Golden milk is not so golden

Here is another article on just another popular consumer “health” fad. This article was prompted by someone sending me a link and asking about it.


“Golden milk”. Another substance stolen from the indian heritage and Ayurveda, then marketed as the new health product given a Western hip renaming. Then once again, out of its context and without understanding it for its application and usage. Then it gets turned into a something different by “changing” or “bettering” it by Western interpretation and making it possibly poisoning to the individual. As everything from an Ayurvedic lens, it is used with yukti and viveka. It is easily stated with what is said from the Ayurvedic texts, What is amrita in the hands of the wise is a poison in the hands of the ignorant.

Yes, in this case Golden Milk is much better than drinking cold milk from the refrigerator as most Americans do daily.


This recipe is taken from “” I am not promoting this as a recipe to follow but using it as an example of how anyone can write anything posing as an expert and sheep believe it and follow it blindly. Especially when it is combining several of the newest health fads together, it has possibilities of creating disease and not being ‘healthy’. 

  • 1 can of Coconut Milk plus 1 cup of water OR 3 cups of homemade coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon Turmeric 
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey or maple syrup or to taste
  • Pinch of black pepper
  • Tiny piece of fresh, peeled ginger root or ¼ tsp ginger powder
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper
  1. Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth.
  2. Pour into a small sauce pan and heat for 3-5 minutes over medium heat until hot but not boiling.
  3. Drink immediately












  1. In India, “Golden milk”, which is not called that in India, is taken in a small quantity. See the photo above taken today. It was probably about a 1/4 cup quantity at most. Take a look at the chai picture at the bottom of the page. Yes, these are the real quantities used in what is healthy, not a 24 oz tumbler or the 1 can of Coconut Milk plus 1 cup of water OR 3 cups of homemade coconut milk as per the recipe above, in which homemade coconut milk would be even heavier and harder to digest as it is less processed.
  2.  In Ayurveda, honey is never heated as it turns it poisonous. This is Ayurvedic as well as followed throughout India for centuries. Ayurvedic knows that the honey comes from a poisonous animal and the heating bring out the poisonous qualities in the honey. Even when honey is used in a preparation, it is put in after the preparation is cooled. Honey should never be cooked. Not even putting it into hot tea. Honey digests very very slowly if it is cooked and the molecules become a non-homogenized glue which adheres to mucous membranes and clogs the channels (srotas), producing toxins and toxicity. Uncooked (raw) honey is nectar. Cooked honey is poison.

Wanna have some golden milk that is actually healthy? Turmeric and milk and a bit of regular sugar are used in the real recipe. Have about 1/2 cup. Enjoy your longer life from not following a recipe written by anyone.

The main thing is to understand the excessive consumption here of something very cold and heavy, coconut milk. Normal milk is used in India, not coconut milk. We would not be putting coconut oil into regular milk like other recipes have written as well. Coconut has become a serious health fad in the West. Thats all. Just another fad. And an expensive fad as well. When substances are too heavy for the digestion or when they are taken at the wrong time of year (like spring time), they do not digest causing toxicity in the system. This toxicity or “aama” in time turns to disease.

Or….. you can even try an experiment yourself. Check your tongue before doing this. (Maybe even put that picture and the follow up picture in a comment below.) Make the recipe written at the beginning of this post from Wellnessmama. Then tomorrow, look in the mirror and notice the coated tongue you have created in the morning. That coating, that is what is called aama. It is toxicity that leads to disease formation. So now that you have created aama in your system, next week you can plan to do another “detox” which can also be found on Wellnessmama. When deeper knowledge is not known and superficial fads are followed we create disease, not health.

In Ayurveda, milk is contraindicated when the individual has aama so making this “health” drink is actually poisoning the system more if there is aama present. So much for it being golden. Except maybe your tongue will look gold as the aama will get stained by the turmeric.

There is an article on this blog about aama as well as on detoxing.


Since milk with turmeric is also taken before sleep, I invite you to do the experiment and follow that recipe at the beginning and drink this before sleep if you have doubts. See how your feeling in the AM as well as what your tongue looks like and how your digestion is doing. See if you even have any appetite. It’s not likely. You’ll wake heavier in the head and possibly cloudy and maybe even be having a congested nose or even a cold. Without Ayurvedic knowledge, one would not correlate it to the golden milk they made. It will be hard to get up and without any resemblance of having an appetite for having a breakfast meal. Since most people would unconsciously just eat a breakfast anyway this spells disaster with the accumulation of undigested waste and then turns into a disease. But isn’t that how our Western world works? Blame it on something external? Seasonal allergies or catching a cold? Springtime flu? Hard to understand how we create it ourselves with the lifestyle we live and food that we intake.

