Certification – evil if there ever was

Not that a real education means anything today.

Not like you have the time for it

Gotta fit the culture, get it fast and get it now

Then make a 30 second elevator pitch to sell yourself

No wonder why everyone is needing inspiration and trying to feel good???

Certification Oath:

I do not respect myself enough to get the real education
I do not respect the subject to get the real education
I do not respect my future client/patient/student to get the real education
Instead, it is all about an identification with something that is unreal and untrue, a short cut, a cheat

Completely inauthentic.

To sell and make money

It is a monster. Because as soon as you join that club you have joined the constantly needing to do more and more certifications to add to the incomplete information you have gained. Just another course, after another. Endless.

But of course, you now are a member, along with the other members that will get your back and that will never call you out because that would mean that they too would have to undress from the facade and show their real knowledge. And lucky you have within that membership, an insurance you can also buy and never use. But if you did need to use it, oh are you in for a surprise. Did not know it was an umbrella policy, did you?

and in time, if someone does wake up, all that can happen is the certification blues. That is the realization of the lack. The lack that someone has created in themselves. That they have actually sold themselves out.

Ran into a guy who is a Certified Shaman the other day. If you don’t get it yet, you probably never will.



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