“How do I learn real Ayurveda?”

I have been asked over and over how do i learn real Ayurveda with so much conflicting information out there.

Here is a list of reference books for what is needed to know for just your normal person and not trying to become a Ayurvedic doctor.

The relevant portions of Charaka, Sushruta, Vagbhata, Sharangadhara, Bhavaprakasha, Madhavanidana, Yogaratnakara & Bhela Samhita are to much for your normal person to weed thru so the list below are books that are written putting those pieces together.

Swasthvritta Samucchya – Pt. Rajeshwardutt Shastri
Swasthya Vigyan – Dr. Bhaskar Govind Ghanekar
Swasthya Vigyan – Dr. Mukund Swaroop Verma
Ayurvediya Hitopdesa – Vd. Ranjeet Rai Desai
Ayurvediya Swasthvritta – Jahulkar
Swasthvirtta Vigyan – Dr. Ram Harsh Singh
Swasthvrittama – Dr. Brahmanand Tripathi
Swasthavrittama – Dr. Shiv Kumar Gaur


Again, I am going to add here that if you then read these, it does not make you an expert to then go give advise to anyone. Please do not. If your an Ayurvedic practitioner in the West and reading this, you should already comprehend what is in these books and if not, you should not be practicing. Let’s keep integrity in Ayurveda instead of destroying its chance of growing properly in the world.


8 thoughts on ““How do I learn real Ayurveda?”

  1. Since your blog is primarily in English, you might want to note that the texts given in the original post are only available in Hindi before someone runs all around Varnasi lookin for them.

      • Try these then…
        1. Padartha Vijnanam – Acharya Ramaraksha Pathak
        2. Ayurvediya Padartha Vijnanam – Vaidya Ranjit Rai Desai
        3. Ayurved Darshanam – Acharya Rajkumar Jain
        4. Padartha Vijnanam – Vaidya Kashikar
        5. Padartha Vijnanam – Vaidya Balvant Shastri
        6. Kanad Gautamiyam
        7. Sankhya Tattva Kaumudi – Gajanan Shastri
        8. Charaka Evam Sushruta Ke Darshanik Vishaya Ka Adhyayana – Jyotirmitra Acharya
        9. Relevant portions from Charaka, Sushruta, Vagbhatta and other Ayurvedic texts
        10. Vedon me Ayurved – Rama Gopal Shastri
        11. Hindu medicine – Zimmer
        12. Science & philosophy of Indian medicine – Dr. K. N. Uduppa
        13. Psychopathology in Indian medicine – Dr. S. P. Gupta
        14. Ayurvediya Panchakarama Vijnana – Vaidya S H Kasture

      • Yip, you mainly get lists of books for BAMS, no publisher info, and no sources for further information.

      • I fear putting any real source for anything will have people going there to get them and dry the source up. 😉
        Yes, BAMS texts vs western texts that have no references to anything that they are stating. Of course the BAMS texts are the only place a normal person is going to find authentic knowledge.
        I could have written instead, move to India and go to a real university and complete the primary level of BAMS where you’ll only have the real foundation covered and then continue your education in and PG program to get an MD where you will actually only then you really start to learn Ayurveda.
        or read Dr. lads books or David Frawleys books or do a 6 month course in Vedic Counseling http://light-of-consciousness.org/vedic-counseling/ and pay a ton of money for a quick and fraudulent title from a guy that has bought his own MD

        But it is kinda funny how when you put any of these books into Google books, the only things that come up is Frawleys junk and similar stuff. hmmmmmmmmmmm (scratch of head)

        and the other option is to not write any blog or anything at all……….

      • Yeah your right Frank. Many are only in Hindi. It says a lot. Like much of what is Ayurveda is not available to foreigners.

        If someone was in Varanasi, they would find a huge university there called BHU and can get all of those books there as well as get the BAMS. So doubt they would be on this blog. 😉

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