalities that most out there is just garbage.
    No actually, everything I have learned I have also tested to be true or not. In many ways.
    There is a post, scheduled in a few months to post, about drinking ones own urine. I am nonbias to view things, so i understand them from the source they are coming from before judging them. Can you say that? Would you have any understanding of why the kama sutra says to rub dead insects on your genitals as you say or are you just judging it from a lack of knowledge and a completely different paradigm like most people do?
    As far as answering your question, I don’t think about it to be true or not. I have not read that in the kama sutra and have not gone into understanding/studying why it is being said in its context that it is being used. Reading a horrible english translation of the kama sutras without knowing that the translation is garbage is only one part of it and then following things blindly is as well.
    My advise is to try it yourself to find out. But then i would ask also how is the preparation made? Does it give that as well? Most texts written are not in a linear fashion like we are given today. there is a wealth of knowledge inside the sanskrit than is not translatable as well as much of it is hidden from even a sanskrit scholar. There also has to be cultural context. many other things as well.

  2. Since you asked, I personally think that “generally” carrying a diamond to improve one’s sexual capacity is beyond absurd. From a jyotish view, There is the main chart, the rasi chart, then there is all these divisional (amsha) charts. Each of the charts would have to be checked to see how a diamond will effect the person with different aspects of their life. It can very easily be negative. It can cause disease. And worse. A diamond can even cause the loss of one’s sexual capacity depending on venus’ placement in Somnath Drekanna (a certain chart). Nothing is so simple, everything is complex. That is life. As my experience shows, not many people have the depth to care about the complexity and want to believe everything in a superficial manner.

    As far as remedying astrological afflictions, it is dependent upon many factors but sure, it is very much a remedy when it is the right remedy for all those factors.
    Carrying gemstones is not correct, just saying. The ring that they are set in has to have the back open for the light to move through as well as there are specific cuts of the gemstones.
    Mantras of course. They work. Depends upon the specificity of the mantra which totally depends upon the knowledge of the jyotishi which i can not say i trust in many out there, just as yoga or anything else that has become a popular fad and has short courses and certificates to learn. Jyotish takes a decade to learn at least. Full time.
    How is chanting not helping making friends and spouse? I really don’t get your question.

    Just the same as people disbelieving in yagna or pujas doing anything and they categorize them in dogma or religion, I am not about to try to explain how something works to someone that has already doubt and wants to disprove it rather than understand it, plus to take all the time to explain, I am not to excited about that. Its called having wisdom to know when and when not to different levels of knowledge.

    It has been scientifically proven that agni hotra works. You can start there if you wish to discover about these things.

    • The answer is complex.
      You would have to study jyotish to understand.
      For a simple answer, if you stand in the shade the sun does not effect you directly, yes. If you step out into the sun light, it warms you and has direct effect.
      You wish for me to explain a science that takes just a little more than just a blog comment to answer.
      Karma is karma yes, but with appropriate precise mantra, the karma is propitiated to some level depending upon how strong that karma is.
      Same as a puja, just because some one does the right puja at the right time, with all factors of the puja being done correctly in fact, it does not mean that the puja is going to be accepted. Some is easy and some is not and takes alot of work and many tries.
      Once again there is so much complexity to the entire thing. Not easy to explain to someone that is not educated in it, and then, there is not need to explain it. 🙂
      My personal experience is what i said before, if it is a mundane life with no clarity or direction and life being led by desires and ego, then are remedies going to help. Not as likely. Like taking a pill for a disease that one created themselves with their lifestyle and intake habits, the pill is not going to do anything but maybe mask the symptoms. Same Same. This is why they are spiritual sciences.

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