90 day Challenge


You wanna totally change your life?

Take this challenge.

All you have to do is this……

For 90 days get up 1 hour and 45 minutes before the sun rises and sit.

The sunrise will be different as per the locale that you live and can be found on the internet here.

If you accept this challenge, write a comment below stating that you are accepting and giving your word that you are going to follow it. Then send me an email (can get it from the services tab) with a headshot of what you look like now and I will send you a link to download an audio of a simple guided meditation (first is only 6 minutes which will be done for a month) that is not difficult at all. Each month you will be able to download a new one. The second audio is much longer and the third is as well even longer and more advanced.

The headshot photo is to be able to have visual proof of before and after to see just what simply getting up before the sunrise and meditating does for one’s health. 90 days later we will have another one taken for the after photo.

Why an hour and a half before the sunrise? In vedic knowledge time is very deeply understood and much is based off of time and the elements. I have written a post about it here. This is just a basic understanding though. There is so much more depth to the reasons why here, but that will become clearer to those that accept this challenge in doing it.

Many of you are most likely thinking how in the world can I get up that early. Well, truth is that most people in the modern world live a very very unhealthy and adharmic life and do not even know better. We are not taught. This very little thing of getting up at this time is the most fundamental first step. And it is totally worth it.

The very fundamental steps are the most important. You can wear all the make up in the world to try to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes from a lack of proper lifestyle and go to the gym to exercise your butt off, but if the very fundamental things are not in place, those things that cause health or illness if they are not followed, then nothing, no make up, no “core beat the hell out of your system boot camp” idiocy will help. Simply try this.


good luck!! and blessings!!!


27 thoughts on “90 day Challenge

  1. This is so awesome idea. I wish i could participate but i just started with another important test and dont want to mix results.

    BTW any tips for those folks living in colder regions(summer) of Earth Brad? It would mean waking up at/before 2-3 AM, than waiting for job at 8AM, then you return at 5-6 PM and are hungry but you kinda need to sleep to fullfill the plan 🙂

    • jacek.
      Great question.

      Yes, the further you move away from the equator things change. So does the health and ll sorts of other things. It gets complicated. Do i have a solution? No.

      I have friends in Denmark that do it everyday. No complaints.

  2. Hello sir….i am so happy that i found your blog and that too in ‘brahma muhurat’. I accept your challenge.

  3. I shall try. I get up about an hour before sunrise, but I”ll try to kick it back to an hour 45…
    Question: what are your thoughts on coffee in the morning from an ayurvedic perspective?

    • Hi Kath.
      Don’t try, just do it…… or don’t. Why to make a try, it is already a set up for a way out and a failure to do it. Or better, why not reach out and ask if there are ways to make it actually happen easier?

      When you want to do it, literally want to, then commit to it and let’s make it happen. or not.

      Coffee. Well, that leaves a lot of grey there to play with. Very undefined.
      With milk or with cream, is it poured in cold from the fridge or is it cooked, with sugar, what kind of sugar, a quart size as most americans will drink obliviously or a shot glass like what is actually healthy dependent upon what else it is made with and how it is made. I wrote an article on chai and coffee already and some of your answers might be in that. Is it with the new fad coconut oil added or is it actually healthy? 😉
      Coffee when taken in a human amount that is healthy and balanced is totally fine. What is that though? To have to large quantity black, or with cream that has not been cooked properly etc etc etc is obviously not healthy and first and foremost to have any of it before sitting or even before any asana practice is actually disease forming from Ayurveda and yoga, not from “my” view.
      To have liquid or food that early in the morning before the sun rises, the srotas are closed.
      To have anything in the stomach before an asana practice will completely imbalance agni, prana, and honestly anyone that is practicing having coffee first or food in their stomach or digesting anything at all doesn’t actually know anything about real asana/yoga but rather just is practising western exercise. It is popular. Very sad actually cause all of this stuff is such amazing beautiful knowledge and experience of it is as well and the person probably believes in what they are doing as a real practice while it is really just creating deep disease.
      Let me explain further, agni and prana and alot of other fundamental things is what asana is based in. Not western exercise theory, it is a different paradigm and one that is not really taught nor understood. the results of which are not western paradigm based as well. When agni is disturbed or prana is imbalanced it results only in disease. anything put into the system the system needs to digest. the functions of the body are involved in that process. to then do asana stops this process and the result is disease creation. this is a superficial way of explaining it without getting into the details of how this happens which can be found elsewhere on the blog.
      So much for thinking an asana practice after lunch is a good thing or having agnimandya and breakfast is still not digested when someone comes into an exercise class called yoga in the western world at 10am. When the fundamentals are never taught because they do not exist in the Western yoga world, what is really the result from the actual lens of real yoga or ayurveda? This is extrapolated into all sorts of other arenas as well. I could also add that most everyone does not know the difference between feeling good because prana is imbalanced verses feeling good because prana is balanced.

      If the coffee is had after the entire practice it is fine but then i would have to ask why? Is the practice not actually doing what it should result in from purifying the system?

      Hope this answers your question thoroughly.

    • “and foremost to have any of it before sitting[..]is actually disease forming from Ayurveda and yoga”
      Fascinating :). That doesn’t sound well for all the office workers . Does this apply to tea as well(not sitting), as it is similar a bit to coffee(in western lens)? Or is it about some kind of subset of substances(coffee and tea didn’t exist in India when they wrote ayurveda, at least on wikipedia one can read) Sorry I derailed a bit from the topic, would be really gratefull for any advice in this matter. And the office workers union 😉

    • Sitting meaning meditation.
      Although to drink a ton of coffee and sit in a chair in front of a desk and computer isn’t exactly healthy either.
      There are many drinks in the ayurvedic texts. tea and coffee, not there. But other herbal phantas and stuff, sure. but also the lifestyle was not office bound as it is today also. Life was a totally different thing in almost everyway.

  4. I am used to waking early but since this commitment I will hear a bell and see an old fashioned clock face with the hands moving while I’m still in the sleep state. I wake up giggling and grateful for the guidance.

  5. I am loving this 🙂 what a magical time of day. Hearing all the wildlife waking up as the morning plods on brings a smile to my face. The kookaburras sound like they are laughing, really loud – brilliant 🙂

  6. I’m on my twentieth day of the challenge and wanted to share a wonderful and very unexpected occurrence. I had no idea waking up early would help this but here goes. My monthly visit from Aunt Flo is a two week ordeal. First week I break out, have mild cramps, and crazy mood swings where I want to cry and kill everyone. Second week is debilitating cramps (throwing up because the pain is so bad). This last cycle I couldn’t tell when I was going to start. I had hardly any warning signs, and once I did I had much more manageable cramps that I didn’t have to cancel work for and I was finished with it in 6 days instead of 7. Can’t wait to see if they’ll keep improving.

    • Nice. Thank you for sharing. This is what I want people to realize from this and what I have written about. Just getting up before the sun rises alone creates health where as sleeping in past the sun rise creates disease. This is not to even mention the other stuff you are doing. Fantastic share!!!!

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