The life – the elements

When you seen a human being, an animal, a tree….. how do you define it?

There is a physical form. Everything that is materially created must have form. This is prithvi tattva or the earth element that defines the form.

What causes sustenance is the carrier of food, it is fluid, this is jala tattva, the water element. It communicates with the prithvi tattva. It nourishes the prithvi tattva.

Vayu tattva or the air element is what cleanses. It destroys and is dissolution.

The purpose of sustenance is because of agni tattva or fire element. It is energy.

What is the container, what keeps it all together is akasha tattva.

The entire creation runs on the basis of light. The play, the different hues, pure light, the reflected light, and then darkness. Without the darkness there is no light. Without the shadow the light is not seen and vice versa. They define each other.

During the day when the sun is out, there are no stars to be seen. But it does not mean they are not there. At night, the moon gives the light.

There are stages of intense light and then stages of no light.




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