Western detoxing is bunk, need the proof?


Don’t waste your time and money on the newest ideas of detoxing that are being marketed. From an Ayurvedic perspective nothing out there that is being called detox is actually able to detox the body. Very simple.


From a very Western science view, here is your proof…












Have you been sucked in?

Still wanna argue about how cleansing your cleanse is?



2 thoughts on “Western detoxing is bunk, need the proof?

  1. yeah, i’m not a big fan of contemporary dietary fads, but the kind of claims made the western scientists in the guardian article (I didn’t bother to read the others) also goes against the Ayurvedic concept of ‘ama’ and ‘amavisha’ does it not?

    • Kevin, Thanks for the comments.

      I do not see how the article in the guardian goes against anything in Ayurveda. I see it in perfect alignment with Ayurveda. They are talking of colon cleansing, they are not talking about anything Ayurvedic. This colon cleansing does not exist in Ayurveda, at least in the way it is thought of here. Basti in Ayurveda is not an enema. It has been translated (very poorly) as that, that is if you were referring to this.

      The problem as i have stated in other blog posts with Ayurveda in the Western world of research is that the studies are not even researching Ayurvedic treatments such as oil pulling, which i explained in the post on oil pulling. It is simply not the treatment done in Ayurveda and the claims cannot be made to be what Ayurveda is touting and doing in the treatment. So what a blunder, huh? Like calling throwing butter in a pot and melting it down, ghee. It is not ghee and will not/can not have the same effect/results of ghee. it is just clarified butter no matter the research you do on it you will not have the same results as if it was ghee.

      Bottom line is that none of the “detoxing” that is touted by Western means of “detoxing” actually exists and their own science proves it. In fact, their science says it is dangerous, much as what Ayurveda would say about the same. To dislodge “toxins” in the body from their seat and circulate them in the system for them to not have any way of exiting the system (since western science has also shown that sweating does not do any detoxing and the toxins are not bound and brought to the digestive tract for expulsion), the “toxins” only have the possibility of finding a new place to call home and creating a new disease or a complication of another if that home is a khavaigunya.

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