Rasayana for Life

In Charaka Samhita, Charaka tells about Rasayana, which is different different rejuvinatives. Interesting thing is that he tells of the Achara Rasayana which is a code of conduct that will give equal benefit and rejuvinative effects of any of the Rasayanas mentioned.

This is a good thing too because he states about three times how the Rasayanas mentioned prior are for ones who live the lives of a Rishi and they are not for normal human beings going about a “gramya” life and will harm those people if taken by them. The gramya life would be a life without a higher path and making lifestyle choices non beneficial to health of the being and others. We could easily see that what we live today is just that in so many ways.

So here is his Achara Rasayana. Achara rasayana literally means physical and mental conducts of man. This is a measure having no involvement of medicaments. If it is adopted in the day to day practice, it replenishes and maintains the total life process free from ailments. It is the deep mental hygiene to be followed by definite methods to lead on ideal ethical way of living.

From this, you can see that from view of ALL Vedic knowledge, not just Ayurveda, purity is the obvious path of life towards ones highest health mentally as well as physically. We can also see how the knowledge of karma is comprehended and worked with as well. Funny, while we live in a day of mass information lacking knowledge and wisdom with the internet, everyone (or almost everyone) is searching to take something that will save them or cure them. A magical powder or the newest health fad is taken or followed blindly. It shows the lack of discrimination and discernment of the modern world. This is simple, it is all within. And it is all just as easy as the following.

Achara Rasayana:

Always speak truth
Stay away from anger
Stay away from alcohol and excessive sexual intercourse
Follow nonviolence
Do not do physical or mental stress beyond capacity
Keep the mind peaceful
Speak pleasantly
Practice tapas (austerity)
Practice cleanliness
Have fortitude
Be charitable
Perform penance
Respect God, Cow, Brahmana, Guru, Teachers, and Elders
Stay away from cruelty
Have pity towards all beings
Sleep and Wake at the proper times
Take milk and ghee with food daily
Have proper knowledge (pramana) and discernment of the location (environment) of where one is, the time and season (kala) and the quantity for the individual
Have proper planning
Sacrifice ego
Always do good deeds
Eat simple uncomplicated food
Keep senses internal and mind focused on Atma
Always serve and pray to god
Have reverence for elders, people who believe in god, and those who have self realization.

All of the results of the best rasayanas that I have told previously will be had by the person who just follows this good code of conduct. – Charaka Samhita Chikitsastana Chapter 1 Pada 4 Sloka 30 – 35




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