Takra Vidhi

Takra  Guna · Properties of  Butter Milk

Types of  Takra:

Udashvit, Mathita, Ghol and Takra. These four are the types of Takra or buttermilk.

If creamy, waterless curds are broken and processed into a liquid form that is known as gholam.

If non-creamy, solid curd is made into a liquid form it is called Mathita. If one fourth of water is added to the quantity of curd and then stirred well to form of liquid is known as Takram.

If equal quantity of water is added to curd and stirred to a form of liquid it is called as Udashvit.

However, Divodass etc opines that if half of the water is added to this quantity of curd and churned well, then it is Takra in the same way if one fourth of water added it is stated as Udashvit (1-2)

Qualities of Takra (Butter Milk):

Mathita i.e. churned butter milk relieves  bata-pitta and kasha-pitta. It pacifies Tirdosha.

Udashvit variety of Takra slightly causes kapha vriddhi, Takra made from cows milk stimulates jatharagni, memory power and relieves hemmoroidss, tridosha diseases, gulma, diarrhea, spleen diseases and digestive diseases. Takra made from buffalo’s milk is kapha vriddhikara, concentrated, guru, and causes edema. While takra of goat origin is oily, light, tridoshahara, and indicated in glum, digestive diseases, hemmoriods, edema, and anemia.

Takra Usage

In vata diseases, sour takra added with saindhava salt should be used.

In pitta diseases, sweeter takra or buttermilk added with sugar should be given.

In kapha diseases, dry takra with dry ginger and black pepper should be used. (6-6 1/2)

In urinary complaints, takra or buttermilk added with jaggery should be given.

In anaemia (Pandu) it should be given with citraka, hing, and saindhava salt and candy sugar. It relieves vata, hemorrhoids, and diarrhea and acts like a good appetizer, tonic, and pain reliever (7-8 1/2)

Takra (butter milk) is highly beneficial in winter season, during agnimandya (indigestion), kapha-vata related diseases, loss of taste, and it is especially useful in sroto-avorodha i.e. in obstructive pathological conditions (9-9 1/2).


Takra (buttermilk) is contraindicated (not to be used) in the below conditions: injured, summer, weak patients, coma, vertigo, daha (burning) and bleeding conditions (Raktapitta).

Saindhava salt added takra promotes agni grahani vikara and butter milk without saindhava causes grahani and arsa roga (hemorrhoids)(10-11).


The eight qualities attributed to takra are :

1. Improves appetite.

2. Useful in netra rogas (eye diseases)

3. Pranadayaka

4. Rakta mamsakara

5.  Relieves aama

6· Cause relief in trauma

7. Kapha

8. Vata reliever (12)

Qualities of raw and warmed takra (buttermilk)

Raw butter milk expels kosthagata kapha and increases kapha located in throat. In Pinasa, (runny nose/head cold), Svasa, Kasa, etc. conditions pacha (boiled) buttermilk should be taken. (1)

Takra Benefits

One who takes takra daily never experiences any dukha (bad space) or problem of health as diseases relieved by takra never occur again. Takra is like amrita mantra is higher than takra, cows butter milk is superior. (2-3)

Atisayokti Highlighting Takra:

If Takra was available in the heaven or Kailasha, lord Shiva’s throat should not have been blue in appearance. Similarly lord Keshava too should not have been krishna varna or black in colour. If takra was there in heaven, the diseases like kshaya of Chandra, udara of Ganesha, etc. could not have occurred. Thus ‘Takra’ has been highlighted in a classical sense, to focus, on the curative values of takra. (4)

Thus Ends the Qualities of Takra


2 thoughts on “Takra Vidhi

  1. Namaskar Arpana. Everything needs to be looked at on an individual bases with proper diagnosis but in general, no it is not for people with weakness or emaciation.

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