Disease: Krumi (parasites or worms)

Krumi = kravya = carnivorous

Ayurveda has human-friendly krumi = intestinal flora (absorbs vitamin B-12, lactobacillious in takra creates)

Shushruta says:
sexual contact by touching someone who is infected, using the bed of a person who is infected or sitting on a chair/carpet where he or she has used it. Or wearing clothes by someone who has krumi or the perfumes/deodorants or any other toiletries. Sexually transmitted krumi.

Skins of foods, except potato and mango good to eat. Though mango skin good for atisaar and seed good for diabetes just fry and prepare a powder for it

Or pathological, external and internal

External – lice, ticks

Internal – 4 types:

Kaphaja – where there is more kleda

Raktaj – blood

Purishaja – intestinal worms where worms in stool (roundworms, tapeworms)

Malaj – other malas where they cannot be visualized (not stool-related)

Causes for external:

  • Not maintaining proper hygiene
  • Cure –  (need to remove oils), triphala powder, white mustard (siddharthaka snana churna)
  • Taking bath in contaminated water
  • Bare feet in a muddy or manure-filled area

Causes for internal krumi:

“Foods that increase kleda”:

  • Ajirna ashana – taking food even if previous food undigested; creates kleda and aama
  • Wherever there is a block in the srotas where water is formed, increases krumi and decay
  • Excessive intake of madhura, amla, lavana as they are guru for body and + krumi
  • Potatoes – sweet and white both Ayurveda does not promote potatoes, just the opposite, rice flour, dosa, idli, fermented food, jaggery
  • Excess drava = liquids = + kleda
  • Meat or meat soups of aquatic and marshy animals (fish soup)


  • kotha – decay of skin tissue
  • skin eruptions – wounds or boils
  • itching sensations – kandu
  • inflammation on site of manifestation
  • small cysts



Fish with yogurt or milk

Milk and yogurt in excess

Lack of exercise

Sleeping in daytime, especially right after lunch

Eating soil or mud or dirt

Excessive intake of wet, green, leafy veggies, like spinach; too many salads

Nidomasevana agnimandya

  • vitiation of doshas
  • mixes with rakta and mansa; affects the rakta and mansa
  • creates excess kleda and moisture, which leads to… Krumi



  • Jwara
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Nonhealing white patch on face –  sensitive patch, a bit rough, pale and round, especially on the cheeks
  • RHD – rheumatic heart disease
  • Bacteria in gums
  • Anga sadhana – dull, aching pain in body
  • Brahma – giddiness, unconsciousness
  • Aruchi – lack of taste, loss of appetite
  • Asaya-vairasya – loose stool

Originated in amashay (kapha also mala of rasa; more common in children)

  • Hrllas – nausea
  • Praseca – excessive salivation, watering of mouth
  • Above two may turn into vomiting
  • Agni mandya
  • Indigestion – avipaka
  • Fever and frequent attack of cold – pratishaya
  • Abdominal cramps or pain because worms there in intestines
  • Loose or watery stools
  • Itching in anal region
  • In severe cases, itching in the whole body
  • May be either hungry or not hungry, depending on worms’ appetite
  • Pandu (anemia) because tape worms and round worms suck all blood from intestine
  • White patches on face

Kaphaj krumi

Two types: 1) suchi (needle) pricking type of pain because face of worms will be stinging you inside body 2) danya ankur: sprout or seed, shaped like a sprout

Raktaj krumi

  • circulate and survive in blood by taking the nutrients
  • Causes the same as causes of skin disease: jaggery, anupa mamsa (marsh area meats), excess curd, yogurt, milk, virudahar
  • Body hair will be lost (alopecia, perfect round hair patch lost, fungal infection of the scalp. Beard and mustache fall off because of raktaj krumi infection.
  • in later stages can eat tissue (may eat tendons and muscles, tip of nose as in leprosy)

Purish krumi

  • just like kaphaj krumi

Krumi difficult to cure: if involvement of heart, it is asandya (not curable)

Treat in initial stages to avoid this.

Arsha treatment: use yam (Elephant yam is the kind, not a regular sweet potato yam)


12 thoughts on “Disease: Krumi (parasites or worms)

    • Yes. Get help from a real Ayurvedic doctor and DO NOT try to deal with it on your own. It is very serious. Do not take it lightly and think you can cure it without understanding diagnosis. Where are you and I can help refer you to someone real that can help.

    • Do you have any reccomendations as for an Ayurvedic docotor located on the Eastern Coast of the U.S? Preferably near Georgia, North Carolina Area?

    • Well do you give online consultations? because I’m desperate to find out what’s wrong with me. Some sort of liver disorder I assume which has caused a significant decline in my cognition as well as overall quality of life.

  1. Rice flour increases kleda because we can’t strain out the excess water (starchy) content while preparing dishes. Is that correct ? Also same reason goes for idli, dosa as well ?

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