The names of sun

In light of a person’s comment: “I never heard about the sun having different names in different signs…hmm? Each name is the name of the sun within a different sign of the zodiac. In each sign the sun has a different mood or personality.” the nakshatras?? then yes, the mood or personality makes sense….each “moon house”, each division of it has different ruler/deities/symbols etc….”

It is not the nakshatras that applies the name of the sun with the moon and its 12 degrees 30 seconds separation from the sun, but I believe you know all of the jyotish stuff. It is about the sun passing through the rasis or constellations that gives the change of personality and the 12 names. Better to be posting comments on the blog though so all can learn instead of emailing questions….

The names of the sun are as follows with its personality in each as well.
Mitra : Meaning The Friend The Sun when he moves into Aries, where he is exalted and therefore at his most generous and friendly
Ravi Meaning The Radiant In Taurus (the feminine home of Venus) the sun exhibits his brilliant beauty
Surya Meaning The Giver of Beauty In Gemini the Sun concentrates on making people beautiful so they may enjoy one another
Bhanu Meaning The Catalyst of Emotion In Cancer (the 4th sign, feminine home of the emotional Moon) the Sun becomes the spark which ignites deep emotion
Khaga Meaning the Awesome In Leo (the Sun’s own sign) the Sun becomes royal and kingly, an object of awe and reverence
Pushna Meaning the Nourisher In Virgo (the 6th sign) the Sun destroys disease and nourishes health
Hiranya Garba Meaning the All-Inclusive In Libra (the 7th sign) the Sun illuminates our universal relationship to all beings
Marica Meaning the Destroyer of Darkness The 8th sign, Scorpio, is a place shrouded in mystery. Here, the Sun destroys darkness.
Aditya Meaning the Illuminator of the Way The 9th sign, Sagittarius, is the source of moral fortune. Here the Sun illuminates the correct path.
Savitra Meaning theThe Arouser Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, which is equivalent to the 10th House, which represents noon. Here the Sun wakes us and arouses our external impulses
Arka Meaning the Flash of Warmth In Aquarius (11th sign) the Sun flashes warmth to the world
Bhaskara Meaning the Liberator In Pisces (12th sign) the Sun illuminates the spiritual knowledge that leads to liberation

The mantras that are repeated for one set of suryanamaskar (12 sets total) are:

Om Mitraay Namah!
Om Raveye Namah!
Om Suryaya Namah!
Om Bhanave Namah!
Om Khagaya Namah!
Om Pushne Namah!
Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah!
Om Marichaye Namah!
Om Adityaya Namah!
Om Savitre Namah!
Om Arkaya Namah!
Om Bhaskaraya Namah!



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