Book, not person…… knowledge, not words……. Deep understanding and embodiment, not feelings……. feelings are a badhaka (In Sanskrit, badha (बाधा) means obstruction meaning oppressing)

It takes a guru, where does the guru come from?

Gu = darkness
Ru = Light that removes darkness
Ga = Prithvi tattva (ganesha)
U = suppression
Ru = Agni tattva that pushes darkness, gyana, knowledge
Ra = Creates, not creating but creates


And sorry, a person can only experience to the level of thier knowledge and no further that that capacity. It takes a guru to step out of ones paradigm. One cannot be their own guru.

Some people like to claim that the Bhagavad Gita states that one can be their own guru but does not the entire thing hinge around Krishna coming down as guru to Arjun?



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