Kali Yuga q and a

This is a post that is created in a new way. It is a conversation that came up around the last post on Kali Yuga. I am posting it because i thought the questions and material presented was very clarifying and others might learn from it. The previous post can be found here:


So the remedy of the Kali Yuga age is to take refuge in the practice of Dharma, is this correct? Is the practice of Dharma according to the Vedic scriptures the same as the Buddhist texts? The only correct practice is to generate positive Karma as this is all a result of the previous Karma generated? All will happen as it will happen and yet we can, as individuals, make decisions if we are not yet over whelmed by the influence of the age of the Kali Yuga?


What a fantastic question.

There are different individual dharmas. Dharma does not mean duty as we are taught in the Western world. It is lost in translation or untranslatable as most words in sanskrit are and it means so much more. It is law of nature in the way of right and also rites. It is a life and debt and karma all spun into it as well. It is righteousness or living to a code, a deep understanding that is past the mental. The different dharma is obviously because there are different people and they have different paths. Not everyone has any chance of becoming enlightened just the same as you do not see everyone rushing out to become a monk, do you? Who has the ability to do that? But yet everyone is running out to claim to be a yogi. Where is the dharma? Doing what is righteous above and beyond the individual is part of dharma. Dharma is ones religion and life path. It stems from ones father. Dharma has four legs: Tapaḥ – austerity, in Kṛta yuga only, Śaucam – purity Kṛta + Dvāpara yuga, Dayā – mercy Kṛta, Dvāpara, Treta yuga, and the last Satyam – truth in all four Yuga.

In a bit of prep work to go deeper…… a little insider knowledge….. there are four yogas. Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga,  and Raja yoga. This is obvious if you read any of the literature that is authentic on yoga and not Western. Vivekanada wrote a book on each that are available on the web here: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Complete_Works_of_Swami_Vivekananda and a definite must read if you want to get into more authentic knowledge. The reason for the four is basically because there are four castes in the caste system which the caste system has a very bad rap in modern thought. The castes or varnas are Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. Read and think about this.

So that would be part of the entry into understanding dharma as well. What is ones life?

There are dharma shastras that are accessible on the web as well although you really need a guru to hand you the knowledge other wise the texts just sound like religious fanaticism sometimes to a Western uneducated mind. Without the fundamental knowledge and understanding of nature and everything some, a lot of it will sound like nonsense or patriarchal or sexist or whatever ones own biases and personal beliefs want it to sound like to make them validated.

Venus/Shukraacharya, who is signifior of pleasures of the external, has one. Shukra Niti is the name. Look it up. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/160730/Dharma-shastra
YI, the Western world is not really the greatest place to look up and understand stuff from different cultures. Specially Indian with the depth and untranslatable language to ours. 

Basically though, to give you the purest knowledge of the karma question…. doing any karma will create another karma. The only way to burn the karma is to be out of society, do pujas, homas, real meditation, real mouna (not just maintaining silence verbally but silence of the mind as well), mantras as per ones karma to modify ones karma as seen in one’s chart, yoga, and other paths and actions. Live life as your every action is in respect to god. Whatever god you want. Of course, “live your karma” is a common (stupid) phrase in the Western spiritual circles, but obviously, when are you not living your karma? I have a whole post or several on the blog that explain yoga and how it is about the burning of karma.

Doing good is a bias most of the time. Good is dependent upon the level that it is viewed from. Perspective. It is subjective. If you were to do good by saving someones life and then they go out and murder someone, that karma IS hooked to you. Many Swamis and people will say it is not. That is just speaking to the mundane masses. Ripples are ripples and if you started it, it is part your responsibility. Is Einstein not responsible for the atom bomb? Not his Karma? Really? Simple way to judge….. did he not have remorse? There you go? Karma. If he has any thoughts with judgement based on the actions performed it has karma.

