Is your yoga causing an imbalance to you? How would you know?



What is in your yoga?

Is it dosha aggravating and ultimately disease causing when viewed from the very foundation of real yogic science of physiology? Would you know the difference? (By the way, ayurveda and yoga do not have any difference at all in their understanding of anatomy and physiology. In many of the ancient yoga texts vata, anila, pavan, pitta, kapha, sleshma, and other names for the doshas are used extensively. They are not different as some Westerners like the Yoga Dr. would like to think.)


If you are doing a normal Western yoga class, it is more likely you are doing a western exercise class more than anything yoga. Western exercise believes that when you break a sweat, your now warmed up and ready for exercise although this principle of WESTERN exercise (not yoga) is now being questioned and research has shown that warming up does not have any benefits. Specially…

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