Ayurveda Skin Health


Here are some tips to enhance the beauty of your complexion.
For Normal Skin
• Blend sandal wood powder, rose petal powder and oat flour with milk in equal quantities. Apply on your face. Leave for 1/2 hour and then wash.
• Make a facial pack with milk & cream and use. This removes the dirt from the face and make it glow. You can use lime – juice and cream also.
For oily skin
• Take a teaspoon each of honey, orange juice, Rose water, Fuller’s Earth powder and blend. Apply this paste and wait till it dries. Then wash.
• Make a facial pack of tomato juice (1 tsp) with a little lime juice. Leave for 1/2 hour and wash. This pack closes the skin pores which are normally dilated in oily skin.
• Mix equal quantities of rice powder, coriander seeds (powdered) neem powder and sandal wood powder with water and apply
• Apply pulp of any fruit on the face. Fruit packs help in clearing dead cells and stimulate blood circulation.
For dry skin
• Mix equal quantities of green gram powder, wheat gram powder, fenugreek, tulasi powder and rose petals with milk cream and apply.
• Frequent oil massage is beneficial. Coconut / sesame oil with a little lemon juice, applied on the face, makes the skin supple.
General tips
• The local application of nutmeg paste clears blemishes on the skin. This paste improves the color of the face.
• To tone up tired facial skin, mix 2 tablespoons of ground almonds, one tablespoon of rose water, 1/2 tablespoon of honey into a paste and apply on to the face. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off.
• Mix almonds with milk, grind to a paste and apply on the face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse. Facial color improves.

Milk: Dab milk onto your face with some cotton balls. Wash off after minutes for a smooth even complexion.

Yogurt: Applying yoghurt on your face as well as arms and legs, softens the skin. It is also a great coolant, especially, when you have just come back from an outing in the sun.
Yoghurt may be mixed with rice flour to ease out cracks in the body.
It may be combined with chickpea flour to dry out pimples.
For best results, do not refrigerate yoghurt. Use when fresh. With vinegar, it relieves cracked soles.

Cabbage: Save the water that cabbage has been cooked in, to wash your face with. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Carrot: Boil some carrots and mash into a paste. Apply and leave this on your skin for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with milk. The vitamin A in carrots is a great nourisher.

Butter Milk: May be used as a cleaner and for bleaching out slight discolorations, especially good for oily skin.

Cucumber: A home vegetable, it cools and refreshes, when sliced circular pieces are gently stroked over the face on sunny days. It can be blended with lotions, masks and creams.

Fuller’s earth: it sucks out dirt from pores, is very rich in mineral content, and is used as a thickening and cleaning agent. For best results, apply after shower on a damp face. Rinse off once it dries thoroughly.

Mint: it may be added to tea in digestive disorder. Mint added to bath water is refreshing and stimulating.

Rose: This highly fragrant flower is the richest source of natural vitamin E. Ayurveda recommends Roja Pushpa Avalehya a semi solid (like chyavanprasha) to maintain youthfulness. This quenches thirst in summer and combats other related problems. Gulkund a sweet pan ingredient is made out of rose petals. This cools down the overworked body system.


4 thoughts on “Ayurveda Skin Health

  1. Good day,
    Thank you for this wonderful informative blog!
    I have read on Google (yes I know this is dangerous) on sesame oil application prior to bathing of its ability to remove toxins. So I use it like that and on my scalp/hair. I would like your comments on that as I am sure your’s will be more trustworthy!
    Then after bath/shower I use coconut oil if needed. Also use coconut oil mixed with turmeric as face mask once/twice a week.
    I have had Melanoma removed form my arm, so am a trying to do the best I can to stay healthy. I thank you kindly!

    • Thanks Chantelle.

      Yes, the world of today is the information world, not knowledge or wisdom. Not wise to follow what is being touted as the next miracle cure. Thats for sure.

      Sesame oil application before bathing has absolutely nothing to do with and cannot remove toxins. The whole toxin thing is a bit out of control to the point where their is no comprehension of what a toxin is and it has just become a buzz word.

      Fantastic to use it on your scalp and hair. Coconut oil is great for this as well. Coconut oil is not the greatest for applying to the body though. Use sesame oil. As mentioned in other posts, sesame oil has a quality called sukshma or subtle. This means that it basically seeps into the system. Coconut is cold and heavy and does not have this quality. That is the short of it. The purpose is not for the skin health, that wuld be a western idea, rather it is to keep vata at bay which is responsible for disease in the first place. It keeps you healthy. All that superficially stated.
      Try sesame with turmeric instead. The world has gone coconut oil crazy. Everything is medicine and everything is poison, just depends on the intelligence it is used with.

      The oiling is done prior to bathing and the bathing with oil is not just doing a normal shower but the system has to be heated to the point of breaking of perspiration. We can’t just take treatments, water them down and change them as our desires, just an add on there. There is detail and reason for the proper treatments.

      Thanks for your comments and questions. Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you! Is there a reliable source in the US for sandalwood and rose powder? I’m not finding many favorable reviews from the usual sources.
    This was a helpful article.

    • Unfortunately I do not have any sources for anything authentic. Best is to collect your own roses and powder them yourself. This is always the case.
      Chandan is diffucult. Most everything is fake. Sandal is very expensive if you find the real thing.

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