Biological and anatomical reasons humans are not carnivorous

I love the fact that Western Science is built mainly upon hypothesis with other research papers hypothesis used as references to back up their own. If you look further you will find that most of what is being stated in the media as Scientific is nothing more than this. These days anyone can write anything and back it with science and stats to make their point. I was recently looking at the science and referenced papers to the Paleo diet and ALL of the papers, one after another, were just this. Lots of science of correlations to come to an idea that is then sold to YOU as a new diet, a new fad. and YOU buy it. Hook line and sinker. Wow.

Here is an article of real science

I dare you to find the research backing up what is being stated. It is kind of fun actually. You can even go hyperlink after hyperlink to article after article supporting what they have stated but rarely are you finding any actual research backing any of it up.

Then when you do find a research paper with actual findings, it is based in what is absolutely so fallible reseach, i find it hard to believe it is being accepted and published in peer journals.. like this

Eur J Clin Nutr. 2005 Mar;59(3):393-8.

High intakes of milk, but not meat, increase s-insulin and insulin resistance in 8-year-old boys.



Our objective was to examine if a high animal protein intake from milk or meat increased s-insulin and insulin resistance in healthy, prepubertal children. A high animal protein intake results in higher serum branched chain amino acids (BCAA; leucine, isoleucine and valine) concentrations, which are suggested to stimulate insulin secretion. Furthermore, milk possesses some postprandial insulinotrophic effect that is not related to its carbohydrate content.


A total of 24 8-y-old boys were asked to take 53 g protein as milk or meat daily. At baseline and after 7 days, diet was registered, and insulin, glucose, and amino acids were determined. Insulin resistance and beta cell function were calculated with the homeostasis model assessment.


Protein intake increased by 61 and 54% in the milk- and meat-group, respectively. In the milk-group, fasting s-insulin concentrations doubled, which caused the insulin resistance to increase similarly. In the meat-group, there was no increase in insulin and insulin resistance. As the BCAAs increased similarly in both groups, stimulation of insulin secretion through BCAAs is not supported.


Our results indicate that a short-term high milk, but not meat, intake increased insulin secretion and resistance. The long-term consequences of this are unknown. The effect of high protein intakes from different sources on glucose-insulin metabolism needs further studying.


Okay, first off. There are many issues with cow’s milk—recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), steroids, antibiotics, feed such as soy products which alter the nature of the protein in the cow, and conditions of raising (free ranges versus crowded pens) have become issues argued to affect the milk. Some declare that free-ranging promotes production of lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose, and thus aids digestion of milk, whereas feed-lot environments inhibit production of this natural enzyme. So many different factors that can be applied just into the milk alone in this study.
What kind of milk was being used? Raw, whole, fat free, homogenized, pasteurized? How old was the milk since most milk is actually very old and fresh milk vs 2 week old milk that has sat in a fridge in a plastic container is going to also change the milks qualities. Milk is stored by the seller and consumer at these cool temperatures—usually about 40F. This fact of refrigeration makes all foods harder to digest, according to Ayurveda. Basic chemistry tells us that lowered temperatures yield slower processes, and thus the digestive process is degraded, too. Funny fact is that milk is sold in small amounts fresh in India that is then put on heat to a boil and boiled a couple of times during the day of its use. No refrigeration needed. (so what does that say about the incredibly false fear of raw milk and all the BS legislature around it in the US?)
What kind of animals milk? Goat, cow? Sheep? Okay, what kind of cow? Brahman, Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Jersey, and Milking Shorthorn. Because there is a huge difference in the milk of different breeds..
How about where the cow, assuming it is cows milk which we still don’t know, where the cow was raised since environmental factor of weather and food intake have a huge amount to do with the milk quality that would be studied.
How about the age of the cows giving the milk?
I think it is poignant that I am using Western research to point out the flaws in Western research. Much of the point right?

Now lets put the meat that was eaten to the same test. What kind of meat? Each meat is going to have different qualities where as a sparrows meat is going to be extremely light and digest easily and raw fish meat would be extremely heavy and each would have a different effect and different results. There is a ton more I could put to the tes here but i need to move on.

Lets speak of the boys that were part of the research. 24 8 year old boys were tested. Who were they, what ethnic background were they from, what was the state of their health and digestion? What is the normal intake of these children? What else was part of their diets during the 7 days that the testing was given. 

Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Seven days!!!!!!!!!!!

Seven days is all that the research was done for and only once to become a published research paper that is then used as Scientific Research to prove the validity of a hypothesis of the Paleo Diet.

Do I need to go on? Because i can.

The very foundation is got a big crack in it. The foundation of knowledge in the first place. Just as an example, I like to use the alkaline diet. Most cultures across the history of the world have survived off of beans and rice as their very center of their diet. Many just off of rice and beans alone. Yet, the scientific research that the Alkalize your body people have pulled together supports their hypothesis that everyone should eat their way and that cancers and viruses can not live in an alkaline system. Hmmmmm? What to think? The history of civilization has been so disease ridden and in the darkness of ignorance, so unhealthy that it is a miracle that the human being has even survived until now huh? Because anything prior to today was a bunch of men running around in loin cloths with clubs hitting their women over the head and dragging them into the cave, right?

How about Japan and fish and rice? Both Acid forming huh? For centuries huh?

Are you getting the jist?

We come up with science to fit our own perspective based upon our own paradigm. It is biased and very much a limited view. The rest of the world does not at all live like Americans do. There are other cultures and other people with different rates of health because of entirely different lifestyles, foods, rituals, etc…..

There are so many holes in the way Western  research is done, how it is presented and then how it is used.

and as i promised……….

