Ragi Dosa

Ingredients for Ragi Dosa:
Ragi flour – 1 1/2 cup
Urad Dahl/Split Black Gram – ½ Cup
Green chillies – 2 to 4 chopped
Rice – 2 tsp

Soak Urad Dahl for 4 to 8 hours. Grind to a batter and add the Ragi flour and mix well. Add water if the batter is thick, it wants to be pretty thin. Keep it in a warm place to ferment for 5 to 6 hours. An oven with a pilot light is perfect. They stay about 100 degrees. Heating an oven then turning it off and placing the batter in a container with a blanket or towel around it works but an electric blanket around the batter in a container is also a solution I have used. If you live somewhere warm, your lucky. Anyway you make it happen, the heat is what allows the batter to lightly ferment.

Gently fold the chillies and salt into a dosa batter. Batter should be thin.
Pour 1 ladle full of the above batter onto a hot dosa tawa.
When it is brown in colour, remove it. No need to flip and cook the other side.
Ragi Dosa is ready.

Serve with coconut chutney or sambar or both!


4 thoughts on “Ragi Dosa

    • Ema, Thanks for your question. Yes, you can pair this with roasted vegetables but it is actually a meal on its own. It is an interesting thing how we westerners do things. Health and nutrition is a different thing in India. Size of meal is extremely different, breakfast is always small. It is light, never heavy. This is because of the time of the day and the elements. The morning is heavy already, digestion is not great. Everything is about balancing with nature, living in tune with it and they have it “baked” into their culture no matter how western they try to be now. We westerners try everything and have no real understanding of these things…. so just be careful with what your blending. This is an awesome breakfast for wet and cold springtime as the ragi is light and drying. It is also my favorite roti. Enjoy.

    • Thanks a lot for the concern and writing so much. We prefer heavy breakfast or brunch, it is requires due to extreme chills..

    • I understand, since there are so many ideas of what health is here in the west. Writing a post about “our” knowledge of food and diet as I type this coincidentally. Understanding of nature and the elements have always been the same and do not change. Spring time itself is cold, heavy, and wet no matter what is going on locally and the environment is also what is going on with the body. All the same. Heavy breakfast or brunch will create an imbalance and bring on the so called colds and flus and disease in general. Keeping the breakfast light allows the body and digestion to remain healthy. Adding heavy in a heavy time of year when the digestive system is already compromised and the strength of the digestion is getting less and less due to the seasonal change from winter to summer, well…. The post i am writing has all the crazy ideas and diets over the years in the Western world. It has not gotten any better, actually worse. But of course, you are completely welcome to do whatever you want. Good luck.

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