The reality of it is that most everyone out there has been doing the same stuff from lifetime to lifetime. They just repeat their mistakes or sins which are then the reason for their rebirth. I know that the popular thought in the masses is that one is growing and learning so much, not so true. Same situations, same players. My father is also a father of mine from a past life. This shows between him and I in both of our our charts. Not with my mother. So there is debt to pay there with my dad. The fact that this exists in each of our charts is fact to the repeat of the karma, things were not settled or burnt out. karma was created or not fully ended. For example, in my pastlife, as per my jyotish chart, I was not necessarily the greatest guy. Was into the same mystic esoteric path (repeating the same karma) and did not use my powers in the most positive way and was terrible with women. Lots of karma there because of that. This all shows in my chart. Due to that, this lifetime I have suffered my karma with a flaw in the time of my birth being born on Krishna Chaturdasi, which is a sin in itself and leaves the native (me) generally with relationship problems until that karma is finished. There is obviously more detail to all of this, but that is a perfect example of how in the chart that shows my past life, it shows my karma for this birth and the present life birth shows how that karma is unfolding. And sure enough, massive relationship karma in my life that i have gone thru. Not fun. To know it is my own doing…. that is the kicker.

The purest way to get rid of the karma is life of a sanyassi. It is a full renunciation of the worldly life in total. Now who has the balls for that? Much less the karma? Not an easy path. In fact, the hardest.

The more knowledge the greater the experience. The greater the experience the more responsibility or respond ability. The better the choices you make. And I just explained jyotish. 🙂 It is just the map of ones individual spiritual path and how to burn ones karma. If one doesn’t know what ones karma is, how does one navigate it? blindly?

The less knowledge the less responsibility one takes for their actions.


I seriously love these conversations. It seems to be a great honor to even have access to the “lowest” class yoga: Bhakti. That description sounds beautiful to me. I will absolutely look up that link and read about that. This is like wandering through a maze.

If you still have my chart, would it say what my karma is?

I can understand how saving the life of a murderer hooks the person into the karma. I understand the interdependence thing. I do not understand (except at death) how people work so hard to be independent. We would die in a very short time if we ever achieved that independence and I have learned to be quiet about my thoughts on that LOL. And I am not a strong enough person to give up the worldly life of my attachments to my children, grandchildren and my dogs 🙂 so I constantly work on balancing the attachments with the interdependence and it’s exhausting at times.  But I am taking your advice and working through all of this as it is presented to me.

Guru….still wondering and waiting on that.

It’s interesting to read about Buddhism and I could be way off base but it seems to have been birthed in the Vedic origins? The different branches and traditions seem to fit the cultures of the countries they are practiced in. It also seems a kindness of dumbing it down for the western minds is extended.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and share with me.


Buddhist knowledge originated from Vedic knowledge and India. Of course, it is all the same stuff basically. And of course some readers of this will get inflamiation from reading this and their own bias. It was just changed here or there. Jainism and Buddhism were created at a time due to the oppression of the Brahmins on the rest of the varnas….. ego and greed……. oppression. It is against all that they stand for, ironically. Adharmic. lol. Both Jainism and Buddhism were only a way for everyone to have access to god and spirituality.


Oh thanks!  As I was reading about Buddhism I was thinking this is to me like kindergarten Vedic knowledge. And I LOVED it LOL. Exactly the level my brain could actually make some comprehensions. So as I was reading more about the branches, the Sakya tradition was the easiest for me to understand. Then got the creepy feeling that initiations and Lamas and Geshes have their own issues and not everyone is what they seem to be either. So so sad.  But found a Buddhist nun writings very clear and yet challenging.

So that is very good to know why it seemed familiar to what you have already taught me.


Yes, in that explanation of the castes and how it was all set up to run a perfect society, everything is beautiful. Doesn’t exist anymore. I could write a book on all of this stuff. It is beautiful and also heart breaking. But everything is explained in the Vedic knowledge in a very detailed and unbias manner. We can simply bring the same truths into modern society and see that highest crime rates are in the blacks and mexican and whatever… neighborhoods. (not being racist, although some may think that this is) Those that do not have (lower income) are predestined to be part of their environment. Karma. It is just as it is. We have this ridiculous notion that everyone should be equal in the western and modern world. Homogenization mentality. It destroys everything, nature, knowledge, everything. Of course when one is rich, it does not mean they are a good or better person…. does it?

