Levels of knowledge

All siddhis (accomplishments) comes from the light of luminaries (sun and moon).

One set of levels:

Knowledge is of 3 types

Vijnana is the material world knowledge or aparavidya. It is the knowledge based in creation. It is on the level of Bhu, Bhuva, and Svarga lokas. It is knowledge of the and in the mind and what is good for knowledge in living in this life. Ends in maya.

Gnana is spiritual knowledge or paravidya. It is the knowledge coming from the unmanifest and of the unmanifest world. It is on the level of Maha, Jana, Tapa, and Satya lokas. It is knowledge of the soul, that is of use when the body is shed.

Avidya is forced ignorance.

Aparavidya – Dama = Control senses, Dana = Donate money, Daya = Mercy,

At the third stage daya, mercy is the only thing that allows one to move into higher knowledge.  Tamas

At the second stage dana, donation happens or greed overtakes. Rajas

Then at the first stage of aparavidya there is dama, control of the senses. Satva

Satva is not available if the tamas is not removed and the door to higher realms of paravidya remains shut.


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