Do you really know what Ayurveda is about?????

Most people that have heard of Ayurveda believe it is a diet plan based on a checklist of questions to separate you into three catagories to follow a diet for each one as Oprah or maybe your “yoga” teacher has shown. It has very little to do with that at all. To give a clearer vision of Ayurveda’s knowledge and what the world has still to see, here are just a few things that are in Charaka Samhita which is the main texts of Ayurveda from 300 BC.

Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinson’s diseases etc conditions in great precision including the pathology, prognosis, and management. Charaka stated that Alzheimer’s is passed on to the off spring by the father’s genes. (5000 years before Mendel)

Many common chronic conditions like diabetes, tuberculosis, leprosy, heart /kidney problems and prevalent viral diseases, eye/ear/nose/throat diseases have all been explained.

Description of microorganisms as causative factors for leprosy, tuberculosis, influenza, dental caries and some types of fevers and also mentions that microorganisms are present in the intestines, the whole of the alimentary tract and cardiovascular system and diseases manifest when the immunity lowers.

Great importance is given to enhance immunity than administering antibiotics.

Genetic engineering to change the sex of the fetus has also been described.

The microscopic structures like genes; chromosomes; DNA and RNA have all been described. What factors other than genes are responsible for unique characteristics have also been expounded.

Procedures like panchakarma (real detoxification or cleansing of the body and mind), rasayana (rejuvination therapy), sadvrtha (beneficial/non-beneficial knowledge of conduct to life) etc, are dealt with which undoubtedly transform the genes to behave beneficially.

Hereditary conditions have been discussed; con-sanguine marriages have been discouraged and stated to be the cause for many disorders. Diabetes is among many other conditions listed as hereditary.

Prevention is aspect of Ayurveda that cannot separate from its core.

Diet and other lifestyles and habits have been analyzed in incredible detail and categorically stated as to what is beneficial to health and human life (not just body but mind as well) and to be followed and what is non-beneficial to be avoided. Western medical science research has continued to prove these to be true.

Anti-aging has been researched very well and many scientific aspects of it have been described in totality.

Impact of the environment on the health of living being is described and advice of how & why the environment should be maintained in perfect order is explained.

Statistical approach based on keen observation, scientific analysis conducted for many years on many thousands of individuals, irrespective of religion, region, time, age, stage of diseases, etc factors. One man’s food is another man’s poison is an obvious observation from Ayurveda. No two individuals share similar qualities, similar upbringing or environment or similar genetic pattern nor likes, dislikes, equal appetite, physical features or emotions and how then can one single drug be suitable and how can similar responses be expected?

Guidelines as to how, when and why it is essential to develop a holistic scientific medical system as well as unique methods of research, scientific outlook and critical observation is given.


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