Tawa Idly Recipe

Tawa Idly Recipe (perfect for Spring)

Ingredients for the Idlys:

  • Normal Rice: 1 Cup
  • Split Black Lentil: ½ Cup
  • Poha (rolled rice): ½ Cup
  • Salt – To Taste
  • Oil – 1 Tbsp
  • Salt

Tawa Tadka

  • Ghee – 4-5 Tbsp
  • Onions – As Desired
  • Karam Podi – 4 Tbsp (a Andhra style preparation similar to gun powder, recipe below)
  • Coriander – 1 Tbsp
  • Salt

1. Wash twice and Soak the rice and dahl for 8 hours. I tend to do this around lunchtime so that at night before going to sleep I can create the batter and let it ferment over night.
2. After they have soaked for 8 hours, blend the rice and dahl and 1/2 cup of poha in a blender to a semi smooth paste using as little water as possible.
3. Add the salt and blend more.
4. Set this batter in a warm place to let it ferment for 5-6 hours. (overnight is fine)
5. After it has fermented or in the AM, heat a couple of cups of water in your idly cooker/idly pot/pressure cooker.
6. Oil the idly trays with oil. Mix well and add that to the trays.
7. Place the trays inside the cooker (if using pressure cooker, take off the weight/the whistle) and steam for 7 mins in med-high flame and another 7 mins in med-low flame.
8. Let them stand for 5 mins. Take a spoon and take out the idlys.

1. For the tawa tadka, heat a pan/tawa.
2. Add the ghee, karam podi, onions, salt, coriander and stir well.
3. Once the mixture is cooked for a minute, place in the idlys for 2 mins, then turn them, then cook for another 2 mins. Serve hot with coconut chutney.

Recipe for Karam Podi
1 tsp Ghee
5 Garlic Cloves
1½ Tbsp Coriander
2 Tbsp Chana Dahl
1½ Tbsp Urad Dahl
10 Dry Red Chilis
1/2 Tbsp Cumin Seeds
10 Curry Leaves
1/4 tsp Hing
3 Tbsp Tamarind
1/2 tsp Methi
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds

In a pan, add the ghee and add all the other ingredients and slow roast it until its well roasted, don’t burn it with too high of heat. Let it cool then grind to a coarse powder.


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