Your experience, the Western mind/paradigm

Just follow the popular advice
And my cousin the snake.
There’ll come a time when your godlikeness
Will make you quiver and quake.

Read this one to the end…….

Ones experience is only to the level of their knowledge.

A person’s experience is limited to their knowledge, it is a capacity, much like a bucket and there are different sizes. Many different sizes of buckets.

The english language, Western english, not even a proper British english but coerced and manipulated as per time and the state of the society. A destructive language, whether you believe it or not.

Linguistic relativism is that the language a person speaks has an influence on a person’s cognition perception and how the experience the world.

The mind and paradigm in which one lives, much like water and a fish. The fish does not know water although it is the paradigm it lives within. The water is created by the language that one lives in, the culture. Yes, it is a modern culture. The Western culture, the American english speaking culture. The culture of superficiality. It destroys detail, depth, and wisdom. This is the world we live in today. They have even excepted a lower form of english slang as a legitamate language ( We have even deteriorated to the language of text messages as a form of communication…. LMAO ( Even in small places in India the youth change the way they pronounce “Schedule” from the British english to the American english because it is cool, it is better, only because they have rejected their own culture and their own roots and heritage. A hatred of them self. This due to movies and the superficial world of reality TV and internet, where nothing is actually real. Also here in India, tattoos are now becoming cool. Funny how they were in the heritage of the culture and had meaning as the woman would have tattoos done on their arms. Now the “sleeve” tattoo is becoming popular as well as tribal tattoos due to Western movies. Like tribal has anything to do with India in that form. It is just the media influence of the Western world. The only meaning behind it is to look cool and be popular, superficiality, much like the Western world. Opposite of their heritage and the depth of it.

Depth of language:
The sanskrit language 52 letters in a vocabulary that is not only based in frequency and mathematics but is beyond your wildest dreams if you would only have the chance to be blessed with studying it or even having a glimpse at the depth and detail that its bar with letters hanging off of it hides. Metres, chandas, its all stuff beyond a language that destroys depth before one can even start to comprehend. Do you really think a language that has 52 letters can ever be translated to a language with 24 letters? Just on a basic superficial logic it is impossible. Then to have any realization that just being able to transliterate the words does not even come close to even starting to be able to unfold the depth to the language.

The texts, all coded. Nope, not even being able to read sanskrit will you actually be able to read texts like the vedas. You can go online and get translations into english but they mean nothing. They are all coded within their mathematical rules. Detail. In the chandas, the first three words in the first set are unto themself. They do not mix with the second set or third in meaning or in any other way. This way they keep their context and meaning. Then each of the six sets, the same. The words remain in their context and hidden unless the knowledge is known to be able to read it in this way. The depth of meaning is kept but then lost to one that does not understand the several ways that sanskrit is written in. Much like music takes a musician to understand.

Have a gander at this video for a very basic understanding:


From the Western paradigm’s arrogance we get titles of articles like this

( ) and then you have to understand the entire article is also written from the western paradigm as well.

Sanskrit texts focus on the power of both speech and the writers who have mastered speech. Given this, we can understand why the ancient Indians placed such importance on preserving the Vedas as precisely as possible: speech was powerful, and holy speech deserved to be preserved exactly as it was first said.

With this in mind, the ancient Indians began devising ways to preserve the Vedas exactly. Plain memorization could never be enough, for distortions inevitably slip in. Instead, they eventually realized that a rigorous description of the form of the poems would help preserve their shape over time. This description evolved into the formal study of meter. Both meter and the study of meter are called chandas.

Unlike the grammatical tradition, which became very complex, the metrical tradition was quite simple. We are quite sure that there were older works on Vedic meter, but none of them have survived. Indeed, one of the oldest authors we have on record, by name of Piṅgala, talks about both Vedic and Classical meter, meaning that he likely lived some time after Pāṇini. His Chandaḥśāstra, literally “the rules of meter,” is almost certainly part of a longer tradition. Unfortunately, most of that tradition is lost to us today.

The fundamental unit of a poetic composition is the akṣara, or syllable. Several akṣaras are arranged into a pāda, or line, with fixed length. pādas are arranged into a group called a vṛtta, or stanza. Together, thesevṛttas form an actual Sanskrit work.

And back to those books that you are reading, they aren’t sanskrit texts are they? Nope, translated ones? Nope, just the latest book by someone writing about something that has to do with those texts, maybe? A feel good book that is maybe being considered deep knowledge? Probably. How watered down do you think those books are since the actual sanskrit is not able to be translated?

