Function of prana in meditation

This is all so ……. fundamental.

Prana is responsible for all the sensory and motor functions of the being. As it is just very primary knowledge for all of the vedic sciences to even exist.

Prana is a subtle material energy arising from rajas guna. It works as an interface between gross and subtle body, enabling all the psychophysical functions. Prana’s movement leads to jiva’s identification with the gross body
Srimad Bhagavatam 4.29.71.

Prana is discernable and differentiated into 30 types in the gross body.  Each defined

The vital prana, being neutral and pervading the whole body, has no particular function like the senses. It is the soul’s primary agent for governing the senses.
SB 4.16.12

Just as the mind is said to have multiple functions, so the prana has five functions.
SB 4.29.6

The vital prana is not a sense organ, though the subordinate pranas may be taken as such because they move through the apertures of the sensory gates.
SB 4.28.56-58

By the movement of the vital prana, the living entity maintains his conception of the body as the self. Only when the movement of the prana is arrested does the bodily identification get submerged in ignorance. Thus is the prana distinguished from the senses, for even if the movements of all the senses are arrested, the bodily identification remains.
SB 4.29.71


By closing the sensory organs, prana has no work to do. It will not sit idle. It enters sushumna and ascends and draws prana from the cosmic prana. This is fundamental in all meditation and kundalini. This is also why sensory organs need to be controlled with no distraction. This is also why there is brahmayaachara and age old techniques that are not some new agey western made up technique but ones that have time and have been tested and also because it is not at all just sitting there watching your thoughts. Nothing at all will happen from that.

If the mind is not still? The senses are still active.


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