Be careful about what you believe as what is healthy. Health is being marketed as so many foolish things today.











The quantity of a real chai above.

Hey!!! but its “golden milk”, the newest and coolest Western health idea!!!!!!!!

Since the latest findings have shown that turmeric is needing fenugreek to pass the blood brain barrier, next it will be to throw some of that in with the recipe above as well.

Please be wise and do not fall for the latest fads. They not only might harm your health, they also create a market which drives the substance being used into a ridiculous cost which makes it more challenging to then be used properly by the people using it with the wisdom it was supposed to be used with.

Best is to simply take care of your agni and eat balancing the seasons. Instructions for that can be found on this blog. Eat moderate. Read the other posts here on food and how to eat. Learn. Most of what is seen by way of disease can be cut off before it starts by following simple foundational knowledge.

In India, this recipe would be made ideally from fresh milk. Fresh milk is much easier to digest. If you have been to India, you realize that outside of the cities they really don’t use refrigerators all that much. The milk would be had from a cow and kept on the stove over heat. This is also how the cream is collected to make real ghee but that is another post. Realize there is a huge difference with culture from the Western modern world and the knowledge that they have as well as recognize that you can’t just take superficial ideas out of that context and apply it to your own without understanding it. Bullet proof coffee is another example of this.

Be careful and take care of your agni. It is the foundation of your health and life.




24 thoughts on “Golden milk is not so golden

    • What is raw about milk that has been put into the refrigerator at unknown degrees of coldness? What is it that changes when you take an egg and place it in the refrigerator, then after it cools, you take it out. The egg will now go bad, where as before it would not?
      Of course there is a difference between real raw milk and what is being called raw milk in America. As far as this recipe goes, no. Just don’t drink your milk raw and flash boil it, drink it warm.

  1. The ayurvedic recipe I learned for golden milk used ghee. What about regular butter (not ghee) – would that be contra-indicated?

    • Ghee is a totally different thing than butter. Be clear. But it can be used, no problem. And also to note, clarified butter is not ghee, although the Western ayurveda world seems to think it is. Also ghee is not made by dropping a stick of butter in a pan and melting it down and removing the milk solids, yet when one is left to the Western world of reading books written by western people for western people, who would know the difference?

  2. very interesting article 🙂
    you`re saying that it is not called “golden milk” in India, which makes sense, but do you know the name for the drink there? I will have my first trip to India soon and would loooove to drink it there, but I don’t know how to find it yet (how is it called?). Maybe you have some advice for me, that would be great! Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Since milk is not a word here, remember Hindi is the common language here. Where to find it? India is a very big place. Normally in the early evening around sunset is when you will fnd it is the stalls. Depends on where you are.

    • What I meant is, what would I have to ask for to get some golden milk in India? 😉

    • And what I am trying to communicate is that there are stall that will sell chai and if your lucky you will find one that will sell haldi doodha or badam doodha. I can’t tell you what it is called because where you go the language changes. In karnataka it is halu. Tamilnadu it is called pal. Haldi Doodh Ke Fayde in Hindi or Haldi Wala Doodh Peene ke fayede. Totally depends on where you are in India. For instance where i am they do not speak hindi. Most likely if you ask they will look at you like they have no idea what your talking about.

  3. Thank you for the clarification on this. I just visited a website that promoted the mixing of chai herbs with the turmeric as ‘golden milk’, but I thought this did not sound right. The mixing of all these substances is not good for the body. I’m using your recipe to start my husband on for his health issues. Thank you, again.

    • Renato, Thanks for asking. There is no dosage recipe for this. Simply take a small amount of milk like 1/2 cup and add like a 1/2 tsp of turmeric to it. Add appropriate amount of sugar as well, not coconut sugar, not some weird other sugar, just regular sugar. Boil. Done. Drink. It is a common drink here as much as almond milk, which is not made by blending water and soaked almonds.

    • Why not deal with the dairy intolerance and heal that rather than continue to make matters worse by doing the elimination and then substitution thing? Almond milk will not have the same properties and nourishment capabilities of milk. Notice also that in India, there has only been the onslought of dairy intolerance with the continual movement towards eating Western foods.

