Patanjali Yoga Sutra Book 4 Verse 1

Yoga Sutras 4.1

jamna aushadhi mantra tapah samadhijah siddhayah

Janma – birth

Aushadi – medicinal plant, herb, remedy

Mantra – sacred formula addressed to any individual deity

Tapas – deep or severe meditation, suffering, heat, austerity, penance,

Samadhi –  profound and abstract meditation, total absorption

Jah – born

Siddhayah –  supernature faculty, perfection, accomplishment, fulfilment, attainment

Siddhi may be attained through birth, the use of herbs, incantations, self- discipline or samadhi .

There are five types of accomplished yogis (siddhayah):

I. by birth with aspiration to become perfect (janma)

2. by spiritual experience gained through herbs, drugs or elixir (ausadha)

3. by incantation of the name of one’s specified deity (mantra)

4. by ascetic devotional practice (tapas)

5. by profound and abstract meditation of absorbsion (samadhi)


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