A question of level of perception

An experience:

A friend and his wife from school were wanting to get pregnant but they could not. They consulted and as well another friend of theirs who does allopathic medicine and specializes in IVF coincidentally. In the end they did not want to take the time to do ayurveda to cleanse their systems and made jokes about how could having 20 loose stools in a day make them able to have a child. This of course would the usual response from an Indian national as this is how Ayurveda is looked at in India in reality. Three or four generations back, it was a bit different I would suppose. Also, this whole experience could not actually happen in the West because who are you going to go to for this in America? Anyone there with any sort of education of real Ayurveda to a level to work with childbirth? Look around even ask around.

So after ridiculing Ayurveda, they went thru the allopathic IVF procedures. After all sorts of treatments in preparation and everything she had 5 eggs inseminated and 3 of them died within the first 3 months and another after 5 months then the last after 6 months. The amount of money was not that much as it was only $4000 usd here in India and would have been 10 times the amount at least, in America. In the end, the amount of pain that she went thru, the amount of being treated like a piece of meat instead of a human, the amount of damage that the treatments did and now she still has to do injections of pregnazone or something like that daily. All of it so stupid and painful.

From my view and ayurveda. #1 their state of health did not allow them to have a child whether it was beeja dosha from their parents or from their own diseased living it is still their karma that they could not have a child. With this they decided to not go thru natural ways of cleansing the body but to try to force the body with Western unnatural science to have a child, (the uterus not in a state of health to hold the process, the eggs not healthy enough to conceive, and/or the sperm was diseased)….. the nice thing about western medicine is that a human does not need to take responsibility for themselves or even know anything about themselves which is great because without knowing one cannot take any blame for what they do.

Obviously, they still are not healthy enough to have a child and even through trying to force they could not. The damage done with the western meds have now put them in a place where even Ayurveda probably could not help them if they were to try.

This is the world today and it is getting number and dumber, not better and brighter.

My comments are not just about Ayurveda, as ayurveda is not going to solve the worlds problems. Its a bigger problem. A much bigger problem.

Now here is the question, would you tell the couple that are wanting to have the child that they are responsible and explain the entire thing in detail as it would teach them about health, how to live healthier, as well as bring them responsibility rather than the opposite which is the prevailing attitude of human beings today? Would you try to have them see or would you let them continue their diseased lives in their oblivion?

Its a hard question because prevailing thought is of the Western mind where for a disease we take a pill rather than any recognition of what it is caused by (our life…. lifestyle and intake) and let us remain unconscious and irresponsible.

The second story is similar but more about the question I just gave.

A man and his wife had IVF done and had twins, which is common if you look at the statistics. Turns out both girls have autism. Well. So where do we start, again. Beeja dosha (this is a defect in the seed, an imbalance from the very start) given to the children through the unnatural fertilization process. Going against nature. Beeja dosha that the parents could not conceive the same as the last story but now they have created two lives of diseased children (which is also their karma) that can probably not even be corrected by Ayurveda. So would you tell them that they have created this and given their children autism by going against nature? Because of you don’t you are enabling them to continue on in their lives harming themselves and now their children by way of their ignorance and disease state not to mention also harming others by their actions in the world? Yes, it is their karma but would you explain to them their karma?

I think I have discussed pragnaapardha enough in past posts. Also the results. Also that the mind and perception is just as diseased as the body is. I have used the same analogy that Yoga, Ayurveda, Upanishads, Vedanta, have I forgotten anyone, that a jaundiced person sees thru yellow jaundiced eyes. Their perception of the world is skewed in the direction of the disease. Everyone is like this.

But If you did say something, would you not be going against modern world thought (highly diseased and disease forming), which has to dominate to the point where you would be thrown in jail possibly if you did. Same as witches being burned to death and people being executed for believing that the world was actually round and not flat in times past.

In other words…. kali yuga. Ignorance prevails.


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