It is all ones karma. To be born in whatever environment and be consumed in it or to move out/away from it. A poor black boy growing up in a slum to luckily (lucky stars that is) be a hollywood celebrity movie star…. or a silver spoon white boy growing out of his elitist/entitled environment…….. or not. (also not saying all rich people are elitist or have entitlement issues, just an example) All of it comes down to karma of the past life and what you do with it this life. Someone in the slums of Mumbai, India does not have the same potentiality as someone born into an affluent family in the US. Just sayin.

Yes, your chart shows everything, not just your previous life karma and this life but everything. Your purity, your impurity, your strengths your weaknesses, everything.

Independence from everything and everyone is a sanyassis life. You disown everything. Your family, your parents, your body, and live in seclusion. One does not die shortly after doing this. Life is actually free. This is the deepest and most serious. It is hard for most of us to imagine what it is.

What you stated about not being strong enough to let go of the attachments to family and stuff just shows how difficult the path is and how what a different world it is from. It does not even make sense in the modern world. Yogis are the same. This is why I squeak and squeal on the blog about all the BS in the Western world of “yoga”, its western exercise only.

Guru will come if one has the karma or does the proper mantras and sadhana.

Yes, it is a kind of compassion to dumb this stuff down for the western cult (lol) who then take their 1% and blow it up to to pretend it is 100%.

There is a ton to this all, it is a maze, your are right and mind numbing at times. Between learning the authentic knowledge to only the shallow depth that I have access to and then dealing with the modern western world of opinions and subjectivity is insane making at times.

Jyotish is the most difficult thing I have ever studied. Seriously. I get so frustrated at times I wanna quit and then have extreme moments of the a-ha epiphanies. What I would say is the biggest thing, it has clarified who I am as a human in this time and place as well as my path in this lifetime. Understanding of the creation of the Universes and all manifestation and my place and part in it. It has brought me much, much closer to god. Experience wise, a pure experience of god, not a word or concept of something, but actual experience. I feel blessed. But it is also a curse, then seeing what all this stuff is turned into in hands of the uneducated and unexperienced who think they are teachers because they have done a certification course. Lol. But that is all obvious from my posts now, huh? 🙂 This stuff is esoteric and will not be accessible to anyone and everyone. Esoteric is esoteric by nature.


The caste system within the context of cause and effect makes sense. The caste system in the context of being politically correct does not. So I guess it’s what perspective people chose to look at it that creates acceptance or conflict. Along with compassion vs. no compassion.

The independence is possible without a quick death but for me, I know it would take so much preparation on my part. So much learning. It can be done and you obviously are very well prepared to do this!  I’m only now learning about my own personal bias and distorted views and getting that in order. It’s slow going but every single time I realize, ” oh, wow!” that is really a wrong view point and it is going to create a giant world of chaos I let it settle in. I’m not the most patient person :). It took forever to be ok with cutting off ties with people that absolutely love love the Kali Yuga age lifestyle. I had to rewire my own brainwashing that I’m being offensive or harmful or causing harm or being nasty by refusing to have anything to do with that lifestyle, even if it was just sitting on the sidelines and observing.  Saying I’m not ok with it was a huge problem for me. And for a while I had to go to the other extreme distorted view of having anger and hatred for those people. Now I’m fine being neutral towards them and the compassion for them is starting to grow without being ok with what they chose. That was and is rough. So I do see that complete independence is the most liberating of all but I’m so not anywhere near prepared for being able to accomplish that. That’s ok too and I’m learning to be patient.

