Asanas for Arsha and Constipation

Best asanas for arsha and constipation:

  • mandukasana – frog pose
  • Shashankasana – rabbit pose
  • shalabhasana – locust pose
  • naukasana – boat pose
  • pavanamuktasana – wind releasing pose
  • paschimottanasana – seated forward bend

Pranayama important:

if only can do one – kapalabhati (20 mins)

+ 10 minutes of bastrika/bellows breath (mid abdomen)

+ bhaya

+ 3 bandhas – 3 locks of apana, samana and udana vayus.   jalandhara bandha, mulabandha, uddiyanabandha

bhahiyapranayam – exhale, pull in muscles and pull up uddiyanabhanda –

samana, udana, apana vayus are all moved and flowing with them. once done powerfully is very good

  • mulabhanda is so important for prostate health and prolapsed uterus – any kind of apana disorders. if patient has sexual permissiveness it helps to control the energy and balance the area – reboots the energy. also good to ensure a good delivery

+ agnisar pranayam – exhales then move the intestines around – a pranayama not a nauli/cleansing kriya

+ brahmari pranayama – humming breath


2 thoughts on “Asanas for Arsha and Constipation

    • Great question and a hard call as it would need to be taken on a one by one case, obviously. Anuloma viloma should be fine though.

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