The story of the path


The driving urges of modern societies: “permissiveness” and “competition” both lead to social disruption, conflicts, wars, destruction of peace. The pursuit of happiness is just another name for it and it is the most popular “spiritual pursuit” today.

Ex: Western colonization – Increasing standard of living” leads man away from happiness – The only source of contentment is not in outside objects, but within. This state is devoid of happiness. It is devoid of motivation and achievement.

The only path is cessation of desires. It is the highest state. Moksha.

A little reflection will show that even the object of enjoyment will entirely go out of the mind during that particular moment when one is supposed to be enjoying an object. The mind is single focused and can only be connected/perceiving through one of the sensory organs at a time. It only means that we experience the contentment, which is inherent in us and not anything flowing out of that external object. It is devoid of anything from the external. Then the obvious conclusion would be that in order to be eternally and continuously content, we should be able to reach that state where we can be content without the aid of any external object.

Then what is the process for reaching that state? It is a matter of common experience that a restless mind can never be content in anyway. It can pretend to be content and work on being content but as long as there is external focus for any value of contentment, it remains at bay. It is only when the mind is calm and peaceful that man experiences contentment. To achieve such a quiet and tranquil state of mind it is necessary to see that the various types of desires do not raise their heads in the mind. When the water is disturbed with ripples one cannot see what is at the bottom. Nor can we see our reflection in it. When the ripples calm down and the water becomes still everything becomes clear. At the same time, when the mind is taken out of gear one becomes aware of the reality in the depths of human mind. A witnessing of ones own mind and Self happens. So long as the mind is restless that awareness is lost and impossible to experience….. And so is contentment, so is the connectedness to everything that is, which stems from the awareness of that reality. It only means that if the mental waves could be quietened or stepped out of, then one could experience contentment without the aid of any external object being the causality.


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