What is teaching, what is learning?

In this day and age of technology where anything can be published very easily and anyone can claim anything with out much to back it up, what is the level of knowledge being taught? What kind of discernment does any one have when reading?


If one were to find a teacher to translate the ancient texts of buddhism, yoga, and others of the same lot, you would find a huge difference between that knowledge and what is being written in the books for the masses and the massive amounts of blogs…   and websites as well as the NY Times best sellers on the same subjects. What is being taught? What is being sold?


If one is never situated to step out of their safe paradigm, then what learning can really happen? If the knowledge is being watered down in a way that does not actually keep its real integrity but rather just in ways to make it accessible to those who really don’t care to take the time needed to really dive deep into this stuff… well, then what is actually being learned? Is it all just ego fodder?


Furthermore, if the actual authentic texts are not being studied for the knowledge they hold and then the paths that they lay out along with the knowledge they give is not followed but a taking of a piece and changing it to then fit a dysfunctional cultural bias is done, then why bother even identifying it to the original path of knowledge or stating one is following a path or calling themselves a certain identity?


Today, we are in a paradigm where we want it our way. We want it to be comfortable for us. We want it to be how we want it. We see this in the way the West has taken on the yama and niyama (codes of conduct and ways of being) of yoga and have twisted them to fit a mundane worldly life. There are plenty of other examples of this as well. We also see it in religions, taking a quote from its gospel and twisting it to ones own bias while it is taken out of context and out of the whole to promote ones own opinion.

Our paradigm today, where we live, how we live, our daily life as well as what we eat and how we are solely focused on earning and consuming, is not the paradigm that those yamas and niyamas come from. So instead of changing our paradigm to meet what is being taught, we change the information to suit our safe box. If you are wondering what the yamas and niyamas are, you can simply search past posts for them.  The yamas and niyamas are then just lost in the shuffle of ones own interpretation of them from the paradigm that the person already exist in. As we already know, the Western paradigm is pretty scary with it being the most arrogant and also the most dysfunctional paradigm there is.


So what is being taught and what is being learned? Is there a way to combine paradigms? No, at least not without the thorough study and living of the other. The discernment comes only when one can experience the difference of the other. Not fit the other into the paradigm without knowing it. It is then just merged without any of what that other truly is. Take this into relationships, it is the same there. It is a perennial truth.

Who has the right to change the knowledge? Well, by the example of all the books being written today by every Tom, Dick, and Harry on spirituality, it looks like everyone thinks they have authorization to tell it their way. I would ask, is it not the humble and quiet man that is the one that is obviously holding the real knowledge?

With anything and everything being easily published or anything being written on the web, the information is just misinformation. Clogging and confusing. Avidya. Since truth is not easy to find in the first place, it is just getting darker if you know what i mean…. harder to see the light.

Yoga Shastra speaks of vasana which is the subliminal inclinations and habit patterns which, as driving forces, color and motivate one’s attitudes and future actions, which can be seen as everything you take in will create an impression. Example would be that if you learned how to pronounce a word wrong originally, it is already in your system and it is a much harder karma to unlearn it and learn to pronounce it correctly.

So what is the knowledge that your learning?????? What kind of teaching is happening??????


One thought on “What is teaching, what is learning?

  1. Put the yama and niyama into a material view only. That is what the western world knows of them. It is all due to the lifestyle that is being lived and the paradigm. Do you know anyone that is living a life of a sadhu? Anything remotely close? Anyone living outside of society in the Modern world in the modern yoga world? Here is an example, read this http://lcweb2.loc.gov/service/gdc/scd0001/2009/20091014001li/20091014001li.pdf
    and as we read books like this we are inspired and think we can be like them. Yogananda is a great example. The modern world has even made a movie of him now. What is reality is that very very few people are set up to do anything like this, mind and capacity. It is in the stars for someone or it is not at all.
    So yama and niyama remain on a mundane level to be struggled with in that world.

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