Use and pronunciation of a mantra

I frequently run into Westerners/modern worldly people that believe that saying a mantra in any way is okay, and that pronunciation etc. is not important. They believe that it is only their intention that matters. If this were so there would not be a known manner of how to correct or undo the use of a mantra incorrectly.

The following is The instructions on how to undo the wrong use of a mantra.

If out of ignorance and incorrect mantra has been practiced for sometime, then it should be discarded immediately. This is done by worshiping the deity of the mantra by reciting the mantra in reverse order 1008 times. A water vessel is placed in the Sarvatobhadra Mandala and concentrated with the favorite item of the deity. The Deity is worshiped inside the pot. Then a fire sacrifice is performed with 108 oblations of ghee etc.

Finally, the following prayer is made as the mantra is written in the reverse order of it syllables on the palm leaf.

This is the translation:

Without considering it’s suitability I have committed errors in how I have worshiped you with this mantra. This is agitated my mind and it is parade that the evils of this wrongdoing be eradicated. May the sins be washed away and welfare and prosperity accrue with the sanctifying devotion.

After this the palm leaf is tied on the head and the water in the pot is port on the head. Again, the palm leaf is untied and placed inside the pot that is filled with water and is thrown in a river.

In response to those westerner saying that it is only intention that matters, the question remains then why bother saying it at all or using a diety’s name from a different culture without understanding the science properly?

What is maybe a better example, what if someone was to mispronounce your name constantly? Or even if someone was to call you Fred would you respond or answer? All in ones intention is only showing how self absorbed ones perspective of the universe is.

What’s in your mantra?


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