Yusha Recipes


There is so much in Ayurveda. It is very much a sad thing that Western Ayurveda only knows Kitchari and doesn’t even know that correctly. Below, this is just a small amount of the recipes that are used in certain diseases from just a food/meal treatment. This is not even a small piece of Ayurveda. Maybe, hopefully, this might give you folks out there that have been sold Western Ayurveda’s bogus kitchari detoxing, a better view of the individuality, depth and vastness of Ayurveda. It just goes to show you the depth and levels of treatment of real Ayurveda. This is not here for you to start blindly trying or self diagnosing off of symptoms and self treating. Please do not do that.

Basic recipe is approximately: 1T (40gms) dahl to 6C (540ml) water boiled till the Dahl is cooked.

Mung is standard but other types of dahl are used. Preparations can be Akruta— without sandav (salt), ghee or other spices, or Kruta— with sandav, ghruta or other sneha, maricha, jira, dhanyaka etc. Occasionally takra or kwatha are used as liquid, various types of dal are used, and the herbs and spices of course vary.
Yusha can be strained or not depending on the ahar shakti.
Variations are designed to help with specific conditions. Yusha feels satisfying and light. Which it is. It can be a great meal replacer and medicine at the same time.

The recipes are imprecise; remember the point is that it should taste good so that they enjoy it and continue with the treatment.

  • Vata shula, pratishaaya, kaphaja shiroroga. 1T kullatha (horse gram), 6C water. For Shiro roga add: yava (barley) and shali. For Vata shula add: sandav and marichcha. For pratishaya add: wine.
  • Prameha, pratishaya, jwara, arochaka, kasa, hikka, shwassa, medo roga, gala roga. Add mullaka: fresh daikon radish. 1pt radish and 3 pts Mung.
  • Saptamukthik Yusha: adhikara: Prameha Ph Sr. tridosha nashaka, gulma, Kshata, amavata, kantha vishodhana, Kasa, shula, shwassa, mukha vishodhana, hrudvishodhana, sannipatta jwara. In amavata give for 3-5-7 days of as much as they want. Nothing else even to drink. 1 tsp each of:  Kullatha, yava, badara, mugdha, mulakka, shunthi, dhanyaka  (ie 1 tsp each: green mung, fresh or dried daikon radish (get dried radish at the old berkeley bowl in the Japanese section), barley- preferably unhulled, dried or fresh  jujubees (get these in a chinese grocery), horse gram (Indian market), dried ginger, coriander.
  • Atisara: Bilwadishadanga Yusha: 1T mung, 6C water, bilwa, dhanyaka, jira, patha, shunthi, til seed
  • Shtanya vardhaka, netra roga, Kapharoga: use nishpava (cow pea) as the dahl
  • RaktaPitta:  1T mung & masoor & chana & moth, 6C water, ghee, jira, saindav
  • Arsha (shushka): pippaliadi. 1T kullatha, 6C water, dried mulakka, bilwa, aji mausa rasa
  • SraviArsha: 1T masoor & mung, 6C water, kala til


Yavagu is the same as Yusha with the addition of shali or another grain. The use is similar; but more nourishing.

  • Shulagnya: udar shul, bala, gharbhini, vruddha, krucchera, pachak, shuddha vardak (increases hunger). 1T dry roasted mung, 2T laja, sandouv, cumin, coriander
  • Krumighna, agnideepan, anulomak. 1T shali, 1T dahl, 6C water & takra, vidanga, trikatu, shigru (drumsticks), tagar.
  • Vrushya, hikka, kasa, any shul, vatarog. 1T shali, 1T dahl, 6C water, dashmula, shunthi
  • Kas, shwas, hikka, parshwashul, hrudayrog. 1T shali, 1T dahl, 6C water, dashmula, rasna, pimpli, shunthi, bharanghi, guduchi. Take with an anupan of madhu


special recipe for joint pain:
1 tsp each:

— fresh or dried daikon radish,

–barley- preferably unhulled,

–dried or fresh jujubees,

— horse gram,

— dried ginger,

— coriander.

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