This is one of the simplest recipes for getting rid of aama and regaining agni. If you find that you have made mistakes and the digestion is bad, take time off and make this only and rest. No sleeping during the day and having this for intake and the agni will return.


1 cup white rice (or rice flour) Rose Matta or Sona Masoori rices work well

5 – 6 cups water

tsp salt

1/2 tsp ghee

tsp grated ginger

tsp turmeric powder


Wash the rice vigorously in a bowl
Get a small pressure cooker and place it on heat, let it warm first on medium heat.
Add the ghee then other spices
When they are sizzling add the rice and mix it
Add the water

With the pressure cooker, let there be about 10 whistles and then turn off the heat and let set till the pressure releases completely.

This recipe can also be made with Ragi (finger millet) and other grains as well.




Arrow Root is another. Arrow root is good for excessive body heat and is very good for irregular bowels and diseases of the bowel. 4939_Arrowroot.jpg

Just for a trial to see how different it digests, try your normal oatmeal this way. You can also grind the grains and use them as flour this way.


If your not having massive aama or digestion problems, you can have this also with a little payar.

You will need a second pressure cooker


Take green gram in pressure cooker with 1 cup water and salt.
Pressure cook for 1 whistle and switch off the flame.
Once the pressure is released cook off the excess water.
In blender add coconut, garlic, cumin, green chili, turmeric and blend. The mixture will be coarse.
Add this the cooked green gram and mix well. Do not mash or blend.
Add curry leaves and mix well.


Try this mixture with your peya.



5 thoughts on “Peya

  1. thanks for all the info you provide.
    One question I have for you –Can Body eat the abcess if abcess has no way out like gum abcess. Can fasting or eating small meals do it?

  2. Thank you for this recipe. How should one take this portion: in one, two or three meals or during the day taking just a few little spoons of it? Thank you for your advice.
    Best wishes, Monika

    • Have a cup or so of it when you are hungry if you are using it to make the digestion stronger. If you are just having it as a light meal then can have more and add the payar that is written below it. If you are interested in just making the digestion better, and there is nothing wrong, you can have it for a couple days in a row. See what happens. This is general and everything is individual, understand this. I have crazy people that want to try everything that are skinny mini and should not be fasting in any sort of way because their vata is beyond aggravated, this is absolutely not for them.

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