Asanas for AmlaPitta (hyperacidity) (ulcers)– also good for Ajirna

Asanas for Amlapitta – also good for Ajirna

Uttaanapadasana –

leg lifting pose – start in shavasana, bring legs together, hands next to body, whole body relaxed, connected with breath – inhaling slowly bring both legs up , exhaling slowly lower the legs.  then come back to shivasana.  Preparation for this would be to try one leg at a time to get the back ready for full practice.  After practice turn body to right and push up from there.

Halasana –

plow pose – come into uttanapadasana and then inhaling lower the legs further

Kandharasana – bridge pose –

Yogamudrasana –

start in shithila dandasa – stick

Matsyasana –

contraindicated for throat, neck, and back injuries/surgeries –

Bhujangasana –

prone posture = makarasana is the opposite pose (hands over head legs facing out

Garbasana –


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