Artificial and unnatural modes of living

The types of illness/disease man suffers are solely because he lives an artificial life. This is really hard to comprehend for alot of people. They may even want to argue with this fact. Adhering to natural rules….. nature, he can prevent all these ailments. Instead, we are slaves to our senses, especially our tongue. We mix condiments and spoil the natural nutritive value of the products of nature i.e. the vegetables, fruits, etc. We do not control the QUANTITY of our intake. We eat regardless of if we have hunger and often when we are not. Indigestion is the cause of thousands of ailments. Symptoms are overlooked as normal. Inability to control the other sense organs causes untold sufferings. Lethargy, blunder, unclean, habits and infringements of natural of certain illness man takes to drugs and potions which causes other troubles in their wake. In the modern world, there is so much disassociation from nature and lack of comprehension of these laws that we even try to deny the natural law and make claims that it is untrue, dogmatic or even religious. All the medicines in the world put together cannot sustain the health of man, if he breaks natural laws. The punishment for infringement of natural laws is sure. There is no way of escape.

As for mental tensions, disappointments, worries, greed, anger, jealousy, frights, etc. the pathology as well as remedies remain the same, return to nature. If we think about our own selves, if we wish to suppress other’s interests to gain our own, we are bound to suffer. Adjustment to convenience of others and amiable nature will go along way in mitigating the mental sufferings that we undergo. Too much of readiness to criticize others and find fault with them should be avoided. Sympathy and friendship, loving service rendered to others, all these enable our minds to be calm and free from tensions. Keeping mental equilibrium, we can escape the ill effects of loss of wealth and worry dues to hundreds of other causes. Economic ills are more due to our own negligence than to non-cooperation of others. Communal or social ills also can be remedied by starting from the individual. Finally spiritual troubles and suffering, these must also be tackled at the level of the individual. Sacred literature all ai to reform the individual as a means to reform the society. if all the individuals become all Right, the society too naturally becomes all Right.


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