If you really want to know how deranged my thinking was, it all clicked with that snake/rope analogy. The person walks into the dimly lit room and sees a rope on the ground and picks it up. The light comes on and the rope is not a rope but a snake. A normal person would throw the snake down as a reflex. I actually held the snake and spent decades wishing the snake to be a rope while it bit the hell out of me. Now that is truly my own issue and no one else’s. The snake is only being a snake and my wishful thinking was the real problem. So I’m kind of liberating myself on an internal level piece by piece. Maybe one day I can do this on the external level as well.

I’m actually so very grateful for the compassion of the Buddhists to offer the opportunity to learn at the level I can understand. And I am very grateful for your patience and perseverance. This is all so very intensely deep and a treasure. It’s all worth it.


Lol. How wonderful.

In every way the vedic “plan” was for a perfect society based on spirituality…. all a much higher comprehension of life and exactly why i have said that none of this is of any use today in the modern world where everything’s values are backwards.

As I said, I can write volumes with stories and examples.

You might see in your story of how personal bias is what is the derangement. Understanding of how things are on a higher level is the only thing that is freedom from all of this. The larger the view, the more acceptance of it all because it is seen for what it is.

I would tempt you to read Vishnu Purana. Understand that this is an ancient text that is then translated into english. An impossibility to do with any correct translation. So much is lost in it but it is what we have. H.H. Wilson is a okay translation, can find it online with a search.


I was wondering if you could put a puzzle piece in play. It says that Dharma Shastra provides the solution/resolution to every problem in family law. So here is the dilemma:

If the woman is accepting of her position as a woman, behaves like a woman and enjoys and performs the duties required of the woman and the man (guardian) abuses the woman and takes advantage of her position. What is the solution? In the Christian church the woman is also under the protection of the man. The same Scenerio in the Christian church is the woman is to take the abuse and go to church and pray that God will deliver her, go back home and smile and take more abuse. And I mean abuse, not just ego offenses. Mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

I am curious because I know the Christian law and I know the legal law of the world. I am curious of the Dharma Shastra  law.


Is this all really so simple that this was my karmic debt to be paid once I was capable of doing so? Because the odd thing is that once the man was bored with the abuse it was over and he still floats around looking for the next thrill. Just wondering. This is the perfect time in humanity to accomplish this repayment. So my worst enemy would then actually be my greatest teacher. Hmmmm.


You rock. Yes. The answer to the abuse would be karma. What happens in the mundane really is just all karma. What matters is how one is in it. For exact Dharma laws around it you would have to look at the texts. Understand that the Western view of the Hindu religion and how women are treated is not what it really is. There are no goddesses in the Hindu religion huh? Just because it is a totally different paradigm we judge it by our own Western values and paradigm. We think that we know what is right for humanity. Hilarious. There are some lecture i have been meaning to check into. I do not know how they are but you may find them interesting. Just because they are Oxford, does not mean that they are correct at all. http://www.ochs.org.uk/lectures/by-topic/81 You can obviously see by the topics that they are around Womans rights, which was not an issue before the time we are in. So the issues of today are being put on the ancient texts, so funny and interesting. Put it this way…. Sun is Father and Moon is Mother. Is that wrong because the sun has all the light and the moon reflects it only? So funny.


THANK YOU!  The hardest part for me has been trying to understand the why of all the crap.  That reason is totally understandable and acceptable.

Now I can finally have that light bulb shine a bit brighter.  LOL




No really really THANK YOU. I am thinking of how difficult this must be for you. You already know the reasons and the whys. You don’t live or interact within a culture that accepts anything that isn’t politically correct. I’m not joking or exaggerating the abuse. But when viewed from the perspective of “gee how did I like it dished out on me?” It makes me sad and very remorseful of how much pain I inflicted on someone else. It doesn’t make me want to get revenge but really try so much harder to gain good merit. Lesson learned. I have no clue how you would ever even approach someone to consider the abuse they are receiving is exactly what they dished out and view as a blessing to burn that karma up. Wow! You have an expert guidance skill and I appreciate that gift.


Love this for you. Yes, exactly. Hard to swallow when you have the realization you have done it to yourself, even if it is in a different lifetime. Welcome to a place of much much higher experience of all that is.


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