India….. A spiritual tourist journey

Is it real??? Seriously. Living in India for 5 years has opened my eyes to alot of things. Number one is that things are really no where what they have been painted to be. Not even close.

As one of my teacher has said to me over and over…. “Do not believe for one minute that that romanticized spiritual idea that the Western world idealizes about India actually exists. That was a different time. It doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for a very long time.”

Holy Cow Unholy Violence

Selling the Sacred Cow

Out of six largest meat suppliers in India four are Hindus

India, a large slaughter house for cows

History of cow slaughter in India

Treatment of cows in India

No Sacred Cow

I was told the other day about how Hindu priests and Swamis have been caught going to poor villages and collecting poor families cows (when they can no longer afford to feed the cow) in the statement that they had a go shala (cow shed) that they would take care of the cows and instead they are selling them to the butcher.

So where is the Jasmin gardens with Krishna and Radha walking through them?????

Anyone out there read Srimad Bhagavatam? When did Krishna leave and why?????



2 thoughts on “India….. A spiritual tourist journey

  1. So there is no spiritualilty in India that was existed before….. ???
    Do we know what and how it was in the previous era in india??

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