Cessation of Sukha (Happiness) and Dukha (Unhappiness) in the path of Yoga and Ayurveda


Association between soul, sense organ, mind, and objects of sense organs produce the feeling of happiness and unhappiness. Both the types of sensations disappear when the mind is completely concentrated and blended with in soul and supernatural power. This state is known as “yoga” as per the sages.  – Charaka Samhita 1.138 – 139

Moksha is a state of absolute detachment from all contacts by virtue of the absence of RAJAS and TAMAS of mind due to nullification of effects of past deeds. – Charaka Samhita 1.142

Nishtha means liberation from misery i.e. in the form of salvation and the means for salvation is naishthiki. It is devoid of upadha (desires). It is the way for the ultimate aim of life, one among four objects of human life, the salvation. – Charaka Samhita 1.14

Desire is the root cause for all miseries. Sacrifice of all desires is the factor to vanish all…

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