How do you experience?


So it is a very big “to do” today in America with the spiritual new age world to really “connect” with someone.

There are plenty of key phrases we use today and there are so many workshops around this that you can pay a load of money for new ways and new technology on relating.

The conundrum to all of this and the funny thing is that you will never actually know what another is going thru, you will never be seen nor will someone comprehend what you are experiencing etc…. no matter how much you talk about it or communicate. Massively so if it remains a mental game of emotions, ideas, and assumptions. You are your own individual with your own experience. Truth is every single person has their own reality and there are so many facets to that reality that the other cannot ever really know what that experience is to that person. We can share thru communication but that is only more of the same. Maybe there is something deeper, something that remains underneath all the drama and mind stuff.

If you and I were to be watching a sunset together, we would both be having our own experience of that sunset paradoxically, it would not be the same. If either of us were to try to explain our experience it would only be our own ego self centered way of pushing our experience upon another.

An extreme example for explanation of this would be to simply state, what is one of us were blind?

This can also be seen from a view of jyotish, what is known in the West as vedic astrology. It is a very complex subject which is difficult to explain except from a very very superficial view due to its complexity. From looking at the chart of someone, you see everything about them. They are unique and unlike any other in this. The simple placement of one’s moon in ones chart can show all the details of the focus of the mind. The ascendent itself is the intellect of the person and the planet that lords this and then where it is placed shows the focus of the intelligence, and how the knowledge and information they take in is digested. Just these simple few points are also seen in their strengths and weaknesses and how it all acts under what planets placements are, what they conjoin, and the aspects of afflictions and blessings that they have. There is more a whole ocean more than this also as there are other charts that show the unconscious as well as the subconscious and this is just speaking solely about the mind, each chart showing deep complexities. In this superficial explanation we can see how complex it is that each person’s mind and perception is. In this we can also see why people do not see eye to eye. Everyone’s consciousness is not on the same level. Their intelligence is not on the same level and even how they digest or even not digest information and perception is all very very different. We can also understand from this why all likes and dislikes are individual and are not truth but rather figments of ones own perception which is an illusion of a higher truth. Yoga shastra explains this by understanding klesha. Raga (attraction) and dvesha (aversion) are not truth but obstructions from the truth and Self.

If you examine further you can see how the psychology behind relating is a Western psychology. It is never finding a solution and is only working on the symptoms, not the root of the it. Understanding that your need to be seen, your need for better intimacy, etc etc is only because one is looking outward into the maya and into the duality. In all third world countries, they are simple and content beyond imagination when compared to Western culture, until the modern culture has shown its head. It is only do to the seeing movies and such that the third world country then wants more and lowers their integrity as well as becomes discontent. A simple life is very easy on the mind, a western life is complex and full of mind stuff. Modern world problems are luxurious when compared to third world problems. The more stuff you have and possess the more distracted the mind and more mind stuff there is. The more technology there is to make the life easier the more time you find in “busyment.” That busyment puts one in a fishbowl.

Living in a fishbowl. Yes, sadly most people do and few really wanna look at it with any truth. The little experience of the world, your world. Not knowing that you are in water. How would one explain water to a goldfish. It has no consciousness of water as it is immersed within its paradigm. If you were to take a goldfish out of its bowl and put it into a bathtub of water, it continues to swim around in its little defined space the size of its bowl. How interesting huh? As humans we do not like anything to disturb the way we swim in our little defined spaces, the way we have defined our worlds and we move in them as we understand them and perceive them. Anything outside that paradigm threatens it and we see to it that we do not absorb anything that we do not like or agree with. This further builds our little fishbowl perspective of the existence. Our comfort of our perspective and our own reality.

Since we all are in another giant fishbowl called the planet earth, this experience, one would think would be more global. For those that are not even limited to this little global fishbowl there is even more beyond. As we have just seen that a dwarf star named Trappist-1 about 40 light years from Earth, has Earthsize planets orbiting it, yet in even this our minds are solely focused on our own little lives and making them important or special.

As there is a war going on in other parts of the world and people are being savagely killed, raped, corrupted, etc etc etc and we sit in our fishbowl in America or whatever modern country blinded by the manipulated media and slaves to our newest technology being fed only what they want you to know, being controlled by the government, media, corporations and by our own ignorance on what is good for us and what is bad for us, living in a fear paradigm realm of the little fishbowl. It is really all based in our perverted perceptions thru our senses and we are in water and have no comprehension of it. It is a popular notion today that people think they are aware or conscious. It is the spiritual fad. This compared to the depth of awareness is really just the surface state or the tip of the iceberg. How can one think they are aware when they do not actually know what is healthy for their being and is just following guidelines set by the latest book or fad science to come out and not actually know and experience what everything they do and put into their system does? Actually not having any consciousness of it. Or even the environment that they are in or the earth and the seasons and how it all works and how you and everyone else is actually part of it and ruled by it? Do we not even sit on toilet bowls which turn off and obstructs the natural function to healthfully excrete the waste from our systems and then also feel the results of this on the system and the mind? Most everyone does not. So then what is awareness and consciousness?

ImageHow does someone ever comprehend another’s world? Impossible. How does one grow more conscious? It certainly isn’t by spending money on the newest books and workshops learning new ways to maintain the fishbowl. Try living in a completely different culture that speaks a completely foreign language or even just try learning a new language. The old way out of your fish bowl is to totally get out of your fish bowl and cahnge the consciousness of what one already experiences and knows.

When you get out of your fishbowl you will realize that there is more to life than going to work everyday, and money. This material world that everyone is programmed to follow and obey its laws. There is also much more to life than the reaction to who is the president for the next four years and how that is going to be based in assumptions of what has not yet come. In changing your fishbowl, you might just realize that you don’t need all that crap you have collected over the years, in fact you need none of it as you are truly only going to die in the end and all of the attachment that you have to everything you have acquired is only keeping you in the mundane world. Blessings are to realize that you don’t need to look like anything or dress nice or have any type of haircut and truly there is nothing to do as all of those wars and everything is created by those wanting and desiring. You’ll be given the gift hopefully that nothing is really as it seems in society and that really living has nothing to do with that which you had been doing. You may be awakened to the knowledge that communication is nothing more than your ego making you and that speech is excessively as precious as much as it is powerful and not to be wasted. You will become more sensitive to what actually is, all of what is.

Silence is the framework upon what everything is contained within. Just to tap into that silence, although one of the most difficult things to do, is the first step really.

Yes, unfortunately most people live in a fishbowl, unaware that they are in a fishbowl and not having any concept of what water is.

Back from the mid 1800’s to the late 1950’s (specially the later) there was a population of people that lived between cultures as it was seen as a way to expand one’s consciousness.
Article 1 Article 2 Article 3

It was seen to produce psychological effects of having what came to be known as
Double Consciousness

If this does not prove what is written above on perspective and consciousness as well as one’s fishbowl………

Are you a well frog?

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