Next, lets consider the sanskrit texts that are translated into english or even worse, the books that are written by a westerner who doesn’t have the education or authority or even experience of what that topic is (because of limitations of paradigm and lack of stepping out of their own) to write a book on the topic. So as we see, the internet is a resource for information. Not knowledge, not wisdom, information only.

Concept of time:
I believe that in the west much of everything is quite misunderstood and mostly from a subjective nature which in my experience is only ego and ones own experience based in ones own experience, far from truth. Soul or atma is passive. opposite to the western ideas of what fills someones soul or is their souls delight. the soul experiences the karma it has from past lives and it is only the mind that creates meaning. This is but superficial to the deeper understanding of it all. It is also at the basis of how astrology is founded upon. As western astrology is based souly (pun applicable here) off the sun and that is only part of the equation as it takes the mother to actually create anything. You find this mistake deeply embedded into everything including the paradigm of time itself where the gregorian calendar is based off the seasons, a purely egocentric view of the universe and with the addition of the moon, being the completion of the duo of mother and father, is needed for any correct vantage point on anything. hence the solilunar calendar and time based upon the stars rather than seasons of the earth alone. It states volumes and is in every nook and cranny of the Western minds paradigm.

This is also a culture that lives the existence of being able to turn their watches and clocks forward or backward and adjust a whole society/reality on it.

For an example of more of the superficial reality of the concept of time in this paradigm, ones birthday is not actually when they celebrate it by way of the gregorian calendar. The moon phase which is nature and mother has nothing at all to do with it one’s birth? Only when the moon is in the same phase and the sun is in the same sign would the birthday be”in reality of the universe” and time created by the universe. Space is what creates time? The sun is what creates the seasons. Once again, think there might be alittle more to the equation?

This is in alignment with all the thousands and thousands of texts written in the Indian culture going back far more than others and all based in nature and not of mans manipulative mind.

You also find this in other ancient cultures.

Concept of Soul:
The western understanding of soul is only ego. At least this is what it is taken as when you look at the language that is used around it. Soul’s desire. Set your soul on fire. Soul  Like when is some one not their soul or even on their path? Since they only have what is??? Just more of the disconnection created by Descartes and others of the same lot back then. Enough said on that one.

To simplify everything is to lose what makes beauty and also makes truth.

Arrogance of Western Science:
Western science is based in proving only by empirical evidence. Problem is empirical evidence is highly flawed as there is not any reality in which it can truly exist except a very limited form of duality and there is so much more than that. Ayurveda for example cannot be tested or researched by empirical methods of analysis as it is opposite to it and the entire paradigm cannot exist within those limited boundaries. A person is an individual, what they eat as well as eat as well as where they live as well as the depth of their sleep and a slew of other factors go into what makes them.

Take an herb for an example, an herb that is grown in one part of the world verses another will have different characteristics so the same say (another new Western “superfood”) turmeric will act differently as per where it was grown as well as a slew of other factors. Take a tsp of turmeric and test it on 100,000 people will give 100,000 different results which is why Western empirical evidence always has a ratio of how an herb or chemical acts on a group and why it is a majority based system. Only killed 1/10 of the people tested? Okay by the FDA for public use then. What more is the timing of the dose take. The same herb taken at different times throughout the day will have different effects on the one individual, not to mention the different effects on the 100,000 persons depending upon the plethora of factors that make them that individual. Also, what substance it is taken with, i.e. hot water vs cold, pomegranate juice, milk, or ghee or many other delivery vehicles also makes it function different/work differently and the details go on. This is Ayurveda or actually only a single part of it. It is a science that understands those details and works within that paradigm. It cannot fit in the small paradigm of western thought and science. In fact, this is all of the vedic sciences. Vast and opposite to the Western paradigm. They are sciences based in the foundation of understanding non dual as well as dual and how manifestation from unmanifest to matter happens. How to put this in such a limited box of the western paradigm of gross simplification and subjective experience and empirical knowledge? The last question to throw the wrench into western empirical research methods is, Hey! Prove you have a mind.

On the turmeric front, if you consider what I just explained and then read this article, you might get how this overwhelm of western so called health information even has tried to take the ancient ways and popularize them but it is still just a western view and it so much is missing what is right before its eyes.

You just pop a pill of it or drink their tea and wallah your going to have that list of benefits that they mention, right? Are we idiots? Because from where I am standing, from my knowledge base, this article, it only shows that we are.

Just more sales. Just more selling of fear and your need to consume more to be okay.

