Regardless of age or circumstances in life, we can be sure of one thing — life will change. Each moment differs from the preceding moment and is distinct from the instant that follows.

Sometimes we experience great joy in this change, as we watch a bud blossom into a beautiful flower. Yet other times we feel deep sorrow; our flower withers away to nothing. This life is a pendulum which moves us from joy to sorrow again and again.

We might wonder, is there no way to stop this pendulum?

Maybe there is something else?

Maybe it is a different perspective.

See, the inability to deal with change comes under another name. It is called trauma. To try to live a life living in the consistency of it or looking for what is consistent is a traumatized life. Every moment is a new one. Time (kala) rules all.

This also means everything does not have the ups and downs that most people thrive upon. That means no drama per se.

If one were to live life in a manner in which there was no need for anything to be as they want it to be, everything is seen and experienced as it is.


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