  4. thank you for clarifying things Would you be so kind to write down a clear recipe for the healthy drink that golden milk origins from that is consumed in India?
    It has been found out that tumeric is hard to digest for the body and that fats (like coconut fat, ghee,..) and black pepper help the intestines taking advantage of tumeric. Would you deny that?
    So, well. A clear recipe (amount of milk, tumeric (powder or raw), making a paste beforehand and then flash boil it with milk or just mix and flash boil it, sweeteners that can be used (maplesirup? xylit (birch sugar?), too much white cane sugar is bad for the body, as has also been found out, cinamon? cardamon?)
    I hope that if you know how to make “golden milk” properly you will be so kind to help me (as I’m one of those stupid westeners as well) find out.
    Best regards, Josef

  5. I’m sorry. I found the recipe in the comments.
    But still I’m asking if you would be advising in the sense of Ayurveda to adopt the recipe by for example changing to plant milk, changing the sweetener, adding pepper, cinnamon, fresh ginger?
    At least if it’s poisonous to do so? I don’t want to drink liters of it of course, but I don’t want to drink cows milk cause I decided to live vegan in this world of abusing animals for food
    thank you

    • Yes, so if that is what you have decided, then follow vegan. Don’t try to combine ayurveda because they do not combine. There is a paleoveda and also a raw ayurveda out there for the naive world as well. Whats next? They are not ayurveda. As they do not follow ayurveda’s knowledge.
      I would not be advising anything but what I wrote in the last reply from an ayurvedic lens. No plant milk used instead of milk. Plants do not have milk and it is certainly not the same qualities as milk. They are not used instead of milk. This is ayurveda. Not modern nonsensical stuff. I am curious where in any text of Ayurveda where there is these nut and bean milks used in the abundance like it is today? This is what happens when we take something out of context. It will not bring the same results. I would not change the sweetener. I would use sugar. Birch sugar is going to NOT have the qualities of sugar. Neither will xylotol ( ) nor anything else that has become popular. Sugar is not the enemy, ignorance is the only enemy.

      On the quantity, look at the picture on the post above. It is a tiny amount. How much are you drinking? This is all to my point of what i wrote in the last comment.

      Using the milk of animals has been in ayurveda for ever. Please do not take this into an insane vegan food justice rap. I do agree that cows are not treated well in the modern world of milk industry in general mainly but there are farms that take very good care of their cows, support those farms if you want to change how the industry works. If you were to have some research and discussions with anthropologists, economists, and agronomists, you would discover that agriculture, and especially annual grasses agriculture, is as unethical, violent, and unsustainable as the animal agriculture and this environmental devastation, violence, and havoc is nothing new as it has been going on for more than 10,000 years.

      If you wanna get into the violence of taking the baby cow away from the mother and using the milk, (need to ask why this is violence and if this is some spiritual rap then I would have to ask to look at that deeply because as long as there has been life, it has always required death then we can get into a whole other conversation about this.) then also we would then need to get also into the same level of detail that plants have feelings and consciousness too and what about them? ( You’re eating them? In fact, your growing them just to consume them. How absolutely violent. How abusive. So no, all of this is pretty far into the world of nonsense for me to answer. Sorry. Let’s also take it then into a world of how many insects and bugs your killing just being alive walking around. Let’s also take it into the world that your killing how many bacteria inside your own body daily and excessively if you take any sort of probiotic which is a pop health culture thing to follow. Wait a second, this all also means no honey because you are taking that from the bees??? More violence. And I can name so many other substances as well that your gonna get into the same downward spiral about if your standing on the nonviolence or that taking away from the baby cow thing. Where does it end because all of this is on the same level in reality?

      No nut milks, no changing the sweetener. (remember what I stated about agave and how the popular insane health fear world was touting it as healthy and look what it turns out to be.) Yeah, sorry. I would rather live in a very grounded reality of how things are and it is also what I teach. I stick to Ayurveda. Not modern mind games.

  6. Believe I didn’t read this properly. I anxiously put the raw honey towards the end of cooking. It was just a few drops as it is quite thick. Hope I will be ok.

    • That’s good to hear as it wasn’t in it for long. But I have to say it was delicious. Is it ok to take twice per day ie, morning and evening? I experience pain in my finger joints, occasionally in one of my hips and ankle. I really don’t want to resort to using pain killers. I’ve also taken up meditation. Thanks for responding.

    • Hi. Good to know. Taking golden milk is not going to deal with the pain in the finger joints or hips and ankles. You need to look at other things for that such as diet digestion.

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