I try to explain this paradigm thing by using a quote that comes from one paradigm. Say it is a quote that comes from the dharmashatras of vedic times and then is read out of context by a common modern day Westerner. They will only be able to give it whatever meaning they want to give it from their paradigm. It cannot be understood from a western paradigm except in its own view which destroys what it actually is.

The need for self will in the Western Paradigm:
The part that is the hardest for the western view of thinking is their need for choice. There is self will and choice but it is so very limited. I use the analogy of a surfer surfing a huge wave and one standing on the beach viewing it. the surfer looks all in control and with such grace and choice. If that viewer was to then take a helicopter up in the sky above and look down they would see this giant ocean with these small waves all in line and all moving in toward the beach. The surfer barely perceptible is a dot and unmoving except for the wave it is on and the waves movement toward that beach. This is jyotish.

In jyotish, one can see someones past life and the karma that has given to their rebirth. One can see their mind and how they function and see the world. One can see their actions and how they will choose to move in this world. The matter of growth is another very small piece. As there are the places that someone can grow, they are limited. There is manipulation of all of it when their is the knowledge to. Most of the manipulation is through divine connection which I have found the Western paradigm to have quite an aversion to for its obvious aversion to religion and anything bigger than itself. That is the paradigm. But once again, those manipulations works like clock work and is what mantra is all about. All of it based in sound and frequencies and mathematics and exacting. It unfortunately takes all of the subjective stuff and makes it look as it is, just opinion or ones experience based in their own level of knowledge.

The dramatic and fatalistic side of the western paradigm then says well then why do anything? That is just nonsensical and also ego.

If one has a small aeroplane, one can use it to fly around hillsides, country roads, and enjoy beautiful scenery of hills, valleys, villages, trees, green pastures, fields and lakes. The true purpose of the airplane is to get away from all those things, soar high and fly in the sky. One not knowing it may only fly low around on roads, enjoy the scenery and may even feel proud of what he is able to do with his airplane. One knowing what the airplane is really for may still be unable to fly because he does not know how to fly.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part.

No, didn’t write that, some other guy did.

 I might say that jyotish and ayurveda and all the vedic sciences are, i believe, infact not useful anymore though. As humanity is degrading (a deeply adharmic world arises) and the need for the individual to fight for equality (subjective desire) is destroying all of duality and how nature functions. It is actually behind much of all the darkness I could point to today in the world. Dogs and cats are not wanting to be the same. Men cannot have babies…… yet.

All of this is seen in easy vantage of just how our food is no longer seasonal and our youth does not even know what a tomato looks like ( Nature is being destroyed and the nature of how things work and act along with it. As all of the ancient texts explain time, we are in the ending cycle, it is getting darker, not brighter as that one is a hard gulp to swallow. Heading toward the pralaya or final destruction where it all starts all over again in the vast larger cycle of what is.

But wait there is a huge set of fools out there that say different (

Some how, we are only worried about our own little cycle, and not even getting out of the one cycle that we exist in at this moment, this lifetime. How egotistical and of limited consciousness really. It is even the focus of all of those spiritual books your reading. Are they working?

I would say that predictions and seeing in jyotish is probably vastly different now that is was say just 100 years ago. The earth has changed and humans have destroyed nature to the point where disease has grown to be more powerful that what Ayurveda can deal with. Where extending the life in a lowest denominator of quality has now also poisoned the air water and foods of the planet.


2 thoughts on “Your experience, the Western mind/paradigm

  1. Dear Brad,
    I really benefitted from your last post.
    Been making me think a lot.
    Loved listening to that dude talk in Sanscript.:)
    While I agree with you that none of this stuff has any place in the western world or even the modern world I nonetheless thank you for studying it and for sharing so many of your thoughts about it all on your blog.
    I feel like its the first time in my life that I am not hearing a bunch of confused, watered down, or beautified b.s. And although I, like my fellow Americans, am most undoubtedly a selfish, lonely, lost cause, I feel a sense of relief knowing that there is only one truth!
    Such perfection in its simplicity.
    Its like a safety net that is there and I just have to clear all the shit out of the way so I will have a safe place to land.:)
    Being the artist I am I picture one of those kneadable erasers gracefully taking out all the unwanted lead on my paper so that the clear true picture can come through.
    Will I ever get this stuff? Not in this life time, but I love the idea of knowing i have lived many lives before and have more yet to come and that this one doesnt really have to be so important.
    Infact i am not important at all.
    Whew… What a sense of relief.

    So once again thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    I know its not easy.

    Think I will have to donate to your blog now. 🙂

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