Your Nervous System and You as a Vessel

Most of us live in a world that is completely over stimulated by the modern world of today. The condition of your nervous system has an impact on what you are. At the end of your day, if you are over stimulated, you get in a condition that takes keeps one out of one’s self. It disconnects one from everything. It makes you live from the mind. The condition maintains, your sleep is deprived and affected. Your activity in the material plain is affected.

There is a way to live being a being, not a doing, that allows one to maintain being a soul in a body rather than a mind in its self absorption of concepts.

A walk in the natural world, sitting under a tree, lying on the earth, all of these and more maintain one being, being grounded and connected and living in all that is.

The condition of the nervous system is one’s responsibility. One is responsible for their own container.

One is a container. The family one belongs to is also a container. The city one lives in is another container. The culture and society one lives in is also a container. All of the container’s one lives in, influences ones being.

If one was to be able to stay connected to all that is, being grounded, being connected in relation to nature and ones environment, the material world is an appearance, a manifestation, a representation. It has fixity and is substantial and paradoxically, but not really, it is a manifestation and representation. When one stays connected to it one starts to experience what it is a manifestation of. It is a luminous quality that then will become ordinary as a normal everyday experience. This is opposite to the Westernized life. It is also what indigenous tribes live in constantly in all sorts of cultures. It is a timeless state where mind does not exist in. It is a natural state. It is not an enlightened state, it is ordinary. It can seem like a state like enlightenment from the eyes of a naive Western person. It is living with all that is.

It is a state of being in a relatedness to the natural world. It is not a state that is maintainable in a Western busy life as that is one in the mind and of stress and strife and personality. I ism. In the state of being in relatedness, the entire reality changes. It is not a Western or modern reality. It does not prevent one from doing what needs to be done in a life but it changes the reality of what that means. Therefore the experience of the planet changes. Sensitivity is highly heightened. This is different from a stress out and ungrounded sensitivity that is based in an imbalance and based in un-groundedness and mindfulness.

This experience of being takes the first step of taking responsibility for the state of ones nervous system. If one is over worked, over stressed, worried, anxious, and/or over stimulated, the nervous system does not allow one to be in this experience. To unwind and calm down the nervous system, when it finally opens up (the body opens up, the skin opens up, the senses open up), what seems extraordinary is actually quite ordinary. If one then experiences what is out side one oneself at this point, and having that as ones one going experience, reverence happens. Living in this state of reverence allows one to not be tortured by ones own noise, doubts, fears, insecurities, ambitions, confusions, etc…. and maybe , just maybe, that is what one may want…..

Funny thing also is that the body will naturally heal as well.

But none of this is a concept of the mind, and none of it is a common experience that is experienced by the mundane.


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