Disease: Jvara (Fever)


Jvara is fever.

It is a disease that creates a lot of heat, burning sensation all over the body as well as in the mind.

Jvara has a specific connection with lord Shiva. Shiva was angry at Dakshaprajapati and opened his third eye and everything was on fire – fever.

Jvara harms indiryas (gnyanendriya and karmendriya both) and the mind.

Jvara is considered the first disease.

Jvara is balvan – very strong disease.

Because it affects indriyas, affects mind, enthusiasm.

It affects all the creatures.

There is fever at the birth time and at the time of death. It is called Moha – it removes memories of past lives.


Sharira – manas; Saumya – Agneya; Antarvegi – Bahirvegi; Nava – Jeerna; Dhatugatavastha


  • Mithya-ahaar-vihar
  • Improper panchakarma treatments
  • Injury
  • Abscess
  • Any kind of inflammation and pus formation
  • Excessive exertion
  • Rajayakshma
  • Poisoning and smelling poisonous flowers/trees
  • Grief
  • Effects of grahas
  • Unhealthy delivery of baby
  • Uncontrolled emotions – kama, krodha, bhaya
  • Improper post/natal care


Mithya-aahar-vihar à Doshaprakopa à Doshas get lodged in Aamashaya à Agnimandya à Aam formation à Srotorodha leading to more doshaprakop à Aam is present at Rasadhatu à Obstruction at rasavaha and swedavaha srotas à Pachak pitta cannot perform and gest mixed with Rasadhatu à Pachak pitta circulates with Rasadhatu à Pachak pitta which is more ushna & tikshna creates santap at deha, indirya & manas à Jvara

Mithya-aahar-vihar leads to doshaprakopa. Doshas go to amashey and mix with kledaka kapha which leads to agnimandya. Agnimandya leads to aam formation. Aam mixes with most prevalent dosha. Then srotorodha happens – whenever there is aama, there will be srotorodha. Then vata dosha that is also blocked tries to take aam somewhere. So vayu takes this mixture of aam and prevalent dosha to rasa dhatu in this samprapti. Some aam escapes rasadhatu agni and gets into rasadhatu so rasadhatu gets vitiated and rasadvahasrotas and swedavahasrotas are obstructed. This further vitiates vayu. Vayu then takes pachak pitta to rasa dhatu. So now pachak pitta is in rasadhatu and keeps on circulating with rasadhatu. Since rasa dhatu does preenan to all the srotas and the whole body then pachak pitta is flowing through the body.

symptoms of vitiation of each dhatu is in charka vimanasthana 6th chapter


Fatigue, weakness, heaviness in body, excessive yawning, klama, sleepy, disturbed digestion, lack of taste, increased watering of the eyes, body ache, pain in calf muscles, restlessness, shabdasahishnuta, uncertainty of desires (confusion), sluggishness, craving for sour, pungent and salty food, dislike for sweet, etc.

Rupa: 3 important symptoms

  1. Swedavrodha – udakvahasrotas are obstructed
  2. Santap – heat, raised temperature of body and indriyasantapa – sense organs are overheated; manas santapa – mind is overheated – severe conditions
  3. Stiffness all over the body

Overall body temperature is raised, confused state of mind, restlessness, agnimandya, aruchi, excessive thirst, urination increased

Pulse is fast


Vataj, Pittaj, Kaphaj, Vataj Pittaj, VatajKaphaj and KaphajPittaj


Sleeplessness, excessive yawning, tremors, irregular fever pattern, dryness in mouth, ringing in ears, pain in chest, body aches, aruchi, constipation, pain in abdomen,


High grade fever, netradaha – burning in eyes, less sleep, sweating, loose stools, burning in eyes, vomiting, pungent taste in mouth, mala mutra netra peetata – yellow in stools, urine, eyes


Aruchi, staimitya – feeling of wetness all over the body, dull fever, nausea, vomiting, heaviness all over the body, sweet and salty taste in the mouth, sleepy, excessive salivation

Agantuja jvara – dosha vitiation has to be there for agantuj jvara to take place

3 kinds: Abhigataj – injury – creates vata prakopa and because of that vata prakopa doshas create samprapti in form of jvara

Abhishangaj – emotional; poisonous effect

Kamaj jwara (abhishangaj) – sexual desire related – when someone has a strong sexual desire that remains unfulfilled – jvara can occur. Effect on the body – pain around the heart or inside the chest. Burning sensation all over the body.

Shokaj – due to extreme grief. Vata, rakta and pitta get disturbed. There is irrelevant taking.

In Kamaj, Shokaj and Bhayaj jwara mainly vata is vitiated.

Krodha jwara – pitta gets vitiated and jwara occurs. Symptoms – tremors, headache and reddening of the skin.

Abhicharaj jwara – due to wrong usage of mantra

Abhishapaj jwara – due to curse of a guru, gods, etc

Two types – Manas jwara and Sharira jwara

In Sharir – causative factor is in the body and affects the mind

In Manas – mind affected first and then body

Vishama jwara:

  1. Santant – fever is constantly there – doshas are in Rasa dhatu
  2. Satat – fever comes twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – doshas are in Rakta dhatu
  3. Anyedushka – fever comes once a day – doshas are in Mamsa dhatu
  4. Trytiyak – every third day – doshas are in Meda dhatu
  5. Chaturthak – every fourth day – doshas are in Asthi and Majja dhatu

Pachak pitta that circulates around the dhatus reduces moisture from dhatus and leads to dhatukshaya.

Jeernajwara – fever that stays in the body for 21 or more days.


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