T. H. Huxley in his book “Man’s Place in Nature” presents some biological and anatomical reasons which demonstrate that the human species is not carnivorous:

1. Flesh eaters have very short bowels for rapid expulsion of putrefactive bacteria. Vegetarians, including man, have very long bowels for dealing with the fermentative bacteria which is involved in the digestion of vegetarian foods.

2. Flesh eaters have long teeth and in many cases have retractable claws for killing and holding prey, whereas vegetarians have sabre-like teeth and claws, though some may have defensive horns.

3. Meat eaters have jaws which open only in an up and down motion while vegetarians have jaws which can move sideways for chewing.

4. Flesh eaters do not sweat, but control body heat by extruding the tongue and rapid breathing. Vegetarians have sweat pores for heat control and elimination of impurities.

5. Flesh eaters’ saliva is without ptylin and therefore cannot pre-digest starches. Vegetarians have ptylin in the saliva for this pre-digestive process.

6. Flesh-eaters secrete ten times more hydrochloric acid than vegetarians, sufficient to dissolve bones in the diet.

7. Flesh eaters lap water, whereas vegetarians take liquids by suction.

8. Flesh eaters have a consistent tooth configuration, especially with distended canine teeth, as in the example of the cat, whereas vegetarians have short canine teeth, not suitable for tearing flesh.



Now lets jump into the world of spirituality. Here are just some quotes from scriptures:

 Those noble souls who practice meditation and other yogic ways, who are ever mindful of all beings, who protect all animals, are the ones who are actually serious about spiritual practices. (Atharva Veda, 19.48.5)

A person who kills an animal for meat will die a violent death as many times as there are hairs on the body of that killed animal. (Manu-Smriti, 5.38)

Having well considered the origin of flesh-foods, and the cruelty of fettering and slaying corporeal beings, let man entirely abstain from eating flesh. (Manu-Smriti, 5.49)

 By not harming any living being, one becomes fit for salvation. (Manu-Smriti, 6.60)

 God, Keshava (another name for Krishna), is pleased with a person who does not harm or destroy other nonspeaking creatures or animals. (Vishnu Purana, 3.8.15)

The purchaser of flesh performs violence by his wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the killer commits harm by actually tying and killing the animal. Thus, there are three forms of killing. He who brings flesh or sends for it, he who cuts off the limbs of an animal, and he who purchases, sells, or cooks flesh, and, of course, there is a fourth: he who devours it—a1l of these are to be considered meat eaters. (Mahabharata, Anu. 115:40)

He who desires to augment his own flesh by eating the flesh of other creatures lives in misery in whatever species he may take his birth. (Mahabharata, Anu. 115:47)

 Those who are ignorant of actual religious duty and, though wicked and haughty, account themselves virtuous, kill animals without any feeling of remorse or fear of punishment. Further, such sinful persons will, in their next lives, be eaten by the same creatures they have killed in this one. (Bhagavata Purana, 11.5.14)



3 thoughts on “Biological and anatomical reasons humans are not carnivorous

  1. It is very difficult to aspire to a healthy (mindless) mind, living (everywhere especially) in the west, where knowledge is seriously lacking.
    Bottom line is, we have to eat?, we have to feed our family and children and do so with the least amount of harm possible. But we don’t know what that is….I don’t even understand my own digestion, what to say about those I have to feed everyday!
    I went from full meat eating gradually reducing to twice a week past few years to full vegetarian earlier this year. This was not forced and was also under direction from my Guru, which has made the transition really easy – more than I ever imagined.

    What should I do now about my diet to make sure my body adapts to this change? If anything.

    Then, how do I know what dosha is dominant? Does it change from time to time? And how do a mother cook for a family of probably all different types???

    • Great questions Chantelle. It is not as easy as reading a book and following chore list either. That gets my frustration going because that is all I see going on out there. Great first step of getting off the meat. Would love to hear what your experience of your mind and actions are because of it. Just to share it with others.
      To start to understand a vast world of knowledge of how to live is over welming to say the least. Where to start. Well, first read all you can about Ayurveda on this blog. Do NOT read western ayurveda stuff. It is wrong. Seasons are wrong, what they say foods qualities are wrong and ayurveda is not a check list and follow a diet plan of not eating this and eating that. Unfortunately this is all that ayurveda has turned into.
      You wanna know the short list, here it is…..

      Rules to Ayurvedic Diet

      Every meal you must be aware of:

      1. First and formost……Individual digestive fire at the moment (and i gotta say here that most everyone that is western that i have ever worked with does not know what their digestion is and what it is to be hungry and boy do they like to argue that they do. That is until they learn what it is.
      2. Strength of digestive fire in each season (this means learn the seasons)
      3. Dosha effect of season (same same)
      4. Time of day (what happens to the doshas and the elements during the day and how does that influence the digestion)
      5. Individual’s Prakrit and Vikriti or disease (this is the last thing to be aware of, not the first. the universe is much bigger tan the individual you. Not to understand the seasons and the time of day and what is going on in the environment and how to balance it is way more of a thing than ones own balance imbalance. i.e. If you try to balance kapha at the wrong time of year you will create disease. Learn the seasons and follow it for a year or two and you will learn by the experience.

      This is also how you cook for a faily, you cook as per the season. You do not cook to dosha predominance of a person. Get it? See how much more simple that is? And with this, the body becomes healthier and more balanced.

      If you changed off of meat over a year you should not have to do anything. Changing just like that in a day because some mental imbalance is what disturbs vata and creates problems. Ayurveda never does anything just all of a sudden or over night. Take your time with everything.

      As per your dosha question, forget it. Learn the other stuff first.

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