Bulletproof Coffee not so bulletproof

It is just another story much like most of the stories of the Western world of popular “health” culture. Something taken out of its context, from another science or another culture. It is then, without any real understanding from the culture it was from, bastardized, packaged and sold. What is touted to be cool or new science becomes the end all, be all until it burns out in popularity like the pet rock or something new comes along or the science is disproved by the new science and all is forgotten as the sheep move on to the next thing. All I have to ask is are you all not sick of all of that same downward spiral yet? You all are not getting healthier with all of it. Haven’t you noticed or are you still too busy with being busy to notice?

So here is the problem with utter ignorance…… it cannot see what is clearly in front of it.

The story goes that this guy goes to Tibet. At 18,000 feet of elevation near Mt. Kailash in Tibet to be exact, he staggered into a guest house from the -10 degree weather and was “literally” rejuvenated by a creamy cup of yak butter tea. From this was born the newest health/death fad. Just as Paleo is the newest nutrition that people will literally send me death threats for saying that it too is just another fad. (much like the Zone Diet was back in the 90’s and Atkin’s in 2000’s) This bullet proof idiom is far from being as it’s name touts. Lets break it down in a language of the human body that the Western world has yet to discover.

It is obviously incredibly cold there in Tibet where they drink this yak butter tea. Let’s press pause and think about this for a while. What do you come up with?


They put yak butter in the tea in Tibet because they have the strength of digestion due to the cold to be able to deal with how heavy the yak butter is. The oil is also needed to keep the digestive fire going. More so they also are used to the yak butter. It is from the environment they are; a yak that lives in the same climate and eats grass/grains in the same environment……..  it is natural to their genes. Let me put it a different way, you would not find spirulina nuggets there now would you? They also have been doing this for centuries and it has been handed down along with natural knowledge of how to eat, how to cook the food in their area/environment, how much quantity and what qualities to be eating in their food throughout the seasons to remain healthy for where they live and who they are. This is a major point that is not comprehended in the West today.

Another major point to notice is that in Delhi and Mumbai they are not putting yak butter in their chai. In fact, they are not even putting coconut oil in their tea in Kerala either. And none of those places are even importing it. Do you think they just do not know how imperial America has labeled coconut as the newest “super food”?

This guy that went to Tibet is a foreigner. He has none of this knowledge about why they put yak butter in the tea and does not even know that there is a knowledge behind it. He does know is how good that yak butter tastes in that tea and how it rejuvenated him when he was cold and depleted. So he brings the idea back to America and packages it and sells it to the masses that will take whatever they can get their hands on to prevent the onslaught of their plight……… living. Nothing will ever quench that fear of ageing in the West and the new fear of not being healthy or the fear of disease that is growing and growing. It has grown so big that it feeds a industry of fitness, yoga, coaching, health, and even then the woo woo healing realm……. anything new and cool will make one better and healthier……… and the truth is that they are……….. you are……….. just killing yourself with all the new popular fads. You are/they are creating your/their own disease.

Think about the Western scientific paradigm. It only believes in what it can prove and then also reproduce. It goes against anything that it does not have the paradigm to understand or prove by its own beliefs or methods and has the belief from an egocentric lens that it is the highest knowledge. Anything that is written in a religious “type” text i.e. that which is not understood by the Western scientific methodology then gets put aside with labels of quackery or pseudo science or just religious, like it isn’t real or valid. This is specially because much of those, without belief, can not be experienced or proven and remains as knowledge that is outside the scientific testability. Like god as an example. Yet, Western science continues to try to prove/disprove god and continues to fail to do either.

In Western science, great thinkers have written things that are then challenged and disproven later in time. It is understood that the science is fallible. From the get go it assumes that everything else has to fit this shoe as well. The only paradigm that exists permits this due to the blind belief that the scientific knowledge is ever growing and evolving or that the thought/belief that the science is improving. The Western paradigm is based in a belief in an evolution of knowledge and this, in its paradigm, puts itself at the fore front of that knowledge continuously…….. and conveniently (thinking it is continuously stepping forward). This puts any other knowledge or wisdom in a place of being the bearer of any excuse the Western science wants to create to explain its superiority. Since the entire world is brain washed by this belief, it is not too hard to pull this off either.

To the contrary to this belief, you can easily see the destruction of humanity that has been created by the “evolution of Western science”. Just simply look around. I don’t believe I really need to go into detail on that one.


Let me explain, this one is oh so simple.

The bullet proof coffee, do you think for one second that something that is taken from being served at 18,000 feet in -10 degrees is going to be healthy in a normal regulated climate in your day to day life? Really?

Why do you think that having a coffee with coconut oil or whatever mct oil is ever going to meet up to having a real meal?

Why do you think it is satiating as a meal, maybe because it is so heavy to digest?

Do you really think that your digestion is the same all year around?

Do you really think that your digestion is already in a healthy enough state to have this daily or even at all?

And what do you have to understand what healthy digestion is?

And after understanding that your science is based on being fallible and is totally okay with being right until it is wrong, does it make any sense at all to follow what is new and popular?


…yak butter. The yak is a heavy slow creature with milk that is much like buffalo milk but even heavier. They are found up only above 12,000 feet in elevation as they can withstand colder temperatures due to their fur. This also means that they are more disease resistant and their milk being heavy means it is more nutrient dense. This is a plus in the West since when a substance is nutrient dense it is already considered to be healthy and gets labeled a super food then the price and popularity and consumption goes sky high. This itself is the ignorance. Just because something is nutrient dense does not mean your system can handle those nutrients. Since “you all” are gobbling up all of that nutrient dense foods from every where on the planet, you might want to stop and realize that substances that are nutrient dense are anabolic. They grow tissues. And from my looking at things out there, since the digestive systems out there are pretty taxed, it looks like what you are growing is more toxic tissues rather than healthy ones. This in eyes of Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine can be easily seen for the reasons for all the rise in cancer and diseases in the West.

Still thinking the newest coolest popular health fads are the thing to do?

Lets look at it from another side. Since the yak butter thing has gotten popular, yaks have gotten in the lime light. There is a growing industry now of yak breeding for their meat and milk, since it is more “nutritious” as well as their wool and how easy and disease resistant they are. This is not a positive thing from a understanding of knowledge like the yak butter being in the tea in Tibet and it not being healthy anywhere else. This of course is a positive thing to a world of progress for progress’ sake.


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