response ability

There are no external causes to anything. Everything, every situation, is in our life because we have brought it due to our karmic make up, something inside us. In this way, the mind can be a dangerous thing and it’s understanding and control is the key to peace.

Gardens need to be weeded, not once-in-a-lifetime, not once in a year, but they need very regular weeding. Negative thought processes, self-defeating internal dialogs need to be caught and removed before they manifest suffering in the environment. Depending on the strength of an affliction, remedies can be performed to open the movement for the karmic tendencies to be cleared.

People act as if there is a world out there that they don’t have an influence on us. Everything you think, and how you think, how you see the world, generates the world that you live in. Everything is inside, everything outside is just a reflection. There are layers and levels of the mandala of your life. In jyotish, the planetary energies work first inside your psyche, then your body, then your family relationships, and then your worldly interactions. How you interact in your world is first an internal, then moves to an external. 

Some people may blame others for their issues, but there is no reason to blame anything, that is just the karma. To understand the root cause as karma is not meant to disempower, it is meant to stop blaming other things and create growth in the present. In fact, it does not disempower but rather gives a sense of liberation, freedom. It brings one to the present. Anything that a person blames, is just an excuse which only leads to being stuck in the karma. Being responsible for one’s karma allows forward action which creates forward motion in life. Not being responsible for one’s karma is not being responsible for one’s actions, nor the consequences of their actions. If you get this, you can see the level or age of maturity this corresponds with. 

It doesn’t matter what your father did, or your mother and what she did not do, or why the wife did that, or how bad that guru did something to someone. What matters is the actions that are being taken from the present moment forwards. We need to except what has happened, because of what it is. Denial of what it is, is unconsciousness. Acceptance is coming to terms with your karma and allowing the attention to be in the present.

It’s the things we don’t see that impact us the most.

To be able to see and help others, we must help ourselves first. You have to see where you can get over your own stuff, and then you can help others with theirs. In the end of this process what you’ll find is that life is much too complex to help others with their stuff. An individual has so much individuality that they must find their own way to raise their awareness. Without a template or understanding one is only placing one’s own issues on to another as one’s reality is their own and not someone else’s nor is it their path. 

When one reaches a place of being still, one is only then able to see their issues clearly. In the daily constant bustle of mind stuff of desires and expectations as well as one’s own story, there is no clarity. The endgame of the path always comes down to acceptance of what is. It allows us to be in the present and to let go of what our own issues are and forgive. It is never to try to change what is further with manifesting or trying to find joy or happiness.

It comes simply down to forgiveness. Forgiveness is only letting go of our own expectations and our own creation that we press on to another. Forgiveness ultimately just comes down to forgiving oneself, not even others, but oneself since the entire interaction is that of one’s own doing in one’s past karma.

It is a very strong person that is able to realize this and also a very strong person that is able to forgive. Taking things personally, our own expectations, impressing those upon others, only create situations for forgiveness to take place.

From this forgiveness there’s a realization of those impression of our own expectations upon others. Our own issues come to light. From this place stillness is had. When there is stillness there is relating, deep relating, and the other is seen. From this place only one is able to respond.


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