The failure of the Western paradigm in its research of Eastern paradigm systems

The failure of the Western paradigm in its research of Eastern paradigm systems.

When I was a babe in arms, women in America were told that breast-feeding their children because scientists felt that baby milk formulae were healthier being that they were full of vitamins and minerals. They were considered much better for babies than mother’s milk. This was the trend and know and followed newest Western thought and research. You can pick up an old copy of any of Dr. Spock’s (yes, seriously his name) books to read what was the prevailing thought at that time although it goes against all rational logical thought that nature provides the best and since babies have been being fed for thousands of years on breast milk already…. look how horrible they have turned out. It is a prevalent thought in the modern world that everything before life as it is today was much inferior. This is actually far from true. This is also a common theme in Western science as it has not tried to understand other sciences but rather pushes itself as the highest of knowledge and at the forefront of thought meanwhile just trying controlling nature or manipulating it and suffering the consequence of that consciously or not.

It was several years before doctors realised that there are other things in the mother’s milk that can’t be found in packaged baby food. This ongoing process; research identifies something, there is a great flurry of activity around that thing, and then comes new research that refutes the earlier findings. i can and should write a list of these things over the past 50 years in the health and medicine world. It is the common thought that the science continues to improve and find new things and to those Western eyes this is true but from a different paradigm this is the furthest from truth. There is now increasing awareness, in the US and other countries as well, that the large majority of research being done is seriously flawed in a variety of ways.

Western research only uses what is their knowledge base to research. It is logical, how can they possibly know different? They are bound to the knowledge and laws of it, their paradigm.

“Over the past 50 years, the fundamental sciences have been gradually modifying many notions in physics and bioscience, gradually shifting to quantum logic and nanoscience. In the same sequence, modern science has developed unified field theories in quantum physics, similar to the ancient Indian concept of a unified field of consciousness, in which individual human consciousness (Atman) and universal cosmic consciousness (Brahman) are realized to form a continuum. However, such a unified field of consciousness seems to involve a kind of nonphysical energy, in contrast to the unified field concept in conventional science, which merely refers to physical energy.

The entire basic bioscience of Ayurveda is based on this philosophy, and is in conflict with the conventional reductionist approach that identifies material structures and their functions, that is, structure–function relationships. In this context, it is pertinent to quote the Cambridge Nobel laureate, physicist BD Josephson, who states “The basic premise of western science is that of an objective reality that can be reduced to a measurable uniform formula. Eastern philosophy on the other hand places emphasis on conscious experiences and subjective reality. Quantum theory poses problems for the idea of objective reality. There is difficulty in reconciling the two approaches because the reality is too complex to be reduced to an objectively identifiable formula. Subjectivity has to play an important role.”
-R.H Singh – Exploring issues in the development of Ayurvedic research methodology J Ayurveda Integr Med. 2010 Apr-Jun; 1(2): 91–95.

In modern yoga, it is Western anatomy, physiology and biomechanics that are the foundation of what is being applied to study asana and anything else that is studied. Western sciences do not actually apply to yoga as it is based in prana, not western biomechanics. They do work on a gross level but fall apart as the details below describe. An example using Ayurveda would be that when Ayurveda is put to the test of western research it fails immediately as it is from a different paradigm and cannot be researched by empirical evidence methods. It sees the individual and does analysis of the individual with many factors so a disease becomes individual rather than a single disease that fits everyone i.e. 2 types of diabetes in Western medicine becomes 20 types of Prameha in Ayurveda.

When researching an herb that would be used, say turmeric, the turmeric was given at a certain time, as there are 11 different times to take and herb that will cause it to have a certain action, it is given with a certain anupana which is a delivery vehicle which will make it be delivered into a certain pathway and to a certain place. And there is a lot more. So to state that turmeric is good for _______  disease and then just take a capsulized pill of it at a safe dose at anytime in anyway with any substance becomes ridiculous. or to do research on turmeric as something that Ayurveda has said is good for ______ without understanding how Ayurveda works and then to say it works or not from empirical evidence, well, I think you see the problem.

Combinations with other herbs are also used in conduction almost always in ayurveda and that two changes it actions. This is just a superficial example of how the empirical evidence method is highly flawed and cannot be used on other systems. When Western medicine is put to the test of ayurveda it fails immediately as it has no interaction with the root problem due to lack of depth of diagnosis and the lack of any understanding of dosha(s) or dosha dushti and leaves them imbalanced or creates further imbalance to turn into a deeper disease in future to find a new pathway i.e. a new disease or complication that is harder to treat.

Whats in your paradigm?


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