Disease: Ajirna (indigestion)


The word  ‘Ajirna’ in its of itself signifies the state of incomplete process of digestion of ingested food. The main reason for indigestion is agnimandya (weakened digestive fire).

Incomplete metabolism due to weakened digestive fire leads to unprocessed state of food causing ajirna.                                        

“Najirayet sukhenannam vikaran kuruteapi cha| tadajirnamiti prahustanmula vividha ruja|”

The above said verse explains that this ajirna due to agnimandya is the root cause of many diseases.

Types of Ajirna :

According to predominance of vitiated doshas Ajirna is classified in three types;

  • Amajirna – vitiated kapha dosha .
  • Vidagdhajirna – vitiated pitta dosha .
  • Vishtabdhajirna – vitiated vata dosha .

First line of treatment = langhana (fasting or lightening of intake)


Hot water with shunti, langhan – small amounts of water

Takra w/shunti (for hemorroid, manda agni, too)

Quart decoction: equal parts shunti and coriander (dhanyaka)

Becomes packaka for digestion

Hotter combo w/more ushna (for someone with less pitta):
sandhava (salt), hing, trikatu (equal parts) hot water pippali

If more of a chronic agni mandya/ajeerna thing: shunti and hot water

Vata ajirna: Hing. good for ajeerna w/more gas and bloating (make a paste with hing+hot water on the belly button area; good for kids) or pinch of hing, swallow with hot water. removes pain, gas. Can also mix hing + ajwain.

Vata ajirna: Ajwain + shunti + pinch of black salt: good for ajeerna, gas, pain

Vata ajirna: Hot infusion of mint leaves (mint leaves are not cooling, they are ushna)

Adrak and sandova (not good for hot weather, sandova more laxative than shunti)

Lemon (nimbuka) or lime juice in hot water with a little salt once better, brings appétit back

2-3 cloves of garlic slightly sautéed in a tiny amount of oil before meals

Soaked garlic in sour takra, will remove some of its heating qualities

Cumin or powder with lemon juice (good for nausea)

Musta, guduchi

Agni mandya:

Shunti water, adrak, sandova before meals

Roasted lemon with a little salt (small slice)

Hing vashtaka churna: hing (vashtak=8)

Lavana bhaskara

Grahani: that which holds the food and digests

8 uncurable diseases:
vata vyadhi








Causative factors: heavy meals and eating before the next meal digested, irregular diet (vishamashen)

  1. avoid causative factors
  2. langhan (if aam less, hot water, shunti water) jeeraksha: hot water w/soaked cumin seeds, settle for an hour, then sip
  3. deepan pachan (aam pachan)
  4. lakshan: sometimes constipated/sometimes loose stools (best drug is haritaki – it’s deepan, pachan, and vata valoma and mild purgative. Use for constipation. If loose, kutaaj. (Good for dysentery.)
  5. Musta (has all 3 deepan, pachan, graha – bec it has lost function of graha, brings tone. Churna w/warm water ½ hour before food to hold food properly.
  6. Takra: brings kshaya rasa which has property to hold (also best source of lactobacillus) Can add cumin powder to takra or danyak (coriander powder)
  7. Black raisins (dry grapes) 10-20 alone or with hot milk as anuloman Raisins aid with verechan, don’t cause it.
  8. Pomegranate juice (sour) good for grahani; seeds (astringent)
  9. If patient not having burning or gastric distress, give wet ginger and honey (honey=madhur, kshay)
  10. Chitrak: synonymous with agni
  11. black pepper (mix with takra)
  12. light food: ½ food, ¼ water, ¼ vayu (cooked properly, no raw food/ mung kichari or mung dal, laja


Old rice/grains (fresh-harvested rice leads to diabetes = aama, guru)

Laja, coriander, black pepper, etc..

YOGA: Pavana mukta asana (pavana=vayu, mukta-release): lie on back with strength legs, inhale, bring one knee up toward chest, hold it with hands, and hold breath. Exhale on way down. Then bring second leg up do the same. Then both legs. The knees should move toward sternum, not folding at the hip crease.


Raw, uncooked food

Guru: black gram, and all heavy foods

Ghee (ok in small amounts)

Abishandhi: yogurt, fish, non-vegetarian food

Shita foods (in temp and guna)

Chick peas (tikta/kshay, but guru; don’t eat after 45 yrs old)

No panchakarma w/aama (don’t expel doshas while aama, you will destroy body like trying to get juice from an unripe mango. This is a big point of disease formation by doing all the so called Western detoxes and cleanses!!!!!!) a little virechana with haritaki good. (1-2 tsp, 3-6 grams w/warm water or can mix with takra and rock salt)

4 types of takra

  • 0 with no water, just yogurt with fat (like a thick lassi, this is guru for vata)
  • 2:1 with water (yogurt 100ML, 50ML water)
  • 1:1 (100 yogurt, 100 water)
  • 1:2 (200 water, 100 yogurt)

(remove the butter particles in grahani, if take with grahani and 3-4 bowel movements is ok, until stool floats, then stambhan like shunti water)
Charak’s takra recipes: 

  • ruksha: butter part removed for kapha (churn and scoop out butter)
  • ardha sneha: ½ butter part there, ½ removed (good for pitta)
  • purna: with all butter (for vata dosha)

Bhavaprakash: 5 types of takra

  • Ghola: no water added, only yogurt churned, no butter removed (thick lassi) for vata
  • Mathita: (means churning) same as first one, but remove the butter (vata-kaphaj prakruti or vikruti)
  • Takra: ¼ water, with 1 part yogurt (4 part yogurt, 1 part water), butter removed (pitta)
  • Udhashvita: 1 water, 2 yogurt, no remove butter (pitta-vata)
  • Chacchita: 1:1, butter removed (kapha)

food poisoning: turmeric and haritaki (you don’t want to stop the intestine or aama, will come out through vomiting or skin rash

Hingvashtaka CHURNA

good for: agni vikarna, ajeerna, aruchi (loss of appetite/anorexia), agni mandya (3-6 grams, 1 small tsp with warm water)

shunti 1 part

maricha (black pepper) 1 part

pippili (piper longhum) 1 part

ajamoda (ajwain) 1 part

saindhava (rock salt) 1 part

jeeraka (white cumin seeds) 1 part

Krishna jeeraka (black cumin seeds) 1 part

Hingu 1/8 part


Lavanbhaskar CHURNA


One thought on “Disease: Ajirna (indigestion)

  1. Good information. I use a blend of whole crushed kutaja, vidanga, musta and guduchi cooked into a taila extract in a specific manner. Combined with a little fresh haldi extract. Works excellently in a matter of days in even severe grahani.

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